Reborn Mercedes-Benz W124 500E Restored To Roam The Streets Again.

Mercedes-Benz W124 500E Restored To Roam The Streets Again.

What’s going on you know what i’m saying i don’t have a rolex because that would have been perfect but go like oh like a gangster style this is the mercedes w124 500e it’s quite a popular vehicle today we’re not going to talk about the history why is this thing so popular and desired by so many petrol hats we’re going to talk about this specific model see this

Thing has been restored fully in and out and today i’m going to give you a quick tour and of course we’re going to take it for a test drive because i have never driven one but i did own once a w124 the model that i owned was tackling not the 500e but it was the w124 body shape this in here it’s a well-known vehicle everyone knows about the 500e and if you clicked

In this video you either don’t know about this car or you’re very aware and you just want to find out what it’s all about special thanks for this video goes to vlad the owner of this specific model that we have for today’s video and he’s also an owner of a tuned shop located in north york ontario canada you probably have known or maybe you’ve come across their

Shop it’s called ecc tuned now let’s start first with the history of car where was bought and what has been done to it the car was purchased in toronto but it does have a miles per hour cluster because the previous one that came with the car was actually in a very bad shape so they updated so this car specifically was owned by a person in toronto so he bought it

Off him not in the best shape what i mean with that is that it had some issues and they had to change a few things on the outside mostly the body and most importantly things have been changed like the wheels stock are not there anymore these are different wheels in comparison to like what he came with but it does have the original wheels the actual collar on the

Outside it’s actually not the original one that the car came with you probably can see the pictures from here it’s totally different color in comparison this is more like a they call it the black bands exterior paint if you are a purist you might not like this car very much because you want it to be exactly like how it came from the manufacturing plan for me i kind

Of like this it’s a good style overall now the first thing you need to know is the fact that the exterior collar of course is changed from the original that it came with when it was purchased now it’s completely blacked out and i think that’s where this theme is going towards like a full blacked out model from wheels the actual windows as well are tinted completely

Black and of course we got a lot of things have been blacked out as well look at this grille at the front over here now technically this model comes with those uh chrome finish strips that you can see but this is completely painted all the way through and of course the actual badge of the mercedes one this one got stolen in my car a couple of times and i just gave

Up because i was like just leave this one here otherwise people just gonna keep stealing those and then we look at the actual headlights now these are not the original one because the original had that square part over here pretty ugly hated that these are euro spec style as you can see and the turning signal mine had yellow all around which i kind of like this

To be honest it looks more luxurious and kind of like nicer then move on to the bumper now majority of the time these are finishing chrome the little lift that you see at the top of the bumper this is painted as well and then we have the original fog lights at the bottom the bumper is painted completely black and now we move on to the side where things get a bit

Interesting we got the 18 inch wheels which technically are not of course the original one but he doesn’t have the original wheels these are blacked out as well we got the mercedes badge in the center behind the wheel we have the two-piece rotor with six piston calipers as you can see then the car is sitting on hr spring so you can see how lower it is just to give

It a more aggressive stance the shocks have been changed the component for the suspension system like control arms bushing and all that everything has been upgraded the shocks are technically the original one meaning that they were bought from the manufacturer not upgraded like not after markets then we move on to the side the mirror of course is blacked out but

One thing you notice with this is that the mirror on the left side it is bigger than this this is more square and it is of course shorter but it again the collar has changed and i do believe this also has that chrome finish around it now if we look over here the strip the stripe that you see on this side it’s usually finishing chrome but this is completely in black

And then we have the same thing for the door handle i do remember these being in chrome again painted and you can see the tinted windows blacked out as well and then warmer to the back side again the door handle similar painted in black now the wheels at the back of course the same as the front the difference in terms of the braking system is that now we have

Four piston caliper at the back these are upgraded from the original we got the two-piece rotor as well and then we jump onto the back side because this is where things get pretty interesting as you can see over here same thing painted in black all the way through and then we have the euro spac tail lights absolutely love these now mine i do remember having the

Yellow version and i think the stock 500e had in yellow these are more gray very euro style then move on to the back side even the badge itself is blacked out completely and then we have the mercedes logo as well so everything is blacked out that just the whole car pretty much now the car itself received some parts upgraded so for example the fenders at the front

