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Real Racing 3: Game Team – Formula 1 & Ferrari SF90 Stradale 10.7

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A brand-new, unbelievable Ferrari roars into RR3 & Formula 1® returns for its 2022 Season. Season 2 of the Round Hub also kicks off this update, plus earn the Subaru Impreza 22B STi & the Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution VI. All this & more coming this update.

Hey race fans welcome back to game team i’m shawn your host lovely to see you again but also lovely to see you alana my co-host how’s it going oh thank you sean it’s lovely to be back lots of lovelies here uh we have such a big update we say it i know but we mean it we do you’ve been waiting for this you’ve been asking for it all year we are finally kicking off the

2022 formula one a season whoo exciting i wish i could get kind of like back yeah i wish we could have a big celebration here with um confetti um but inside we are having that um with that formula one season we have a whole new grid of cars so you can take on the race day event at the legendary suzuka circuit and then on top of that you can put your driving skills

To the test in the formula one time trial competition at suzuka as well you can also and hold on to your horses sean because i know this is going to rattle your beard but we’re getting another porsche 911 we’ve got the porch 911 gt2 rs time trial competition coming up what do you feel what are you thinking i think i think everything you just said was amazing we’ve

Got porsche 911 one of my favorite cars as players know i say it almost every update uh how much i love that and then f1 season uh the 2022 season kicking off here in uh real racing three so super exciting i know players have been looking forward to it on top of that we’re not even gonna stop there like like that that’s already a bunch of great stuff we have even

More so not only are we kicking off the beginning of the f1 2022 season we are also starting the beginning this is it this is the beginning of season two in our championship here in real racing three so collect vp to earn the incredible 2020 ford shelby gt500 or receive gold if you’ve already got that amazing car super excited for players to take on all the new

Events in our rounds hub now rounds from season one are still going to be available for a limited time so complete any unfinished events and collect prizes from season one before these rounds are gone for good that’s right sean there are so many great cars in there that you don’t want to miss out so get on them before they go forever um as well as that we’ve had f1

We have another f word coming um can you guess what it is sean another f word i i don’t know if i should guess a lot of them are already trying to stay here i’m saying there’s ferrari we’ve got a ferrari coming which is awesome so the sf90 stridel is coming to your game and you can earn that in the new seven day special event hybrid horsepower oh man yes there’s

A lot of a lot of big f’s uh for players here ferrari f1 fun like we’ve got it all here in real racing 3. on top of that now look we’ve already talked about all this other great stuff going on on top of that real racing we are welcoming two japanese icons from two all new manufacturers the subaru impreza 22b sti and the mitsubishi lancer evolution 6 coming into

The game super excited about that so you can earn the mitsubishi lancer you can earn the subaru impreza and you can earn the classic lamborghini diablo sv plus gold and victory points in three all new limited series yes and still lots more to do outside of everything we’ve just said we have more flashbacks coming your way and all um two all new exclusive series

As well that’s right we do not we do not go easy uh here at real racing three like we’re always just how much more can we stuff in this game per update uh super excited about that kicking off a lot of really great things uh alana thank you so much for joining me players download the the newest update get in there start taking on all the new events uh let us know

How you are enjoying the f1 uh the ferrari all the fun stuff uh enjoy this amazing new update and keep racing

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Real Racing 3: Game Team – Formula 1® & Ferrari SF90 Stradale 10.7 By Real Racing