Rav4 Prime UPS Package Delivery ECO MODE Range Test

In this video we take the Rav4 Prime out for a day of package deliveries as a UPS PVD and test the range out in ECO MODE check it out!

Here we’re going to do a little range test we’re going to do some ups delivery today with the with the rav4 and i’ve started with 6137 miles since i left my house it’s pretty much full charge it was still charging when i pulled it off the charger but but uh it says it’s full so it says 50 miles so that’s pretty much full one when when it’s just about and when it

Says more than like 45 miles it’s full okay so we’ll see what it is at the end of the day all right let’s make out it’s a wonderful day to deliver packages so another thing is that we’ll be as you saw earlier the dash was green right so that means uh we’re right we’re driving in eco mode all right so that’s what we’ll be doing sorry to glare over so i’m going

To be driving it in eco mode to hold it i know rumble grumble he’s making us adorably driving eco mode but i’ve been trying to i’ve been testing eco mode out lately and so we’re going to see how many miles we can get in eco all right i know you got to step on the throttle more but that’s what i kind of do is what i gotta do all right so i’ll be doing that and

I’ll be using the shifter to to adjust the shift point so we can get more regen if i if i need more regen is what i want to say there’s less regen in eco mode it seems to want to coast more that’s what i’m going to say okay so yeah we’re just going to shift that shifter to the left and then and then bang it down a couple gears then i just throw it back in the

D that’s what i’ve been doing but i prefer to just keep it in sport mode and drive it like a like a kind of one pedal driving you know all right here we go yes package center uh we’ve got 6145 miles all right and we’ve got three miles per kilowatt hour which is like average pretty much okay i’m gonna go pick up some packages you okay guys here’s what the

Kind of typical driving around doing deliveries is like you just kind of go over you just go block the block pretty much and then uh i think we’re around here somewhere i have to use them i have to look at the phone to figure out where we’re going all right so yeah that’s kind of like the typical driving you do when you’re delivering really i’ve really never

Delivered more than like seven miles man um for just to do like deliveries in the area all right it’s pretty nice all right uh he’s mega here so i’m i pretty much delivered most of the packages there’s not that much left in here but um i just wanted to note we’re at 3.6 miles per kilowatt hour okay um because i’m gonna shut i gotta take a bathroom break right now

I got to go to the bathroom i’ll take a bathroom break so i got to turn the vehicle off i’m going to lock it so just in case people don’t try to take off with my rav4 while i’m using the bathroom as we go so yeah it’s going to reset everything so but we can look at the stats when i show it off so we’ve been we’ve gotten three miles total time one thing oh yeah

So that’s pretty much the the whole time i’ve been doing deliveries okay all right yes we go all right guys it’s the end of the day and i’m trying to head back to the warehouse and i’ve got one mile of range left so it’s about ready to shift on over to hybrid mode okay so when that happens hades omega will take the odometer reading down and then that’ll give

Us our final eevee miles for doing deliveries today okay and i’ll kind of let you know what what kind of um what kind of driving we did today you know um because every day is kind of different when i’m doing deliveries and stuff so um there’s a lot of right now it’s a lot of traffic there’s a lot of traffic right now i’m trying to get back to the warehouse but

It’s not we’re not getting there very fast i’ll tell you so we got one mile of range i will stop i will stop when it shifts over okay all right i also want to point out we’re getting 3.9 miles per kilowatt hours like i guess since i was done with my lunch break that’s the last time i turned the vehicle on so 3.9 that’s pretty good actually so anywhere from

This will get anywhere from like two to five or something you know now it just went up to four so so we’re doing pretty good because we were driving through traffic we weren’t going very fast at all so we’re getting really good energy consumption is what i want to say okay so uh the ups center is right down the road we’ll see what happens when one thing but i’ve

Delivered all the i’ve delivered all the packages i got to return one to the warehouse and then that’s it so um i’ll stop when it changes in fact i’ll stop when i get to the warehouse because i’m pretty sure uh we’ll be pretty close to it shifting over okay it just went into hybrid mode just just like right down the block from where i had to get to deck of it

Didn’t quite make it all right but we had 6179 miles all right so i will go i will go watch the first video and see how many miles we had when we first took off from the house is what i want to say okay um but yeah as you can see the engine is on now it’s trying to charge the battery so okay and it says we got 99 miles per gallon okay so uh when i get home from

Work uh i will go over the rain uh yeah how much range we hit um delivering packages and uh all the um all the juicy details like of how the driving went and all that all right all right here we go all right hey he’s being here so it’s kind of it’s kind of dark right now sorry but uh i just got back from work and uh so i got the miles all right so for the for the

Um for the package delivery challenge all right the for the eevee range uh ev range delay all right the eevee range test uh we got all right well we started with six thousand one hundred uh we ended with six thousand one hundred seventy nine miles and we started with six thousand one hundred thirty seven when i first started the morning okay so that’s exactly

42 miles that’s crazy right that’s like that’s exactly how much toyota advertise this vehicle would get the range would get like that’s exactly how much it would get so wow that’s all i can say as advertised that’s what i say all right it did say 50 miles when i left though so i mean that probably just goes to show like hey this mega like when i get sitting

Around just leaving the car on and stuff it eats up power too okay so um there was a lot of times where i just would let the vehicle idle all right that’s what i do when i deliver packages whenever i go up to the the house i uh i stop and then um i stop and i just leave the car on um i don’t i don’t turn it off turn it on like like a normal vehicle okay yeah um

