Ram Promaster City Starter replacement. No intake removal

Today we’re working on a 2016 ram ProMaster City, my mini motor van, we’re doing a starter install. Doing it this way you don’t have to remove any of the intake manifold or the airbox intake tube. with just a long extension quarter inch and a 15 mm swivel socket you can remove the top bolt. This is the easiest way to do it get that started changed watch the video.

Hey guys typical stock repair today i’m working on my motovan and i gotta pull the starter because the solenoid is clicking and it’s got an issue so i got to pull the starter off well with this 2.4 tiger shark engine didn’t make it easy it’s all the way down there so down below you can’t even see it here i’m gonna have to get pull a couple things out but down below

That pipe right there behind it is the bolt now one bolt goes in this way from the driver’s side and then the other one goes on the from the passenger side underneath the vehicle hang on okay now the other one coming in from the passenger side foreign starter it’s right there all right so that’s the one right at the bottom of the starter there’s your starter

So in order to get that out you have to wiggle it through here the starter we after you get it out so they say you know take this plate off and uh and wiggle it out you can get it out so or maybe through here some people say to take this plate out here this one goes all the way across but i mean we can wiggle the starter out through here it’ll come out somehow

Maybe through here you know that’s just kind of maybe i’m worried about that the biggest issue is going to be getting that topple because it’s hot bold you can’t see it from here because it’s coming in from the other side so that’s what we got to get and what i’m seeing is you got to get it up from the top so let’s go dig up there and see the easiest way to get

It out all right so because it’s way down in there i’m going to get the battery out of the way um just so i can get down in there if i can see the bolt usually i can get a wrench on it um some guys are taking this hose off right here i don’t know if i’m going to need that if i can get down low enough and get in from the side maybe i can get to it that way so

Let’s start just taking the battery out you got the quick disconnect here but you got another cable here so just going to take them off right at the terminals and move them out of the way and get this battery clear all right so so far all i’ve taken is the battery out and i took the top cover off so all we’re at right now and i can see the bolt i mean it’s right

Down it’s through there it’s just going to be a pain i can’t it’s not really a good angle to get an extension or anything through there it’s just too much of an angle you can’t really see it because the light but it’s down all right i took the engine tray out just four bolts one two there’s one in the back right there and then another one there so that’s out of

The way now i’m getting closer all right guys so i’m i was able to get it through here i’m underneath the coolant lines right here i’m using a swivel socket with a 15. and let me show you the swivel sock i’m using because it’s important because i couldn’t get it with a snap-on 3 8 inch impact 15 millimeter it was too long but this one gave me enough room so let me

Show you what it is all right so this is a duralast this is i think you can get these at autozone and it’s just shorter and it was able to get me just enough in there to get it so i’m gonna go underneath get the bottom one out and then finish taking this one out and then remove the starter first remember with swivels they can bind up so make sure you’re turning

It if you turn it to a certain a certain point and it gets really stuck just take it off rotate it and clip it back on so you get uh so you can rotate it but this will’s a little a little tricky when you’re at severe angles so we’re going to take this heat shield off right here so this sheet heat shield right here that’s right behind the axle because the starter’s

Got to come out somewhere either this side or that’s i’m not sure yet and this support all right that comes all the way across from here we’re going to take this off also because it’s hard to get my hand up and do stuff so let me just take that out of the way all right see what i’m talking about with that heat shield out of the way we got a lot more space right

In here all right so i got to get that battery terminal there on the left and the plug off on the right i’m going to take the battery terminal off when i drop the starter a little bit i’ll be able to get that plug out easier i can’t really get to it um with my fingers enough to pull it off in that flat plastic piece right there is blocking it so i’m gonna have

To get special tools in there to get it let me see what i got to use all right so i was getting that battery uh wire off the battery bolt for the wire off with this one off the starter but um it’s not free spinning it’s kind of you know i got to go like one click at a time it’s taking me forever so i’m going to come back up top and i’m going to loosen the the

Top bolt all the way out so that i can pull the starter move maybe i can move it a little bit and get a um get a socket on it there’s really no room in there for the starter to go down that far i’m a little worried about the actual um wire on there not the not the battery wire but the wire from the um from the trigger from the ignition i guess so let’s go back

Up top all right so what i have here is i’m using a quarter inch this is a 3 8 inch adapter two quarter inch and then i got quarter inch runway down there to a snap-on quarter inch swivel socket that’s what i’m using now i’m going to spin it the rest of the way off all right so what i did down here is i left that bottom bolt in by like two threads just so that

