Quick Review | 718 Porsche Boxster GTS

The Porsche GTS trim is the sweet spot for any model, at least that is what everyone says. But is it true? What are you really getting other than a GTS badge on the Boxster? Check out this quick walkaround video to learn more!

Hello viewers welcome back to another video in the car cave now this is a porsche boxster gts and if you take a minute to look anywhere online you will read several articles and see countless videos telling you that the gts is the sweet spot of any porsche model and the boxster is no exception before i dive into why here are the headline figures now nuzzled behind

You is a naturally aspirated 4 liter flat six that produces 394 brake horsepower 309 pound-feet of torque driving the rear wheels with two transmission options seven-speed pdk or six-speed manual whatever your preference 0-60 is done with in 4.3 seconds and the gts has a top speed of 182 miles an hour with an msrp starting at just over ninety two thousand dollars

Without options now the gts comes with certain accoutrements as standard where they would otherwise come at an additional cost pasm sports suspension drops the ride height by about 20 millimeters and pasm stands for porsche active suspension management sport chrono package is guaranteed and the interior comes equipped with a gt steering wheel in race tech sports

Seats plus with race tech seat centers and of course the gts logo on the headrests some of the standard bells and whistles are also specific to the gts and can’t be selected for any other trim this includes a bespoke front fascia a reworked rear end to accommodate the two separate exhaust pipes and 20-inch 718 sport wheels which are not available for any other

Trim other than the gts now this is all wonderful but it’s not why i think it’s such a great option in the boxster lineup see the gts stands out to me because of its engine in fact it is a detuned version of the same 4 liter that you find in the 718 spider speaking of which i did a review of the 718 spider where i constantly called it the boxster spider luckily the

Online community of porsche enthusiasts quickly corrected me in the comment section repeatedly so it’s a 718 spider not a boxster spider i’m sorry it’s too late either way i will leave a link for you to be able to go check out that review now back to the engine this is kind of a very important distinction because originally the 718 generation of the boxster didn’t

Have an na4 leader in 2019 when it was introduced porsche fitted a 2.5 liter turbocharged flat four now the porsche community was not exactly happy about this and much to porsche’s credit they listened and in 2020 they gave the gts the na4 leader now this means two things first off porsha listens to the feedback of their customers which is great and also it means

That you don’t have to stick out the money for a gt4 or a 718 spyder to get a naturally aspirated mid-engined porsche and just have a listen to how brilliant this thing sounds foreign so all that being said why is the gts the sweet spot why not go for the 718 spider instead well the gts is cheaper and in my opinion it’s more usable and more convenient so it is

Less low than the spider so it’s a little bit more usable and you don’t have to cringe every time you go up a driveway and the roof operation only requires a single finger and a few seconds which is not the case for the 718 spyder but i’ll let you check out the other video to find out more about that so to sum it all up the gts gives you all of that great driving

Pleasure and that naturally aspirated linear power delivery for a lower price and in a more usable package so that’s all i have for this video a quick thank you to porsche of ontario for loaning me this beautiful 718 boxster gts which is actually finished in chalk i will leave links to their website and youtube channel below for you to go ahead and check them out

Otherwise please leave me your thoughts on the gts or on the channel in the comments below like if you could subscribe if you’d like and i’ll see you in the next one

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Quick Review | 718 Porsche Boxster GTS By carcave