We finish up this Rags 2 Riches Classic Audi S6 restoration by giving it a final paint detail and ceramic coat.

Bye oh paul’s literally two minutes out now and he’s collecting the s6 finally and dropping off the audi rs2 and yeah i mean i’m a bit deflated and excited all at the same time for this thing to go but it’s looking absolutely stunning and the sun is shining down and vape it’s a credit due to you because it is absolutely fabulous you’re pleased with it

Oh i’m really happy with it yeah and like you say we couldn’t have got a better day for it today could we yeah you know being silver as well kind of shows off your work a little bit you know the sun’s going to pick out if your paint is patchy because it come in like super patchy painted yeah it’s really really it’s unrecognizable isn’t it yeah so i think when

We stood there in pools front drive how much has this thing going on as well like the the hurdles we’ve overcome on this one has been crazy a bit unheard of as well like you know not every job is plain sailing things do go wrong but yeah but make the amount it was just like it was like groundhog day wasn’t it i know i’m in there another another problem yeah

Ultimately it’s going out looking fabulous but it is what it’s all about so can’t wait to see paul’s reaction when he sees this thing got there in the end because i think the one thing you know what what i’ve seen on the video is one thing i love about it’s nice working with you is the fact that it’s not just a paint job it’s like a it’s a complete detail

You know yeah cleaning the windows and razor blades and whatever so it’s for me it’s been absolutely i mean i like to like pin all the wiring out yeah as well like you know just cable tie it out the way further than what factory done you know i’m quite fussy so yeah but even all the fits on these now perfect because before they were a bit um yeah they were a

Little out i mean even under here paul as well like these were all over sprayed under here all your handles in there they’re all silver so i took all them apart cleaned all them up perfect that’s pretty that is absolutely superb no i haven’t actually is it is that is it still a bit of a pain to get it open no no no it was it was a problem before was it yeah

This one uh the only thing that’s gone wrong on it yet sunday i ran out of petrol thought oh the car’s breaking that broken down why straight away i thought it sounds like petrol so i filled it up and um fuel center’s stuck on a quarter oh is it so it’s full of petrol okay yeah yeah but it won’t go far no that’s right there i mean we’ve just done what we

Could yeah that’s fine we’re not end of the day chemicals and yeah i mean this was all totally gone so retouched in your 25 turbo because it was red but it was pink and uh yeah it should have just took it off but it doesn’t matter no it’s it’s i’m over the moon with it uh i couldn’t ask for any more really right cheers ah so finally the s6 is gone and

Paul has now dropped off the audi rs2 we’ve made a pretty comprehensive list of stuff that he wants doing on it it’s turned out from like uh a game of pool it’s turning out from here it’s gonna be just give us a repaint to a sudden a full restoration yeah almost a resto everything but the engine which is probably to come i reckon so yeah i mean we need to

Get this thing in get it on the ramp get underneath of it have a look because we’re now on about an underside restoration on this um which would be quite nice to do in-house wouldn’t it yeah it would be it would be really really nice to do and he wants some of the leather interior sorted out doesn’t he so yeah you speak to our yeah he’s doing that yeah trim

Yeah get on to freya about that having some interior stuff done but the great thing is paul is like proper obsessive with his audis particularly so he has doubled up he’s got so he’s got three of these so he’s doubled up on his purchasing of everything hasn’t he so he’s got stickers screws nuts unreal amounts of stuff what he’s got sure i reckon he must be

Like audi uk genuinely certainly rs2 yeah out of the uk so yeah we’ve basically got pretty much what you’re not painting you’re going to be replacing trimmers literally everything yes it’s literally going to roll out of here more or less like a brand new rs2 isn’t it yeah so i’m going to go and do some emails mate you can just cheers

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Rags 2 Riches: CLASSIC AUDI S6 NEVER LOOKED SO GOOD! By Madder Customs