REAR MAIN SEAL LEAK?? Watch this first. 2017 Kia Sedona 3.3 v6

What’s going on youtube so i’m working on a 2017 kia sedona that has the 3.3 v6 in it um buddy brought it in car just turned 100 000 miles thousand 100 hundred to be exact um and it is profusely leaking oil get it up in the air uh look to see where it’s coming from car came in here four quarts low in oil get it up in the air and it has a massive leak coming from

The center of where the engine and the transmission meet and as most mechanics would think as soon as you see that there you would think a rear main seal which involves pulling the subframe pulling the transmission it’s about a 10 hour job and it sucks so started doing some research got a hold of somebody at hyundai and he told me that these things are notorious

For an oil pressure switch now i have it right here and as you can see it is not dry this is the old one most people will think this is a shitty video because i forgot to take a video of where it is before i started putting the lower intake manifold back on so there’s a valley right here underneath this lower intake right on this side there is an oil pressure

Switch in the valley it’ll start leaking like i said this thing has just a hundred thousand miles on it and it has a path that it takes and then a weep hole and then that goes the weep hole ends up going right where um the engine the transmission me which from all the videos that i’ve watched people have you know pulled this apart and put rear main seals in them

And that not being the problem uh what a bummer if you have to do that probably going to be three hours in this job total compared to 10 hours of pulling the the transmission and putting a rear main in it but yeah so if you have this issue you have oil leaking between the motor and the i would definitely uh attempt this first with the gaskets the upper gaskets

The lower gas gets in the sensor i think i’m right at 100 bucks uh i could actually even get kia part numbers for you guys so that’s there part number 94750-37100 for the oil pressure switch uh there’s one gasket that’s it’s an it’s a complete gasket that’s going to be the the upper or the lower that’s going to be the upper part number 29215-3cfa1 and then

There’s six individual gaskets for the lower part number 28215-3cfa0 i hope this is able to help somebody um doing the same repair it’s crazy that these sensors you know only have a shelf life of 100 thousand miles it looks like considering i’m not the only one who’s uh had to do this job and that there’s tons of failures on this but i’m glad that i caught it

I’m glad that i didn’t pull this thing apart and put a rear main seal on it that would have been really shitty for the customer um but but yeah i mean first glance that’s as a mechanic that’s what you would look at it and see it considering where it was leaking at but i hope this is able to help someone have a going guys

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REAR MAIN SEAL LEAK?!? Watch this first. 2017 Kia Sedona 3.3 v6  By Nick huber