RAM 1500 Off-Road 4WD Lock Test In Deep Snow (I Was WRONG..) | Real World 4×4 review 2.0

This is my second RAM 1500 off-road 4WD LOCK test and I was lucky to have some deep snow for a great real world 4×4 review. I made a video last week showing how at times my front drive shaft didn’t receive any power when my truck was in 4WD LOCK. I had heard rumbling about this issue on the old internet and I set out to see if this was true. specifically I tested if the wheels were turned power would be cut to the front driveshaft and those were the exact results I found. Long story short I didn’t fully turn off my electric stability control and so after learning that I needed to re-test.

Oops okay guys i hate to start a video like this but my intro clips kind of got corrupted so here we are uh long story short there was a lady stuck in this parking lot so i just helped her put her truck into four-way four-wheel drive and drove it out for her but little did i know i was gonna beach my own truck uh three feet from the freaking road um but

Anyways i figured i was pretty pinned up and so i was like let’s start some 4×4 testing right here um now before you watch this video i made a video basically the same thing um last week talking about how the front drive shaft of my truck wasn’t actually locked in when i was in four wheel drive lock um so i’ll leave a link below if you guys want to check that

Out for this video but anyways here’s some audio from what would have been my uh my intro what’s going on guys my name is alex welcome back to the channel and today i have a very special video for you as you can see i have completely buried my truck in the snow and i apologize about the noise we got some machinery clear and snow kind of right beside me but it

Is what it is so we’re up at mount washington just got a fresh dump probably about a foot and a half of snow made a video about a week ago saying how this truck’s four wheel drive lock failed on me some of you guys commented i didn’t fully turn off the esc electric electronic stability control and i didn’t so we’re up here to retest i brought my tow strap but it

Doesn’t look like we need it because i’ve already buried myself this thing isn’t going anywhere so now we are gonna really test if this thing works in four wheel drive lock and if you don’t believe me how much snow that’s just about under my knee so there is lots of snow which is why i have my beautiful explore hat on because it’s winter time now i bought another

Gopro so i can get two angles of the rears and the fronts so to make sure i am not lying to you guys and we will test this thing out with both cameras to see if the four-wheel drive lock truly locks that front drive shaft in because now that i’m stuck we better find out anyways let’s start out with four wheel drive high or four wheel drive lock high we’ll see

What tires spin i’m excited so my electronics ability control system is fully off and i start off by cranking my wheels all the way over because last time we were up here when i did this we had no power to my front wheels it’s really too bad i don’t have two cameras because i couldn’t show that the rear wheels were actually spinning so you just didn’t take my

Word for it i think you can see that the truck is kind of torqueing up and the rear wheels were spinning but for the most part the front axle doesn’t move at all now as you can see there’s plenty of power to the front drive shaft but once again my front diff is an open differential meaning that only one wheel will spin but what’s key is that at least one of

Those wheels is spinning all the time meaning that the front drive shaft is engaged to the rest of the powertrain which is exactly what we want when we select four-wheel drive lock now i’m in four-wheel drive low and once again with the electronic stability control fully turned off the front drive shaft is fully engaged even when i crank the wheels all the way

Over but here we can really see the downfall of having open differentials on your truck you can see the passenger side wheels really don’t turn at all which is kind of crazy um and i guarantee if i did have even one locker or both differentials locked and having all four wheels turning at the same time i guarantee this truck would have just pulled out with

A relative ease side note guys this is called a snow cat pretty wicked machine usually runs the ski hills or clears the ski hills and helps build the ski hills but today it’s plowing a parking lot because some loser got himself stuck sorry guys i had to move locations that guy really wanted to plow the parking lot and i was the loser that was stuck in that

Spot anyways managed to get out that’s good what’s even better is that i was wrong i was not aware that when you hit the traction control button it did not fully turn off the esc system and when i did do that the front wheels turned every single time i turned the steering wheel and for lock and for low and in for auto so there you have it i was totally wrong

