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RAM 1500 // 3 Cat-Back, Dual Rear Exit Exhaust Overview

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You bought a Hemi. That’s awesome. Now, let’s make it sound like a Hemi with MBRP’s 3″ cat-back. This exhaust system brings a deep, aggressive note to your 5.7L. Available in four different finishes at all different price points, you’ll enjoy cruising down the highway with that deep rumble or slamming your foot into the gas and making it scream – it’s up to you.

Hey guys martin barky here welcome to my garage today i’ve got the 5th gen 2019 dodge ram on the hoist we’re gonna look at a new product offering from mbrp let’s check out the factory setup though we’ve all seen the dual tips coming out the back but this is what you don’t see we’ve got a front resonator from dodge we’ve got a muffler from dodge we’ve got small

Crimped tailpipes from dodge we’ve got two more resonators back here it doesn’t trick pretty good for a factory setup but let’s see what mbrp has to offer as you know mbrp only builds compliance systems so we’ve left the front white pipe in place once again and we’ve got a flange right here we’re gonna pick up from this flange we’re gonna go all the way back so

We’ve got 3-inch mandrel bent tubing band clamps more tubing factory hangers being utilized high flow chambered muffler into dual tailpipes so these tailpipes snake up and over at lots of axial clearance the whole nine yards utilizing all the factory hangers utilizing band clamps still and then of course exiting into four and a half stainless steel dual wall mbrp

Exhaust tips this trucks all done sounds killer let’s get it on the ground we’ll give it a listen okay here we are 2019 ram it’s the five-seven hemi it’s got the mbrp split duals of the rear bumper before we put it on the highway though they give this a listen i’m gonna give you a quick heads-up on how to get rid of the mds on your 2019 ram i’m gonna put

The truck into gear and i’m gonna hit the negative paddle here for the gear selector then i’m gonna come up to the positive paddle and i’m gonna push it until i see the number eight up on my dash i’m sitting here ready to go now and mds will not employ on this truck now after that sequence it just enables you to really you don’t get the sound of the cylinders

Breaking down gives you a much cooler exhaust now here we are gonna pull out on the highway just get up to highway speed give it a listen here we are just coming over 60 miles an hour it’s it’s you know going through the gears still got a couple more gears to go but this is a mildly aggressive truck i would say our exhaust no i can hear it in the cab but i’m

Not tired of it it’s not too much but it’s enough to say i’ve got a performance exhaust system you know i’ve driven this truck for six months maybe or so i’ve had this system on for almost that amount of time this is my daily driver and i can honestly say i think the design team at mbrp have done a great job here we’re kind of the best of both worlds it’s mildly

Aggressive i could turn heads when i step on it and yet i can have a family friends i can have my wife and i go into you know church on a sunday morning and never go wow that’s just way too loud i wish i had less exhaust note speaking of exhaust note and i’ll whip around here let you hear it a wide-open throttle there you have it you know what we dodged owners

Know we’re not gonna win any drag races whether 2019 dodge ram what we’re done well gonna sound good doing it you know what you’ve got ease of installation you’ve got mandrel bent high flow stainless steel dual weld tips you’ve got it all all in one box ready to go check it out and mbrp calm

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RAM 1500 // 3" Cat-Back, Dual Rear Exit Exhaust Overview By MBRP