Real life 2022 Toyota Tundra 4WD Crewmax Platinum 1794 Edition interior review

1794 Edition: Interior Colour: Saddle Tan Leather • Authentic Wood Trim • Unique 1794 Edition Badges. 3.5L Twin Turbo i-FORCE V6 with 10-Speed Automatic Transmission, 14” HD Touchscreen Display, Wireless Apple CarPlay® and Android AutoTM Compatibility, Drive Mode Select and Hill Start Assist Control, Toyota Safety Sense 2.5, Digital Rearview Mirror, Panoramic View Monitor, Ambient Lighting, and Active Noise Control, Heated and Ventilated Front and Rear Seats in Semi Aniline Leather

Thank you for tuning in and it’s time to check out real life 2022 toyota tundra crewmax platinum 1794 edition interior i mean this interior is just gorgeous it deserves a separate video it deserves a full attention about the buttons and the layout and everything else that there is about this interior of this beautiful truck right now we’re gonna jump on the second

Row and have a look how the front layout looks like and it’s just stunning it’s worth watching i love it it’s a fantastic truck let’s uh check it out and right now we’re in the second row so there’s a nice big sunroof that we’re gonna open up in a second as well but this is how it looks i really like that it looks like a truck like you have this uh uh compartments

And like the way how it’s laid out and everything else it looks like like a truck design some of the trucks they start to look uh these days more like a cars than anything else but this one it looks solid feels solid you have this like wall facing you and it looks really really good from the second row perspective you do have heated and cooled seats which is uh

Pretty rare for any vehicle but you have in this and then you have this nice sunshade as well manual oops there we go you can take it off and actually we can see you know it’s a sunny day today what kind of effect that will give you it’s um it gives you a pretty good um you know shield of sun so grab handle right here uh looks very nice it has this uh you know

This saddle tan leather looks pretty cool now let’s jump in the driver’s seat and we’ll check it out from there and once we’re in a driver’s seat so let’s start it up you have this nice tundra graphics going on right here pretty cool um and now let’s uh check out what do we have here how does it feel so like i mentioned before it does feel like you know you’re in

A real truck it doesn’t feel small it doesn’t you know it just like you sit up higher like it just feels nice and solid and uh so this particular here is a 1794 edition so and you don’t have those badges all over the vehicle so one of them is right here that looks pretty cool and you have this saddle tan leather and authentic wood trim so we can see all these wood

Elements right here it’s authentic wood trim and same on the door panels right here so it’s basically real wood which you know you can tell it’s a real wood you can feel it it’s real wood it feels very very nice to touch and it looks awesome as well very nice big 14 inch hd touchscreen display you have some cool options here you can click the uh view camera here

This 360 cam goes around like that you can stop it at any time play it whatever click different color cars it’s pretty nice but the screen itself like when you put in a reverse right so you have this bird’s eye view 360 camera it looks actually pretty cool very nice and crisp as well and then there’s just these different angles that you can different views that

You can change so it’s pretty cool everything’s electronic you have the e-brake electronic you go in four mode 4×4 electronics so that happens with this button right here and then the drive modes you know you can shift it here normal sport echo whatever your preference is you can go with it right so other like cool features here of course uh it’s a heated and uh

Ac seats and you know when you adjust the temperature you have this nice digital display right there this one also has head up display i’m not sure if we will see it it’s kind of like flickering right here like it seems normal in in the real life but uh in video you just can’t see it but it does have head-up display of course it has heated steering wheel uh and the

The steering wheel itself it’s pretty cool to touch you have these perforated lines or perforated segments right here and then here you have this piano gloss elements together with this kind of like you know chromish or satin looks which makes it you know feels like a truck looks um upscale and yeah has very nice feel to it and then here we have a whole bunch of

Buttons right so we can see that we have um this heated steering wheel we can change the trip uh information on here and we can also extend the mirrors so we press this button look how the mirrors extend so it’s excellent if you need to uh tow anything right so you push this button right here and that’s what extends the steering wheel we can adjust with power so

You know this is a truck but it has uh so many uh cool features that you know not too long of a time ago only very high-end luxury cars would offer you these type of options right now let’s have a look at this uh sunroof right here so we can open it the shade i mean it’s a very nice and big sunroof opens up wide and and long there we go it’s almost the entire

Roof part uh is the sunroof obviously it lets in the light a lot so that thing always should be open and especially from the second row look how amazing it looks from the second row it’s just incredible right it looks absolutely fantastic when you sit in the second row you have a feeling that you’re almost sitting convertible in a way very very cool one more cool

Feature is uh this window goes up and down like this so let’s check out how it works we have this button right here it’s uh which one is it okay this one here push to open right so there we go we can open it we can close it or we can leave it halfway and looks very cool let’s check it out how it looks halfway like this and now if we close it in full or sorry if we

Open it in full again this is how it looks together with the sunroof it’s pretty pretty cool i would say look if you don’t know you might think your window is smashed but uh people who know a thing or two about toyota’s know that it’s a feature now let’s uh close it back up so this is how the the interior looks i i posted on the channel a little bit uh earlier

I walk around video of the entire truck but i thought the interior is so nice that it deserves a second look a separate video about just the interior and remember this is the ninth uh sorry the 1794 edition so that’s why this is a special color you have these two-tone things you have these uh badges that we just looked at genuine wood packed with options ac seats

Uh heated steering wheel like extra large sunroof i would say it looks very very cool so thank you so much for checking this truck out today uh with me here um feel free to browse the youtube channel for more videos and more cars and hope you see you soon

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Real life 2022 Toyota Tundra 4WD Crewmax Platinum 1794 Edition interior review! By Regular To Supercars