It’d be easier and the starter would fall well without me down here so i’m going to take that bottom one off my hand and get the starter out and hopefully rotate it enough i can get the rest of everything off of it all right guys so that worked uh you can see i was able to pull the starter down a little bit and get my regular uh electric ratchet on there and get

That taken care of so now we got that that next nut off there so we can get the cable off all right so then come up top and release the uh clip right here that holds this cable going down to it okay this is your cable coming from up top because it’s holding it and i can’t get the cable off so pop that give yourself some room all right so after fighting that plug

Off i’m going to show you how that plugs comes off so it’s easier for you than it was for me but here i’m getting it out through like behind where the axle is right here the bracket those two bracket suite that heat shield the bent the sheet shield down just so i can get the starter and have the camera right out of there so i finally got it out that was a battle

Because the the battery terminal wouldn’t not wouldn’t just spin off i had to sit there and slowly work it but as soon as i if i was to do this again take these out pull it drop it a little bit get the nut off with a with a ratchet and then pull this plug off and let me show you how this plug comes off i’m not going to show you here but i’ll be able to show you

Up top so on the starter it’s this style plug so what you do is you take the little red tab you pull a tab back and then the plug comes off all right so you pull it back and then you by pushing it down a little bit it releases it all right so pull it back push it down and it comes right off all right i didn’t know that so yeah plus my little red this tab

Was broken off so i had to get a little pick in there to get it but it’s out thank god so i’m gonna go get it rebuilt and that fan right there was keep all the mosquitoes off me so i was able to do this it’s brutal i feel like i’m working in florida or something so guys i hope that helps you out uh this starter is a straight up pain in the ass to get out but i

Was able to do it and hopefully the way that i show you to do it it’s really not that bad as soon as you crack that top bolt loose like what i would do is go underneath it get the um the cross member off get the heat shield off get the bottom bolt spin that one all the way out go up top get the top bolt with the 3 8 inch short and let me show you why it needs to

Be short so when it’s down inside there this part here needs to be short because you need to get the socket as low as possible to get the right angle for the swivel to work properly so i’m going underneath this hose right here so under that hose to the top bolt which you know this top bolt right now is still in there i didn’t take it out i just left it in there

So i’m going to push it back in and spin it back onto the starter when it comes back to putting it back on but you want to get a really low angle so what i’m going to do is um you know see so this is the part you want really short right here all right so this is like i said this is a duralast this is what cracked it loose and then i used the um quarter inch all

Right then i use this snap-on quarter inch it’s on an extension and then this is to my 3 8 inch power ratchet but i probably could have broke it loose with this one just straight um might have been easier so you might want to just try that quarter inch but it’s it’s kind of tight but it wasn’t super gorilla tight or anything right and then after you get the top

One all the way out spin it all the way out go back underneath pull the starter out of its housing drop it down get that terminal for the battery cable off with a 13 millimeter on a ratchet and then pull that little red tab back pull it pull your plug off and that should be it if you do it like that it shouldn’t take you that long i haven’t done this before this

Is the first time doing it so i made it a little bit difficult for me but hopefully the whole thing is easier for you after watching this video ah that’s why that nut was hard to get off somebody’s been in here before all right guys so i got a new starter i’m getting the other one rebuilt is was my plan but they can’t get the solenoid parts for it so i have to buy

A new one i’ve got this one from napa this is supposed to be a remanufactured one but it looks brand new and product of china so who knows it looks like it’s a new one hopefully i don’t have any issues with it because i really don’t want to do this job again all right so here’s the game plan so what i’m going to do is go underneath the van i’m going to push the

Starter up into place almost up into place i’m going to run the power cord to it attach that i’m going to push it up into the spot where it should be i’m going to attach the bottom bolt with maybe two threads then i’m going to come up here and i’m going to have uh the quarter inch swivel with the extension and the power ratchet and i’m going to slowly spin that

While someone else an assistant holds that up in place or i’ll hold it and they’ll spin it so it goes in straight as soon as the threads catch on that we’re going to zip it all the way in so it pulls the starter into place go back down underneath tighten the bottom bolt plug the wire in and then reassemble everything up here that’s the plan hopefully should go

