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Ram Promaster City Framing Vs Carpeting

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Should I Go with framing or carpeting

Okay so i just want to kind of go over a little bit of the van right now i’m deciding what to do with some of these panels because i was wondering if what you thought on this type of build i’m about five eleven six foot um sitting here it gives me about 14 inches i’m on like uh some poly iso so about four inches worth i have about 12 inches left so it’s 16 inches

To the roof from the bottom so i was thinking about 12 inches at the most that i’ll give you a little bit with the height of the van if you can see right there and it gives me about about 12 inches there but then about four inches on these pads i’m sitting on so when i make the bed whether it’s over here or over there it’s going to be not too big a partition but

But enough to put in little storage sheds underneath um that’s what i’m looking at now i’ve had talked a couple people they said to um just carpet your van with marine carpeting then i have some people saying no you have to frame it um now i don’t mind framing it but this is um something that i have an issue with um just because i’m not against framing it this

Thing is so small with wise it’s only 60.3 if i frame this it’s gonna take off probably about three inches of width with the insulation about four inches so instead of it being 60.3 it’ll be about 55 and a half so i mean yeah with a frame you can build uh a more uh woodsy type thing you can put tongue and groove on the top here yeah you can put some tongue and

Groove up top there that looks so nice you know all that stuff you know on the top i’m probably just going to go like i said in my last video i’m probably just going to go with um some close cell foam or some kill mat and then just probably put some uh i can probably just put some real thin plywood frames on the top there and then just put some tongue and groove

I’ll probably put baltic birch uh cedar or pine um that’s what i’m looking at right now but i mean other than that what are your thoughts do you think marine plywood or marine carpeting after the installation is good personally i think marine carpeting could still get mold in it um i think i’ll probably do the tongue and groove on top but carpeting on the side of

The walls marine carpeting there um it just depends personally i personally think that the best thing to do would probably be a little mixture i would say probably if you take out the plastic partition there before the airbag you probably put some insulation in there and then frame that out to create the shelf like i said over there but you know bottom line i’m

Probably just gonna go with uh um i mean i’ll see how it looks i’ll buy some you know two by ones and see what it looks like you know frame some stuff just just for rough edges because i have to make the bed and that’s probably with my weight i’m pretty heavy um it’s probably going to be 80 20 refurbished aluminum slat and then wood of course which screws in of

Course it’ll be um pounded in into of course i was thinking self-tapping screws or i was thinking dowel screws which basically go in there already self-tapping i’m a little concerned that there’s vibration in the van and i’m afraid that it’ll actually fall apart over use um so once it gets a little more sturdier these screws are a little bit more expensive but

They’ll stick a little bit better so that’s all i’m looking at what are your thoughts marine carpeting on the walls the top is going to be either tongue and groove pine tongue and groove baltic birch or tongue groove cedar walls carpeting or do you think i should do it all wood now mind you the space that we have here is not a lot so you know there’s not a lot of

Space here but that’s up for you to decide tell me what you think in the comments i’m brian here this is van time with brian and there’s gonna be more once the weather starts getting better here in in march april may i’m gonna start building it out slowly by surely um first thing i’m gonna be doing is of course is getting a vent fan over here uh measured the

Schematics on it i am able to barely get it in here between these two edges it’s about 14 inches um so that will put in a max air fan i want something heavy duty um because in the front i do have uh you know vent guards so i have a little cross ventilation at night and then i already priced out the curtains uh the curtain blackout curtains i just use a curtain

Rod and then wood studded frame up top to fit in there with the shelf and that’s about 52 bucks i priced it out um i’ve seen people charge seven eight hundred dollars for shelves now granted it’s not gonna look professionally made but it’ll be sturdy it will be safe it will keep the light out and then that’s on the back too of magnetic on the back here i’m

Gonna have magnetic linings for shower curtains where it just drapes over instead of having to get like you know trace cardboards out and doing polyester foam probably iso i don’t really want to do that i mean i’ll have it for the winter time obviously because it does hold the heat out my apartment building has terrible windows and that pink panther pink foam

Board half inch even though it’s only r3 holy cow i put two of those eight foot boards on last week and was two below zero yesterday morning it was 78 degrees in my room last night i took it off this morning it was 62. so anyways that’s for the winter time but we’ll kind of go over that a little bit later well this is van time with brian you

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Ram Promaster City Framing Vs Carpeting By Van Time With Brian