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Ram promaster city headliner nightmare. Epic fail

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We all know that our days on Mother Earth are limited. At the happy age of 55 I have decided to see as much of her as I can. This channel is about my journey. So please join me as I begin vanlife to explore, uncover, experience and enjoy the beauties that this world has to offer.

Hey guys hey i’m here let’s tackle this mess shall we probably about a month ago i couldn’t sleep if you remember this had a big plastic like bulkhead that went around it and it was driving me crazy and you won’t believe what what happened take a look at this um you may not believe what i’m about to tell you but it’s just after 2 30 in the morning i absolutely

Can’t sleep this has been on my mind so i decided to throw on a t-shirt grab my phone throw up my hair let’s do it that’s how things go in the woods you just work on stuff as you feel like it but i got that plastic bulkhead down and this is what i’ve got um i don’t know if it’s in the previous video or not but this thing right here is the airbag the window airbag

This is just a big foam block um i finally found one video on youtube that the man talked about these blocks and said that he had learned the engineers put them in here in case there was a rollover that this big because it’s pretty firm but it was to help protect you in case this crushed down that could very well be true i mean there’s ribs and stuff that would

Also help protect but it who knows this one doesn’t go back very far the blocks he was working with were fairly long i did some research on my own and found that someone had said don’t ask me where i read it but that these were put in here to help the headliner to keep its shape so regardless of the reason it’s there i need it going it just sticks out too far

If it was even with the headliner where i could maybe do something there it would be different i even thought about bringing the plastic back and then just cutting it off where i can still have this open and just have the plastic up here but i really would like a little storage i would like to be able to utilize some of this space okay guys i went and opened

The insulation and i brought a chunk of it out here this is the rockwool r30 but before i start tearing it apart i’m gonna put a mask on and uh these are in 95’s and then i always wear a cotton one over it just for an extra layer and if i’m going someplace where there’s a ton of people like casino whatnot i also put a pm 2.5 filter between the two masks and

I wear 12 layers overkill i know but i can’t have coated i’m already a little short of air so because it’s hot and i’ve been running around back there but i just want to push some of this in there it may not even be a good idea i don’t have any kind of a look i can only get my arm in so far give it a go because we’re here and that’s what’s happening at my

Glasses and just get a piece of it oh i don’t even think i can do it like i’m not gonna got those freaking blocks in there oh this is gonna take forever you gotta work okay as you can see i lost the battle i didn’t want to bring these things back but i just didn’t have a choice i cut templates and around with this all day it’s way late 6 30 7 o’clock at

Night and i’m i’m just now leaving out of here and the only thing that god accomplished was that now there’s insulation between the headliner and the top of the van that’s it so the big plastic bradley noisy ugly bulkhead thingies are back i just don’t know what else to do um i could just leave them off but the airbags are exposed and i’m really afraid me and

My haste or whatnot all these stuff and crap up there and explode one of them or screw something up i just i don’t want to risk it i don’t know i’m just frustrated nothing seems to be going right and it’s like it’s all just weather if it’s gonna rain just flipping rain if you’re gonna be hot just be flipping hot the sun’s gonna come out let it flip and come out

It’s like one minute it’s sunshiny it’s hot you can’t stand it and the next minute you’re shutting all the doors because it’s pouring down rain ten minutes later you’re in here sweating because the sun’s back out i am sick of it and to top it all off june 1st i believe begins hurricane season so and that’s never good that’s you know i don’t know i’m just i’m tired

This didn’t turn out at all like i wanted it to but i believe later on um we’ll give it some time and then i may save up some money and then find a builder a band builder that i think now they like have custom kits that they can just print out or factory made on machines that you know nobody’s out any sweating and aggravation over i may just find something like

That i just i don’t know i really really don’t know i don’t know if their kids even involve the headliner and all this stuff across here because it’s a little mini cargo like nobody built them out that often or do they i don’t know i’ve seen a few online you know but i actively seek them out because that’s what i bought but i don’t know if people spend big money

At a fabricator or at some of the van build places for the little ones like seems like if you’re gonna put that kind of money into a build it would be a bigger one you know that you can walk around in and be more comfortable and have a little bit more comfort but i’m gonna do just fine in here big bulkhead thingy and all as long as it don’t rattle like it that’s

One of the main reasons that i took it out in the first place i mean i wanted to see if i could build a shelf from back there you know from the window up but that one over there made all kind of noise going down the road like the little clips in the top i don’t even think we’re in it i don’t know because when i took them down it was like three in the morning

And i really didn’t care at that point but they were rattling and when i tried to put this one in a little while ago um i don’t think there’s but one of those little clips in there now so apparently it’s wallowed out or broke or something i don’t know don’t know don’t know don’t know but the big old ugly my chairs are wrong but it’s back but bulkheads are back

Installations in kitty cat seems to be enjoying the van a little bit only when i’m sitting in here though i didn’t see her come in today on her own but i haven’t been watching because i’ve had a lot to do so if you hung out during this fiasco today i appreciate it i’m glad you were here i kind of wish we could talk more where you could just help me out because i

Really don’t know what i’m doing i probably should have never pulled those bulkheads down i don’t know if they’re bulkheads what you call them those little plastic cover-ups i probably should have never ever done it but one of them was making noise like it was loose and it rattled when you drove and this thing was loud enough at the time and uh i really wanted

To extend that little shelf in the cab back and i could still do it but it would cut down on my sneaking in and out between the seats to get back here and that’s kind of important to me um to be able to stealth i don’t want to go shop and put all my groceries and stuff in and people see me get in the van or pull up somewhere and get out of the front seat just

To get in the back door like i don’t want to do that like people are going to know what you’re doing so i just had a little touch of deja vu so me sitting here talking to you and looking at her has happened before so apparently it was all meant to be and uh we’re right on track it seems and i’m okay with that so again thanks for watching and uh it’s still moving

Moving slower but it’s still moving and the kitty cat is in the van look at her look at her it’s beautiful it’s beautiful all right miss pooh and i are out of here again i appreciate you guys um click all the bells and whistles and dot all the t’s and cross all the eyes and i’ll see you on the next video

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Ram promaster city headliner nightmare. Epic fail! By Pam in a Ram