Smooth and i think really if i do this again now that i know running that quarter inch snap-on impact swivel with the extension on it right underneath these hoses i mean all you got to take out is the battery tray so uh let’s do it all right guys so we are back in place and it was it was a little treaty and that tricky getting it past this the same way the other

One came out it was a little hard getting it back in so just be patient work it back in and then what i did is just kind of held in place there i put the bottom i put the top bolt for the power on all right so i got the the battery bolt up there and then i went ahead and put the bottom bolt in right there just a couple threads held it level and had someone else

Turn uh the top bolt and just kind of slowly spin it with a quarter inch ratchet with that extension on the swivel and slowly turn it until it grab the top and then turn it all the way in and then i went up there and just hit it by hand and got it as tight as i could and then i tightened the bottom one in that’s the sequence i did it and then i went and put the

Plug on the top and we’re good to go so let’s go back up top all right and this again this is what i used right here nut just all the way down the bolt is all the way down in there slowly turning it and we got it in all right you can see that it barely stays on there you got to be careful and just kind of hold it but um with the swivel in the right position all

Right there it’s on all right so it’s a little tricky but it’s definitely doable the battery train everything back in all right guys so it’s all back together i don’t even have any extra bolts or nothing everything went back together so i’m gonna go ahead and grab the key and see if it starts all right let’s see oh it started working didn’t start right up but

There we go it’s it’s been down for a little while so didn’t start up super easy but it starts started working fine yep all right guys so let’s recap this bundle of fun starter removal first off you got to take the battery tray out when you get the battery tray out that’s about all you got to take out up top next thing you do is you’re going to use that quarter

Inch swivel socket i was using a snap-on it was a short one worked perfect quarter inch extension and then then you can use either a um an adapter to a 3 8 or just use a quarter inch extension make sure you need something to break it loose and i was able to break it loose with the uh with that so oh wait you should be able to break loose with that what i did was

I used a three-quarter inch swivel socket and i broke it loose with that but i wasn’t able to really turn it with that and i had to use the the quarter inch which i’m telling you so that’s what i’m saying try to use the quarter inch extension quarter inch swivel socket and try to break it loose with that first and then when you break that we’ll lose go down below

Break the one on the bottom loose take the plug off remember that red tab that i showed you pull that tab back pull it down and then pull it out and get that plug out of the way so you can pull the starter down and then what i would do is take the bottom bolt all the way out take the top bolt all the way out when the top bolt is out try not to i didn’t let the bolt

Come all the way and fall out of the hole i left it in there i unscrewed it as i was unscrewing it you pull the starter out unscrew it all the way and the car the starter kind of sits in there it didn’t it didn’t fall out for me so then i take the starter pull it back and when you’re pulling it back you need as much play on that positive cable coming down so make

Sure you take all the clips off for that so you can pull it down enough so you can get a ratchet on that bolt take that bolt off pull that out pull your starter out putting the starter back in getting it past the axle is a little tricky for some reason i don’t know why it’s the same size starter but um i was able to kind of work it pop that back in it has to go

In a certain angle if you’re getting frustrated move it to the left of the driver’s side and pop it in the same way pay attention the way you get that out and then when you get that in i pulled the cable down as hard as i could hooked it back on tightened the cable back on popped it into place and then i threaded the bottom bolt on a little bit push the starter

In and i had someone else up top slowly turning with that quarter inch extension with the swivel have them turning that in to the bolt hole so i’m holding the starter level so it goes in straight you know cross thread it and as soon as you got that going i had him turn it all the way in and i was holding it watching it making sure all the way into the top then i

Went up top tightened that one went down below tighten that one pop the um uh plug back in and remember the cross member i took off the four bolts and the heat shield in order to get the starter out and make it easier to get up in there put the tray back in and you’re done really wasn’t that bad it’s totally doable without taking all the other stuff off you see

In some of the other channels i got it done and you see it worked so guys hopefully like this video this was a pain but i think now that i did it and hopefully now from you guys seeing this video i can jump in there and do it again and pull that starter out probably an hour’s time it’s it’s really not a big deal now that i figured out the tools that i needed but

It was crazy i had to figure out just the right swivel because it didn’t all work so guys do me a favor please like button subscribe hit that bell for further notifications and until next time this type of cycle repair and to give you an idea how long it took me to put it back on it was one hour and 47 minutes and that is until wheels back on and torqued in so it wasn’t that bad

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Ram Promaster City Starter replacement. No intake removal! By Tepco Cycle Repair