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Ram 1500 Tow Hook Install (2019+)

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Instructions to install tow hooks on your 2019+ Ram 1500

What is going on everyone i’ma show you today how to install tow hooks our toe rings near 2019 and up ram 1500 if they did not come on the truck from the factory all right so we’re on the driver side here and to make things easier to get at i turn the wheel to the driver’s side so my wheels are pointed left and you don’t have to do this but it makes it easier

To get at stuff gives you more room so i’d recommend doing it pull this panel right here that cuts across there’s one two three four five bolts holding it on those are eight millimeter we’re gonna go ahead and remove those now there’s three along this edge here along the bumper and two right next to each other down there you can see the two circles and so here

We’re underneath this is the backside of the tow hook filler panel you can see i’ll try to point here it’s kind of hard to it’s a tight area but there’s a nut right here this black one okay there that’s an eight millimeter again and there’s another one right there so there’s two on the top so we’re take those off now with a little quarter inch drive ratchet and

I hate millimeters shallow socket and then on the bottom underneath i’ll show you when we get off it’ll be easier but there’s a little metal clip that goes over these plastic posts that we got to pry off okay so now we’re gonna use this little panel removal tool i’ll put product links in the video description if you want to buy one of these as well as the proper

Bezels we’re gonna need for this and the tow hooks everything i’m using here basically i’ll post but what we’re gonna do is use this and get between the metal bumper tab right here above that and below the plastic and we’re going to just kind of pry gently and what that’s gonna do is create a bigger gap bottom and all the lighting is poor here but now there’s a

Bigger gap between this metal ring that we need to get off and the metal bumper tab so now you see i get in here like that and i just popped that clip off i’m gonna do the same thing over here once those are removed we should be able to remove these studs i just pull right off alright so this part is a little tough you gotta make a decision here what you have

To do is either get a pry bar between here and try to force this up like so you bend the plastic up to try and get these alignment pins out of here a problem is this metal bumper portion tab usually bends down and i don’t want to bend the metal so instead what i did is you can use like a pry bar i used this panel clip tool but it took a lot of force and what i

Did is i got on top of the bezel here and then i pried against the crossmember right here basically i pushed upwards so i pried down on the bezel enough to pop it off the top and now you can kind of grab it and just remove it this here is what we were fighting it’s basically what we were doing is prying down right here and forced these down far enough to come

Through the metal bumper all right so the next step is gonna be to remove this 18 millimeter bolt i use the wrench because i didn’t have a socket ratchet handy its torqued to probably like 70 foot pounds give or take so it takes a little bit of grunt to get off and it’s pretty long to you’ll get to a point where it’ll do this the one wheel get it out there’s like

A metal round clip ring on the end of the bolt just like there was for the plastic filler panel alignment pins so what we’re gonna do is use like a crescent wrench or a vise grip i kind of set it like that on the shoulder of the bolt and you’re gonna have to basically use a hammer and hit right here and try to force it past that stupid metal ring try not to crush

Your electrical connector here get there the stupid wind deflectors on the way to it’s motorized it comes down when you’re going down the highway for better aerodynamics and of course gets in the way push it forward it does flex a little bit obviously don’t want to break it but there we go there’s that metal junk clip now we’re gonna use a vise grip or pliers to

Grab on and remove what’s left this retainer ring from our bolt it’s kind of rip tear don’t need it i can do one of two things you can either kind of trace and cut out your factory filler panel or you can buy the correct ones again i’ll post a link in the description where you can get these they come as a set and they do come with new metal clips so before about

The new tow hook in place i’m gonna pop this new bezel into place i’m just to keep the painted bumper from getting scratched while installing the tow hook all right so we’re gonna line line up the plastic studs their holes and then just push the top into place and we’ll go on the backside and make sure that the plastic fingers on the top are actually clipped in

Since i didn’t hear anything there we go and now we’ll put the metal clips back on the bottom side all right now this is the old panel i’m just showing you how we’re gonna install the new clips i don’t know if you can see but they’re kind of directional you can see the teeth a little more aggressive on this side you want the aggressive side to be facing down

Towards the ground so if we’re under the truck you’re gonna push it on so that it goes on the easy way and then that way it has to fight the teeth for it to pop off so it’s gonna go like this and we’re gonna use this tool just to kind of push it up alright so we’re gonna push down on the plastic while we push up on the clip so we can get it as tight as possible

Just kind of go all the way around walk it on that alright now we’re going to take the little studs that we removed from the old filler panels and slide them into place and the grooves of the new panel should kind of click in you want to push forward as far as they can go and we’ll reinstall those eight millimeter nuts on the top all right i’m gonna carefully

Feed this in from the front try not to bump the painted bumper now we’re gonna install this bolt that is included with the kit and it’s gonna go into this threaded hole that’s already there from the factory just gonna get it started and we can slide the toe you can see there’s a open slotted part later slide it over the shoulder and then where we remove that

Bolt earlier this little nub here is gonna go into a little pocket the toe hook just like that and now install the long bolt that we removed earlier make sure that the tel hook doesn’t come down and hit you you might want to tighten this other bolt first to keep it in place for you and again remember you’ll probably have to bend this little deflector out of

Your way to get the new to get the long bolt back in all right so just to note i realized once we put this back together that i have i have the bolt on the front side of this wind deflector it’s actually easier to get in if you’re on the back side of it here so now we’re coming from the back side and much easier tighten these i don’t have a torque spec for them

But i would guess this one torques easily to 50 or 60 i would go up to up to 75 no more the other one that we put in that one you’re probably good to 70 or 80 but just make sure they’re tight again this is 18 mil for the bolt we removed the long one and then although the new bolt is a metric i found a thirteen sixteenths fits it very well and since i don’t have

The proper metric for that size if that’s when we use is a thirteen sixteenths i believe it’s technically a 21 millimeter and repeat on the other side alright so now we’re gonna reinstall the fender liner before we move to the other side the two screws that go to the metal bracket down there our fine thread is where the other three are coarse thread also did

Realize that this has holes in it so i got it went ahead and started those two already just a little bit and we can actually go ahead and slip this over that and then just slide it down into the proper position and then snap this back into place here and reinstall our other three screws tighten all five again don’t need to go very tight they are just small just

Gonna use a little screw gun to put them in we have the one side done just thought i would show kind of a side-by-side comparison here quick before doing the other side all right here it is all done i did actually find instructions after i finished they’re kind of crumpled up in the box the big bolt that comes with the kit the torque is 185 newton meters which

Is 135 foot-pounds and then the long factory bolt is 115 newton meters which is 85 foot-pounds so we’re gonna torque those otherwise just make sure they’re nice and tight again here’s a final view i think it looks quite a bit meaner and obviously it’s a lot more functional again i’ll post product links in the video description if you wish to purchase all this if

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