QUICK REVIEW: 2019 FORD F150 XLT 4×4 – With interior and exterior tour

A part of a move, I rented a 2019 Ford F150 XLT 4×4 pickup truck from Hertz. It was cheap, with my AAA discount, it was only $42 per day, with all extra charges declined.

Okay it’s luxury fred and i’ve got a quick truck review for you today and this is a truck that i’ve been using to move so i can assure you that i have put it put it through its paces this this this my friends is the 2019 ford f-150 xlt so this is for its big pickup truck of course and i’ve spent only a short time driving it but really been impressed big v8 engine

Up front lots of room in the back very rugged very fast very powerful everything that you want in a pickup truck let me give you a quick look around the interior okay so pretty basic setup in here again this is the xlt model you can see we have our lighting controls and we have this moves the pedals back and forth very nice display you can you know change what you

See in the center digital section there your infotainment controls over here your phone controls cruise control over here your 4 wheel drive settings here everything else is pretty basic radio traction control this does have the automatic engine start/stop and then your climate control down there big comfortable seats and then you have this big center console

Area that opens up like this and comes down as a as a armrest and then if you put this up then you can see that gives you the third seat in the middle and again this will see six people three in the front three in the back or five people in a dock and then down here you have an additional storage space under this and then this whole thing comes out and let’s

Back into there if you don’t want the cupholders out like that lots of space in the side pockets you got your usb here you got your power outlet there and just used to put your phone there or something i think shelf there you’ve got overdrive i don’t know a lot about this oh drag mode i didn’t even see that oh look so you got drive modes here normal tow haul mode

Snow wet mode eco mode and sport mode i didn’t even see that before so you push that and you have those different drive modes i’m gonna drive it in sport mode for a while and see what’s up with that and if we look here in the back you can see we have hans the dog yeah i’m just filming a video about the pickup truck hans you stay there stay there but you can see

We have an enormous amount of room in the back you know it’s like a four-door suv with a bed in it really a lot of space back there regardless of how far forward or back the front seats are you can see you got kind of a basic set up this little trim here and then the seat does fold flat and it gives you a flat space where you can put even more stuff and you have

Center console here that folds down and a power outlet and you know very nice right hans hans likes riding in the back and a look outside say you see we have the big crew cab again this is the xlt model and crew cab gets you a little smaller bed unless you go for the extended bed in some of these trucks and i know in the chevy they have something called a double

Cab which is still two seats in the back and two extra doors but it’s smaller than a crew cab and then you can see that this has the sorry how does the bedliner back there and overall really nice just a basic hard-working pickup truck very red very nice and very good for the move i’ve been doing did another look at the front okay and here’s what makes it all go

Fast and pull lots of stuff big big big v8 engine here up front very smooth very powerful really nice to drive so one thing that’s interesting is again this is the 4×4 the four-wheel drive this thing is high up i’m a short guy so if i was getting this truck i’m definitely get the side steps or something like that because that’s a good distance you have these nice

Power operated seats but this part is not power operated they move back and forth and then you have a lumbar support but this is old-school to move the seat back and forward so i think that does it just a quick review for you guys i was just using this truck to move i rented it from hertz and i thought i’d put together a quick review again the 2019 ford f-150

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Media especially on instagram at drive with fred so from luxury fred and luxury hans thank you very much for watching

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QUICK REVIEW: 2019 FORD F150 XLT 4×4 – With interior and exterior tour By Luxury Fred