Have been upgraded from the original model because they were not in best condition so but they’re technically original 500e fenders for both sides one thing that i like about these models how the grille was attached to the hood is very unique to the mercedes and then we have the actual windshield wiper as well which is one single wiper in comparison to the new

Ones that you have too this was very revolutionary back then and very different from any other car now let’s talk about the m119 the 5 liter v8 naturally aspirated engine the owner has done nothing in terms of upgrading or making more horsepower the engine is technically very much stock but the maintenance has been done from spark plugs oil change head gaskets

Everything and i do believe the actual lags as well have been replaced for better dynamic on the roads and balance of course now the shocks as well have been upgraded but also the upper side has been upgraded to new bushings at the top of course and the engine remains very much the same now this one made back then about 322 horsepower which is actually crazy to

Think about for a car that is this old like today a honda civic type r makes almost the same horsepower although the new one is nine horsepower more technically oh the smell that this car has it’s not a bad smell it’s just unique to these models and unique to these years let’s talk about the interior first of all the entire interior has been redone completely

The car was stripped completely apart to change the mats the floor everything the leather everything has been upgraded the ceiling as well everything has changed in this car in terms of the leather interior because it needed after so many years and of course hundreds of thousands of kilometers this it was time for this to get a full upgrade so they’ve changed the

Entire interior then we got the wood trim in the center this was bought from turkey it was shipped all the way from turkey specific to this model because apparently in turkey that’s where the magicians are for this car so that they could make it as perfect as possible like the door panel as well has a nice wood trim the lather has finished that curtain style that

You see on the door panel absolutely love that there’s something about this car that every time i get in like it brings me so many memories because i own one although it wasn’t at the same state as this one even though it was like years and years ago everything inside works technique we got the light over here at the top as you can see it is manually turn on turn

Off then we have a first aid kit yet this thing came with the first aid kit at the back so it’s right behind here technically this is a five-seater in most cars but this one the 500e is actually a four-seater so you only get two seats in the back and of course two seats in the front and then we got a little arm rest here doesn’t have any cup holders then there is

An ashtray over here because back then people smoke pretty much everywhere even in front of babies and then we have the ashtray on the left door and on the right door there is power windows as well we got this massive pins over here that you see for the door lock like these little things the entire system is a vacuum system technically you can lock the car with the

Key on the driver’s side and all come down and it locks the vehicle but just the way this thing is designed inside i mean i think about it like this car is like 1992 1993 kind of thing and look at this like i’m six two i’m so comfortable it’s kind of weird to have the seat in front of me so small and boxy and the head rest is like so tiny it’s just such a different

Experience and like just the way this thing is designed um it’s it’s pretty unique i i i i’m loving just being here is such an experience for me because i’ve owned one and it just brings so many memories now let’s not get too emotional let’s get into the front let’s talk about some other good things about this car oh it’s just it feels so familiar to me in many

Ways anyhow let’s start this we got the standard key it usually beeps and just fantastic work what they’ve done to the engine it’s like perfect the smell of gasoline and like that they’re just like i love this thing now let’s talk about what do we have in here first of all everything i believe works the headrest in the back i couldn’t maybe that’s out of work it

Doesn’t work but we have the sun shade button over here there’s like some buttons it’s so different from every other card that i review because every car now it’s like screen screen screen this is minimalistic yet useful in some ways the cluster has been upgraded of course because the older one was completely full of cracks it was unusable they said um everything

Works in here like we have the handbrake light on because i have the handbrake which wait for it i love this part this is my favorite part not so good and my next favorite part oh i love it i love it uh this car is so unique now as i said the wood trim has of course changed it’s a new one we got the beautiful finish all the way through this was shipped all the way

From turkey and they upgraded the whole thing they removed the old one and it’s like almost brand new they’ve done actually a good job overall but you can see the actual shift knob as well this is the automatic version i’m quite excited to drive this again a little bit more and longer we have heated seats yes this thing has heated seats power windows for front and

Back sides like there’s there’s like audio system button in the center the audio system itself is not the original uh player this is the pioneer one and i believe the speakers have been upgraded as well it’s not the i think the the original one was like blank rubbed something i can’t remember the name the one that mine had and everything works technically i love

