Range Rover Velar | Major Paint Correction & Customer Testimonial

Hi everyone, here we have the fantastic Range Rover Velar, in need of a major paint correction detail. This car needed a four-stage machine polish to remove swirl marks, heavy scratches and holograms from the paintwork. Watch the video from start to finish and see how I turned this car around, and check out our customers review, after completion. I shall be back shortly with more videos, please share my YouTube Channel with your friends and colleagues, I shall see you on the next video, catch you later.

Foreign now lots of issues there in the paperwork so i’ll just show you this and watch how it beats like anything the car’s just been washed as well but this has got a ceramic coating on that’s not been applied properly and also in the paint’s in a mess as well foreign there’s nothing sticking to it whatsoever but we’ve got to polish this off now sort the

Paint work out so what we’ll do now we’ll get the car back in the studio take a look around at the paintwork once we’ve dried the vehicle off and i’ll show you where a mess this is in and what we’ve got to correct we’ve got lots of major issues in the paintwork on the range rover zella here as you can see lots of swirl marks and scratches that are going on in the

Paints can look at the bonnets as well you can see all these nasty swirl mats scratches and holograms going on in the paintwork but not only that there’s a ceramic coating on top of this as well and we’ve got to polish this off to get to the paint and do all the correction work so you can see there’s quite a bit of work involved here as we’ve put the light over

Here on the front driver’s side wing you can see all these nasty swirl maps and holograms going on there in the paintwork really deep scratches as well in there due to poor washing techniques this car has also been to a car wash as well i believe on a regular basis foreign this is still the first stage of machine polishing but we’ve got rid of them swirl

Marks holograms scratches and all that stuff that’s going on in the paint you can see the depth of reflections now let’s go to the side of the vehicle as yet and then we’ll move on to the second stage publishing a bit later foreign the second stage you machine polishing on the car so we’re going to move on to a third stage now this is a very refining polish

To get rid of any hazing or anything like that that was in the paintwork in the first place and remember when we looked back in the video as i will show you now how the car looks previously once it came in the next few pictures then we’ll see that the transformation once you’ve seen them then we’ll be turning back to these panels here and then we shall have a look

On this side of the car with a light and i’ll show you after the second stage of policy now it’s locking so then as i said before we’ve got to use a very special refining polish now to get rid of any hazing and that type of thing go to the paint foreign side of the vehicle this also now is at a three-stage polish but because of the severity of defects that was

More on this particular vehicle we’re using a very special polish now on a waffle pad so we’re going to go right across here this has got a bit of a diamond cut finish as well with it and the gloss level that will increase too once you use this special polish as you will see now i’m turning this car around from a swirled up hologram scratched to death mess back

To a mirror finish so you’ll see me now polishing this side foreign correction in the in the professional way it does take time and as you would have seen with this car up to now what we’ve got to get rid of all them defects and everything and now we’re back to pure paint all around the vehicle then once i’ve done all that then we shall be able to apply the

Ceramic coats into the paperwork but as i say all these people out there saying this coats in that cool team and all the rest of it it’s not about the coating the first place here is perfection getting the paintwork corrected to the right consistency getting rid of everything all those wool marks holograms and structures of paint and getting back to pure paints or

We got the complete car looking like a mirror now after all the hard work’s been achieved the paint correction detail full stage machine polish overall now applying the ceramic coat into the paintwork we can also give you a guarantee as well with this and this is manufactured here in the uk so if you’d like any further information on that don’t hesitate give us a

Call check out our website at www.top car detailing dot co dot uk also in our studio as well as you will see we’ve got our unique left so we can lift the vehicle up and get to all angles on the car especially to get the wheels off and that type of thing so it can treat the calipers etc well the range rover valar is now finished in complete their top car detailing

After coming in for a major pain correction detail and as you would have seen in the video in the early shops what a mess this car was in in the first place all them hollow grounds and everything going on in the paintwork and that type of thing but now it looks like a complete mirror so we’ll just go another pan around and i’ll show you a few bits and pieces of

What i’ve done to this fantastic car so removed all the wheels as well um polished them up at the the back uh they were a bit dull also ceramic coated there is front and back they’re fully protected now some years to come remember before you couldn’t see anything in the paintwork on this particular car what a message was then well now look at that looks like a

Complete mirror on wheels so what we’ll do now we’ll just go second round at each door panel and i’ll show you the different uh effects of what can be achieved here when you bring your car in for a major paint correction detail car detailing yes that’s the door panel it that looks like a complete mirror now as you can see look at that i mean you know something

I’ll tell you what i bet you could actually have a shave in that what do you reckon well i hope you enjoyed the video on the range rover velar and i’ve just got one of my customers here john who i’ve just done the work for on this fantastic car and i want you over to john now and he just explained basically that the mastercard was in and i’ll return it round for

Him here at top car detailing yeah i’m more than pleased with the car but he’s done an excellent job the car was a mess with all the swales and the um holograms in the paintwork which basically i think is my old fault for using car washes um however buddies tearing the car around and i can assure you i won’t be using them car washes in the future the car is beyond

What i expected and that he’s done an excellent job right thank you very much john thank you foreign foreign this car around from swelled up mesh back to a mirror finish if you like hit the subscribe button hit the bell you’ll be notified once our next video goes live anyway i love to go now and i’ll be back soon with more videos catch you later

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