So so the type of driving we did today uh i drove some it was like uh some surface streets and then some freeway um i had to take the freeway to get to the the warehouse and then i went to the warehouse and then they sent me somewhere else and i took the freeway to get somewhere else and then the rest of the time was just kind of surface streets all right city

Streets um and it was just kind of just going back and forth back and forth going back and forth delivering packages all right so what what haze baker does is he’s a what called a personal vehicle delivery driver all right and i use i use the rav4 i’m using my personal vehicle okay the rav4 and i’m using been using it to deliver packages all right um for the peak

Season um and it pays pretty good if you guys are wondering in my area it pays like 38 dollars an hour that’s pretty good i’m putting i’m putting the rav4 to work you know um and uh and yeah i did most of it i would say like 90 98 or 95 percent all electric power okay and then the the the very last just just the portion to get pretty much home uh was was um

In hybrid mode all right and even then in hybrid mode i managed to hyper mile at home uh using uh this just like trying to glide you know on electric and i was able to do 66 percent in ev mode it’s crazy right that so that just goes to show how how kind of thrifty the um the rav4 is driving at lower speeds okay so i i had it in eco mode and um yeah i had it in

Eco mode and i was using the shifting to to get me more regen and stuff because the eco mode doesn’t have much regen is what i want to say it’s not it’s not it’s not as much region as i would like when you let off the throttle okay haze mega likes that when you let off the throttle it regens on its own uh it doesn’t do that as much in eco mode is what i’m gonna

Say okay that’s why i like driving in sport mode so maybe maybe tomorrow if i if i get work tomorrow um i will try it again in sport mode all right just all sport mode the only problem with having it in sport mode is if i turn the vehicle off if i turn the vehicle off it doesn’t um it doesn’t go back to sport mode that’s what kind of sucks so um it only works in

Normal mode and eco mode so if you turn it off in eco mode it starts in eco mode if you turn it off in normal mode it starts in normal mode if you turn it off in sport mode it reverts back to normal mode okay so that’s what i don’t like i don’t know why toyota did that i wish it would just be the same mode that you had the last time you started you know why why

Is did you not want us to drive in the sports mode toyota the not fun mode i said i say okay but yeah but definitely i i feel the eco mode is pro it’s pretty good for doing uh deliveries and stuff because when you’re doing deliveries you don’t really need a whole lot of power it’s better to have a smoother throttle smoother take off you know as opposed to like oh

It just takes off like right all the time but the hazelnut likes that feeling like it just takes off really fast you know and really all all the um the drive modes do all they really do is it well one thing it changes the regen a little bit and the steering but the main thing it does is it adjusts your throttle sensitivity that’s really all it does man um so eco

Mode is the least sensitive and sport mode is the the most sensitive so that means like you just press it a little bit and it’ll take off faster you know that’s that’s all that’s all it really is so so you probably could save some more power in eco mode because you wouldn’t if you stepped on a throttle it wouldn’t go as fast all right unless you’re just smashing

It all the time you know haze make is pretty light on the throttle zone and say that’s why i like you know i like it more responsive um so yeah i wrote i drove it in eco mode and it was like i would say a mix uh yeah let’s say mix 50 50 mix of street and um and uh and freeway all right and with like delivery driving like that’s like stop go stop move up a little

Bit and then move go around the block deliver a package go go down the block a little bit deliver another package get in and out of the vehicle like 50 times a day yeah that type of thing all right and the rav4 is excellent for it okay this the rav4 prime makes a great delivery vehicle except it’s not very big you can’t put you can’t put a lot of big packages in it

Which is okay i guess because that just means i have to go back to the the the mothership the truck all right the the package truck more often right this is okay but it also makes it easier to find the packages too if you don’t have a lot of space in here like um you know there’s not too many places to look that’s what i’m gonna say all right so so yeah i i managed

To put down like about more than six hours of doing deliveries in the uh rav4 today i i don’t i didn’t check how many stops i did i checked the first time i did 27. i had to have done i haven’t done close to 40 probably around 40 stops today i did 40 stops and i kind of yeah i kind of kind of was going back and forth a whole lot i probably delivered somewhere

Around 60 packages out of the rav4 also okay but but the the main uh the main purpose of this video was to see what kind of range you would get doing doing a delivery run in eco mode all right and it was 42 miles that’s exactly what toyota advertised the the rav4 rav4 prime to get all right and that’s doing work okay that’s like putting the vehicle to work all

Right it’s kind of yeah it’s kind of not like a normal normal driving circumstances yeah it’s just a lot of stop and go stop and go you’re not going really fast you’re kind of just driving down the block looking for the house number you’re looking for right that type of thing okay all right so thanks for watching that it was 42 miles that’s that’s the end of our

Experiment all right i hope you guys enjoyed that um this this vehicle always continues to impress me i i there’s no doubt in my mind that the that purchasing the rav4 prime was uh was like the the the best thing to do alright really it is the best plug-in hybrid in on the market right now all right for the money for the money okay you could buy something much

More expensive but it for for the money you know you get you get a lot all right you get a lot for your money and it can do like pretty much everything and this won’t say okay all right cool deal i’m still still super happy i haven’t had something has no buyers remorse maybe a little bit of buyers or more some some of the little things haze mega is not happy with

In this vehicle but i’ll make a separate video about that but it’s just it’s just a bunch of little small stuff you know some stuff that he’s making you could live with all right here we go foreign oh cool it’s like a warp gate ready for launch captain you

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Rav4 Prime UPS Package Delivery ECO MODE Range Test By HadesOmega