RACING/DRIFTING A 5.7HEMI ON THE HIGHWAY *120MPH+* (POV DRIVE) #dodge #povdrive #scatpack


All right all right let’s see what my boy come back oh my boy damn wow dude make me turn up for real cut it like that because i we all i am on the gopro so everything might look a little weird a little wide or whatever but um i chase one of my homies i’m post a link up with him i don’t know if he’s serious or not so we’re gonna do that get some content

You know he’s trying to raise me he won’t smoke with the immortal b man you know he got a little five seven you say it’s modified or whatever but uh if he’s serious we’re gonna link with him if not you know we just gonna continue to be on like i’m telling y’all i want to slide this much so bad but uh yeah we ain’t gonna do this i mean the only reason why i’m

On is because it’s wet it’s raining so it’s like i’m not killing tread you know but uh yeah we’re gonna see if he for real or not he texting me right now as a matter of fact he said that go to atb on my head or whatever i bet bro when i say that who’s not the same no more so like if you from third world or the south side you know like it was an atb right here

And it’s like they made it a dollar tree but it was like a uh the dollar tree was down there and they put it oh ain’t see they put a t-mobile right here in that shoe palace right here what bro the hood do not look the same i’m trying to tell y’all but that’s dope no cap if y’all can see it angle right ah look at her there you go ah all right let’s see what

My boy talking about what’s up what you got done to it like y’all i got to get my 309s they going to come in so i can spin both tires in the back you know i slept with pro charge on that oh no hey sleeping on the mic hey look this hard this oh it just only is i was done to this huh all right we gonna give them that food check mom wait time wait till i

Like downshift and like step on the gas or some so i got my boy with me here in the five seven um he said he only got like an intake in it other than that it’s stock so i ain’t gonna show no mercy to him give him a full full track mode you know what i’m saying but uh if we do run again i’m gonna just put it in eco mode see what so wait to see how i do see

Like how his car do against the scat eco mode you know what i’m saying so that’s his five seven right though he just got an mri looking good too he said he want to do like some other work to it pro charge count you want to go catalyst too so we’re going to get them set up on order you know i’m saying there you go so and we ain’t got no gas for none of this i’m

Sitting on 30 37 range now so i think my boy just trying to have fun on the road because i’m trying to run it and he not even he’s just gassing that all right come on give me something i’m going to do it in regular mode i’m going to do it in eco mode we’re going to um sauce them up and come up hey 50 50. food yo i hope y’all heard that yo what the hey

We gonna turn right here but i’m gonna let you up in front of me i ain’t got no gas uh oh but i hope y’all enjoying this uh pov this this the risk i gotta take for y’all to provide y’all with that content okay dude sounding good no kel all right come on huh i got you oh yeah this is how you turn up y’all he thought i wasn’t gonna hit it with him come on now

It’s it’s hornet behind the wheel you know we gonna tear up but now my boy lit my boy acting man i went to high school with this dude it’s all we used to talk about i always used to talk about us being in charge is that you know my boy ryan and a challenger stuff like that like hey hang on live man we lit we active see what’s up see what you trying to do yeah

Oh my boy dad wowed it hey my boy cutting up for real hold up yo my boy wild then yo i’m dead boy that’s crazy because i can’t say that because i i did that in hornet no kill but bro said i’m gonna show he said i’m gonna show you what this 5-7 dude he said hey look three ninety two ain’t about i’m gonna show you what it is but look i’m boxed in and yellow

Man i gotta get up there with my boy they gonna make me turn up for real that boys it’s my turn it’s my turn i need to stop by a gas station hey that was are you seeing it yeah yeah i recorded all that when we slid the hell on everything yeah i’m telling you right behind me yeah i was around that was lit though no bro but like for your head this whole

Heart i like that all black you know but look now from a distance it don’t look dirty like look clean as hell but yeah you want what you to get that’s what them on the front is 22’s and then my plate oh my god i’m trying to i ain’t trying to jack the style you want you want mine i want you to talk to me the chrome ones but yeah man i hope you all enjoy that

So this this i’m gonna just make this a part two or the video that i was doing earlier me sliding and bending corners because you know it might it might as well make it two separate videos so that way y’all can see me around in the rain then y’all see me playing around with five seven on the highway so yeah i’m gonna do that man just let me know what y’all like

About this video let me know if y’all want me to keep dropping content like this you know what i’m saying but just just let me know man i’m excited like that that we was lit i don’t even know what to say right now i just know we would turn and we was lit but uh i’m gonna focus y’all in the next video god damn we got down it’s your boy his hornet and we

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