Qatar Living test drives Cadillac XT5 and Cadillac CT4

Team Qatar Living took Cadillac’s stunning SUV, the XT5, and Cadillac’s equally captivating sedan, the CT4, for a test drive.

Today is the turn of the suv and the rugged terrain of the dawa desert tomorrow is the turn of this sleek suv you said suv twice did i cadillac xt5 and cadillac ct4 are one of the most powerful and luxurious cars available in the market right now here in qatar george and i get to test drive both these luxury vehicles today is the turn of this beautiful suv on the

Rugged terrain of the joa desert and tomorrow is the turn of the sedan on the sleek roads of doak and in the end george and i get to decide do we like it rough or do we like it sleek one of the features that i really enjoy about this car is the hands-free lift cage the car has a sensor underneath that when you put your foot under it the truck just pops open when

It comes to the overall design of the car i am really in love with the grill because it screams cadillac what do you think apart from the sleek beautiful design i love having the power of starting this beautiful beast by the press of a button well overall i think it’s a fantastic car i absolutely love driving in the desert the control of the car is fantastic

Felt really safe it moved through the sand it moved over the dunes absolutely loved that experience but for me one of the great things was on the drive to the desert as soon as you just remotely move out of your lane that little warning on the steering so it keeps you really alert but it also makes you feel really safe as well as the pedestrian warning and the

Front collusion i think it’s a great car safe and rugged which which i quite like one of my favorite features is the apple car play i don’t know if you saw but i plugged my phone in one of the usb ports and then you can see in the dashboard all of your apps which is very good because you can pretty much go through all of them from the dashboard as long as you

Don’t do that while driving one of the features inside the car that i really love as well and that’s quite unique is the hand-stitched steering wheel as well as the dashboard also the seats as well they’re hand-stitched incredible and unique i really like the attention to detail on the interior and the fact that it’s super spacious do you really think is that

A special let me show you even i fit in here george no no that’s my turn to drive well gigi after driving the ct4 i have to say what i love the most about this car is the overall design i think is very sleek very sporty apart from that i think the features inside are pretty much the same as the xt5 so for me it’s the overall design and the sound system is

Just amazing what about you well george i never thought that a sedan would make me feel 10 years younger but this beautiful beast definitely did from the minute i stepped into the car it’s very sleek it’s very sporty the word sedan should be sporty for me i love the drive it’s very smooth it’s so easy to put your foot down i had to keep watching how fast i was

Driving the interior is beautiful as well as the exterior i love the girl i love the color all together stunning card and as you said george it has the same safety features as the suv so even though it’s sporty and fast you still feel very safe and secure in this car okay did you i think i know which one are you going to pick i don’t you’re always a smiley pants

You think you know everything let’s swap keys and go for another ride let’s do that gigi we all know that you like to speed so i imagine your pick will be the sedan well george i know her car looks brilliant on me he does and she drives beautifully and it is a stunning car the second i pressed the button and i heard this engine i was like i am in love driving

It was brilliant but my choice is the suv because i have a daughter and we really enjoy going camping the desert and beach on the weekend i think this car is a perfect fit for us it also offers me the versatility of the sleek roads during the week which i think the car handles perfectly and then the space and the comfort as well as the safety on weekends in the

Desert so what’s your pick george as you know i’m not a very big fan of big cars even though i really enjoy driving this one still my pick will be the sedan i am more of like a ct guy and i love the sleekness of the car the design how it drives in the city so 100 it will be the sedan also both of them share kind of like the same features inside so yep definitely

I will go for this event so in our opinion no matter what cadillac you pick both of them will be the right choice you

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Qatar Living test drives Cadillac XT5 and Cadillac CT4 By Qatar Living