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Welcome back to mcphee ford today we’ll be looking at this brand new 2022 ford mustang machi now this particular mustang mock e is a premium model it’s a rear wheel drive it’s finished in a rapid red metallic tint coat this also has the standard battery this is the charge port for the mustang machi do a little indicator there it’ll tell you the charge level now

Starting up front here we do have these full led headlights as well as your front parking sensors along the bottom of the bumper as well as a front camera with the front washer jet just beside it there get your nice mustang logo right in the front and we do get the gloss black wheel arches as well as the bottom of the door you have these 19 inch machined black

Aluminum wheels on a 225 55 19 michelin tire there’s your mustang mock e badge right on the side as well as these gloss black mirror caps with the side indicator right there these are fully power operated including power fold with your side camera right there you’ll see that block gloss black trim does carry through the bottom of the bumper there as well we

Do get these full led tail lights which sequential turn and there’s your another mustang logo right in the back with your reverse camera and the reverse light is actually down there at the bottom now stepping inside of this mac e you’ll notice that you don’t have a traditional door handle that you would find on a typical car the maki does have a button system

It’s electronic door release so you push this button and you get a grab handle here there’s actually a safety mechanism built into the door so you don’t jam your finger it you can’t actually close it once you once you open it you have to open it and then close it so it’s a cool feature that ford integrated into the door there the rear door is a similar mechanism

Although you don’t get a little handle here you’re just meant to pull on the door like this to give you a nice rubber strip so you don’t scratch the inside of your door now starting here on the door panel you do have a nice leather trim surface here with the white accent stitching all soft touch material this is your interior door release right here power windows

Your power mirrors as well as the power fold feature there your child lock as well as three-way memory seat and the premium does come with the bang olufsen premium audio system in this nice mesh speaker there you get a nice mustang sill plate with the full leather seating standard on premium with the white accent stitching this is an active x seating material

And to the left of the steering wheel you have your automatic heli controls with your max defrost and your traction control button there as well as your front trunk release we will i’ll definitely show you that later now stepping inside of this maki first thing you’ll notice is this ginormous 15.5 inch screen but i’ll show you the key real quick this is ford’s

Intelligent access key fob just to get the trunk release there which is standard on the premium you do get a power trunk and push button start is also standard across all models now all your screens will come to life now starting here on this general we do have this nice leather wrapped steering wheel it’s also heated which is standard on premium model as well

And we do have your adaptive cruise control setting with your lane keep assist there we do have some volume and various phone information there this screen in front of you here is actually not uh you can’t actually change anything on here this is a just your standard view this is kind of what you get but we can control our phone and our audio through the steering

Wheel there which is nice you get a nice mustang logo right on the steering wheel now moving to this center gauge cluster screen or the center center screen here sorry so we do get see if we can turn this brightness down a little bit nope okay um i think so this screen is a 15.5 inch screen this is standard on all mach e models this is the sync 4a system this

Is introduced for the machi it’s made its way across various ford models including the new f-150 lightning but we have a lot of information in the screen it’s still pretty new so what we can go through we can click this mock e button here this little icon up top and it’ll give you some of your your settings and your controls we have different drive modes we have

Whisper engage and bridled which is basically comfort mode like normal or sport and then you like your race mode and it’ll kind of give you an overview of what it is so in bridal accelerating drive machine and road to line is one so the instagram cluster will change the unique so we click this we will get a the gauge cluster will change a little bit we click

Engage it’ll change a little bit more and whisper it’ll go back to the normal screen we also have one pedal drive which is nice it allows you to use regenerative braking you also have propulsion sounds this is basically sound that the mustang pumps into the speakers it allows you to give you a little more sound when you’re driving you also have auto ambient

Lighting there we can control different settings but let’s make our way down to here so this is our camera system we do have the 360 camera on this machine which comes with the premium trim level so we can change some of our views here maybe panoramic front view as well as a full front view and our 360 view there so we get the full view with the with that we

Have our parking sensor button there we do have summer driver assistance features in this mustang we have an auto hold feature oh we have different access settings here parking and also valet mode and we can go into settings and change some of our sound settings some of our charging settings it’ll tell you some of your range it’ll give you a history as well as

Different locations and we can link a key fob to a specific person so see if you have two drivers for this maki you can actually link a key to that specific driver and it will remember all of these settings and as well as the seat function because we do have the memory seat which is pretty cool that it does that and we do have all of our driver assistance features

Here so we do have our lane keep assist pre-collision assist blind spot system cross traffic alert brake assist lots of stuff in there we do have some more vehicle settings in here we’ll give you a low battery icon as well and this is your home screen this is what you’ll normally normally be driving with so you have your your radio up here your phone down there

You can change the siriusxm radio as well or we can click this we can pull up the navigation or if we want to pull up the trip information we can click that it’ll pull up your trip information we can go back to phone and down at the very bottom you have your climate control so this does not have this does not have like your typical switches for the climate control

We do have just a digital version um but you can go in here it’s dual zone climate control so you can go in here and change the climate control you have your fan speed down here your heated steering wheel your heated seats as well as your rear defrost and your direction there gives you a nice animation for where the the air is coming out you click this it’ll

Give you some animations as well moving down we do have a wireless charging pad which is standard on premium you have some usb ports down there some cup holders your park assist your electronic parking brake and your rotary dial shifter we do actually have a standard glove box in this maki as well we do get some accent uh ambient lighting there in the doors as

Holds on the floor now i do want to show you the always turn the lights off here let me show you the front this is unique to a fully electric vehicle we do get a front so it’s a front trunk it does have hood struts so it’s nice and easy to open we do have quite a bit of space up here this is all just additional space that you wouldn’t typically get in a gasoline

Engine vehicle but here we do have your washer fluid so you can add washer fluid through there as well as your batteries and uh some of your 12 volt standard batteries are up in there you get the light back here as well as the child release but yeah there’s lots of space back here there’s also a little drain as well so you can actually fill this with liquid i

Do want to make our way to the back seats so again we have this little icon there and again we get that bang olufsen premium audio system speaker right there nice soft touch leather on the door and again those active x seats do carry to the back with that white accent stitching you get a fold down center console as well as well some usb ports or climate control

There and the premium trim does come with a panoramic sunroof it is you can’t open it it’s just a piece of glass that you get on the on the premium trim and the premium does come standard with a power tailgate so you can’t operate this with the key or the button inside the cabin this particular one does have a cargo cover there as well um this specific vehicle

Hasn’t been to our detail shop so there’s still um a bunch of floor mats that wouldn’t be put in as well as a trunk mat back there but we do get these subwoofer in the back there for the bang olufsen sound system 12 volt speaker and a little light there with the mustang logo in it that lights up in the same process we click this button right here to close it but

Unfortunately this particular machi is a sold unit but if you’re interested in getting one just like this feel free to give us a call or visit fifa.com thanks for watching we’ll see you next video

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