RAM 1500 Flowmaster Direct Fit Black Exhaust Tips

RAM 1500 Flowmaster Direct Fit Black Exhaust Tips are ceramic coated and can be bolted on to any ram1500 pickup truck from 2009 to 2022 ram 1500 classic with dual exhaust

In today’s video we’re gonna be replacing and upgrading the exhaust tips on this ram 1500 with the flowmaster direct fit exhaust tips so let’s get started all right guys and welcome back to today’s video so if you guys have been following along with our build on this ram 1500 we previously tried to plasti-dip the factory tips this is an ecodiesel model and the

Exhaust tips apparently get a little hotter than the hemi ones it seemed to work on the hemi model but it didn’t on this so long story short we are going to be replacing these and these are a direct fit from flowmaster i will link these down below where you guys can check these out these are going to enhance the look and you know look a lot better than what we had

On there so they fit the 2009 and up up to the ram 1500 classic edition so um as of the making of this video they’re still making this 4th gen body ram and these will bolt right on so i will link them down below where you guys can get them so these are ceramic coated in black and they’re 304 stainless steel these are clamp on so we don’t have to do any cutting no

Welding nothing like that just unbolt the factory clamp and bolt these in place so let me get these out of the box and i’ll show you guys so once you get them out of the packaging you guys these are a real nice piece so unlike the factory tips where there’s only a tip for like three inches and it goes back into the small um you know i don’t even i think it’s like

Two and a quarter maybe or so i don’t know i don’t think that’s two and a half but it goes into the smaller size way up here so whereas these ones carry the larger diameter all the way through right up to pretty much where it clamps so it doesn’t i think this looks a little more beefy in my opinion and if we take a quick look at the difference so see how this one

Just has this rolled edge whereas this one has that nice smooth transition so these ones i think are gonna look a heck of a lot beefier once we get them on so you see on this side it does have the factory uh clamp and flare on there so all we’re going to do is unbolt right there and we can go ahead and bolt these up so underneath the truck you’re going to see a

13 millimeter bolt we’re going to loosen this you might find that this is a little bit frozen if you give it a good nudge it will break free so we’ll loosen this and then i’ll get this off okay so once you give it a good bang you’ll be able to take this off clamp comes with it now let’s get to the fun part so we’re gonna need this factory clamp it does have a tack

Weld off on the back side here so you do it one of two ways you can either work it back and forth so we can break the tack or you can get an angle grinder and just nip it but we’re working with limited tools like i mentioned so go ahead and work this back and forth i got it on the grass we’re not gonna scratch anything and this coating has already come off so i’m

Not too concerned about it and we’ll get this clamp off okay so next up we’re gonna take our exhaust tip get it in place we’re gonna put our clamp around and we’ll put the bolt through you don’t necessarily have to take the bolt out but i just found it a little bit easier to get everything off so we’ll put our bolt through we’ll get it situated and then we’ll

Hang it so then you’re gonna come back here we’re gonna make sure that it’s all centered up and then you’re gonna finally snug this down and we’ll tighten this up and that’s about it all right that looks way better you guys so i think it’s a lot better look in my opinion you can you know you can decide where you want to put them on that side so last time i put

These back on i decided to have a smaller gap at the top and then wider on the sides but i think it actually looks better keeping the gap consistent all the way around so it’s almost the same gap on the top as it is the sides you guys choose what kind of gap you want you can adjust it around and angle it but overall that tip looks much much better and beefy than

This little guy with a little hole in the bottom which the other thing i don’t like it’s got this drainage hole in the bottom since it’s got this rolled edge so that if any water gets in there drains at the bottom whereas that one doesn’t have this rolled edge that’ll collect water and stuff so let’s get this one off 13 mil bolt do the same thing and we’ll see how

They both look all right so you guys know the deal we’re going to loosen this 13 mil bolt and we’ll take off this tip as well so i’ll give it a little bump and off she comes go back to our grass or whatever soft surface you want to use and we’re just going to work this back and forth again this one’s actually a lot easier i think the tack must have been smaller

Oh yeah this one had one little tack on this so she’s off now we’ll go put it on the new tip okay so we’ll get the new tip in place we’ll go ahead and we’ll tighten our clamp okay so i pretty much have where i want them comment down below where you guys prefer to have them i’d be curious to know do you prefer to have a almost consistent gap all the way around

Especially when they’re you know we have these upgraded tips and they look a lot nicer i’d rather have them hang a little bit lower and you can actually see them or do you guys rather have them closer to the top of the bumper and you know wider gaps on the side because if i push it up then you’re going to have this kind of look versus if i pull it down you can

Have a nice consistent gap i guess it’s personal preference but let me know down below which way you guys like it better snug this up and i’ll show you guys the end result all right guys well that’s gonna be a wrap for the exhaust tip install so i’ll link that down below doesn’t even take that much time i literally only used a 13 millimeter ratchet and got the

Job done and i think it looks much much better so comment down below what you guys think of this i think it’s a huge improvement over stock it definitely beats our plastidip job that we had on those exhaust tips so much better if you guys enjoyed this make sure you give a thumbs up hit the subscribe button if you guys are new to the channel we’ll see you guys on the next video

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