Good news is is that this thing is not as incapable as i thought it was and uh the message to take away from this is that if you are going off-road make sure you know how to turn off your esc system because if you don’t you will end up in a situation where the front drive shaft isn’t spinning as much as you would like it to there you have it case closed right

Now we’ll have some fun in the snow see if we can get this thing spinning up pretty good stay tuned so i just did that with the windows down because i don’t know i’m stupid oops oh baby she’s a little snowy in here oh baby well what do you know every day you learn something new it’ll dry right right oh yeah there’s there’s a lot of snow in this truck that’s

Interesting oh look there’s my backpack it’s uh yeah it’s pretty covered even the camera got full of snow that’s let’s just shake it all out here right not a big deal now no one can say this thing isn’t a pavement princess and i just filled it with about two inches of snow well i made some nice donuts i think i don’t know let me know what you think about my

Uh my little uh donut spiel there i thought it’s pretty cool but who knows maybe you guys think that was just stupid i know a lot of people in the parking lot thought it was pretty stupid but we’re not here for them what i would like to do is tie this truck to a tree and give her tits again and really just completely redo that test that i did on my other video

Because i think you know it’s it’ll it’ll totally prove that potentially i was very wrong which i think i am um but they did get a bunch of snow last night probably i don’t know a foot and a half of snow so they are all all the snow equipment snow plows snow cats are out playing the parking lots and the parking lot where i tested this thing where this nice tree

Close to the uh to the parking lot they are currently plowing and i’ve already held up one snow cat and i don’t feel like holding up another one so maybe i’ll go in for lunch and uh maybe after lunch they’ll be done and we can hook this baby back up to a tree and uh really put her to the test also um the snow is starting to melt a little drip drip on the seat

I’ll get to deal with that all right so we’re not going back to that same location but i have scouted out a new location and it looks like this ground is nice and icy so hopefully these wheels will just spin nice and freely unlike the last video i made so let’s hook her up and let’s test her out all right here we go we got our last test here we will see for

Certain if this front drive shaft truly is locked in four-wheel drive lock i’m gonna set up both my cameras on either side and we will start in four-wheel drive lock and we’ll do four-wheel drive low as well and we’ll see what happens when i turn the steering wheel if they if the front drive shaft stays engaged or if those clutches come undone after our first

Test this morning i think that those clutches are going to stay engaged but only time will tell let’s do it all right here we go ec ec whatever stability control is off we will start with the wheels turned we were in four-wheel drive lock right now let’s see what happens oh dummy put it in drive that’s step one put it in drive kids we’ll all be damned she turns

She turns and why not let’s put it in four-wheel drive low and uh see what happens there too here we go put it in drive dummy well at this point i’m just burning rubber not even a question wow that is incredible incredible how wrong i was all right so don’t trust anything i say because i was here last week telling you guys how this truck’s four-wheel drive

System sucked and that the front drive shift doesn’t actually lock and here i am a week later after reading a youtube comment on my own video telling me that i had to actually turn my traction control fully off so there you go the rams four-wheel drive does for the most part as far as i can tell lock in the front drive shaft turns those front wheels obviously

Have a front diff in the or obviously my front diff is an open differential so you know they’re not going to turn at the same time but one wheel was always spinning i think i’ll have to double check on the footage but it sounded like it was and the rear wheels we know spin no matter what another open differential doesn’t really help me out much in the snow but

That’s changing shh i might have a locker in the mail well guys that’s good ended for today turns out it’s a happy ending for the dodge rams 4×4 which i’m happy about because i do own a dodge ram 4×4 um if you did like the video maybe think about giving me a thumbs up helps channel out helps me out um and if you like videos like this maybe even think about

Subscribing because i’ll be doing a whole bunch of stuff with my truck mechanically things i just find interesting and maybe even some off-roading and some exploring but other than that thanks for sticking around always appreciate it and we will see you guys on the next video

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RAM 1500 Off-Road 4WD Lock Test In Deep Snow (I Was WRONG..) | Real World 4×4 review 2.0 By The Getty Adventures