These just pressing the little buttons just like that like they’re they just don’t make cars like this anymore just the way these sound oh i love it i know i’m such a child but i i just absolutely love that just everything i touch in this car the steering wheel of course the wood trim has been changed removed the leather you can actually see the lather completely

New the dashboard itself over into the side the seeds like the entire leather the old leather has been removed and now we have the new one so there’s work that has been put into in hours that they have put into this card i i love the interior i love it brings me so many memories it’s like it’s so unique to the mercedes because the way the way the way this thing

Is designed on the interior in my opinion it does uh if you don’t sit inside you don’t understand uh the feeling that i have for me personally driving this thing and they’ve done a great job overall the fit and finish is good like look at this it has a little visor here for the rear so that the sun doesn’t blind you when you look at the rear view mirror like the

Little details like that and i think this has a bluetooth connectivity as well there’s a mic because of the pioneer system um but it’s funny because i grew up around these and the pioneer audio systems were pretty much very popular in every mercedes back then but um you know what i think it’s time we got to take this for a drive because i just can’t wait longer

Like i don’t want to talk too much i just want to take it for a drive and show you what it’s all about so let’s go for a spin first of all it’s comfortable i mean the suspension has been upgraded of course while technically updated because it’s just the older one has been thrown out completely we got the shocks newer the springs are nice it sits so low the

Steering wheel in this thing gets so light for the time that it was made it’s loud a bit on the inside i’m sure the owner likes it that way hence why he has no problem with it for me i i’d rather keep it stock a bit or maybe just something else a bit more civilized in some ways this thing it’s it’s not one of those fast cars it’s actually far from that it’s a more

Enjoyable city car kind of thing highway roller as well such a unique experience and this is why i wanted to come back into this car and kind of like experience that and talk about this and everyone has talked about this car so much that having my hands on them is actually i feel pretty lucky about it the brakes are fantastic just a small tap and then slows down

The car i mean it’s not a powerful vehicle like probably now it makes like 280 horsepower because it’s just past so many kilometers well miles in this case but like you put your foot down it’s not a slow car by any means like it just it actually so loud one thing that i love about these models like the road noise you don’t hear it at all it’s so well isolated

Inside in comparison to uh to other models like the newer models like you drive a brand new honda civic for example it doesn’t even drive like this thing it’s i love it the interior looks nice feels nice feels new it smells good smells like one of those classic cars that it’s just so unique i mean i can talk about this all day long about how this car drives but

You don’t really experience unless you actually get into the car it’s spacious like for me it’s like i’m supposed to like chill like this like a proper balkan people or you know the famous russian guys just like like this come on or maybe like that i think this is the best one go like all the way to the back like it just literally such a gangster car in many ways

I love it i love this as well the turning single foreign it’s so good like oh you actually want one i i don’t care if it’s this or a different model i’m sure i can just do a a swap or something like that but it it just just the way to experience this back i owned one that was when i was 18 years old and i had it for about a year it was a fantastic model it was

The five speed i don’t remember if it was five speed or six feet but it was exactly the same w124 body style and i think i put like 400 000 kilometers on that thing because and it still kept going that car did not break once it’s it was such a tank now the license plates in the front it’s uh volchok which is technically translated from russian because the owner i

Believe is russian is means small wolf puppy wolf or kind of thing a wolf i’m assuming that’s their probably what they’ve called these cars for me growing up in the balkans it was like we used to call them tanks because they were like tanks even the older model of this gen like of this specific trim like the e series the older one were like kind of tank heavy this

On the other hand it was just more advanced it’s kind of crazy to think like you got power seats from them you got heated seats there’s a power steering column goes back and forth so many memories like so comfortable so spacious like they don’t make cars like this anymore the quality built the the switches the way you like you use them like the way they make that

Crunchy noise i i love that i absolutely love that and the automatic transmission is actually not bad at all it’s better than a cvt from nissan that i’ll tell you it’s quite an interesting car for the time the history i can go on and talk about the history of the 500e how it was built the connection with porsche and all that but i’m sure you can you’ve heard that

Story before i was trying to make a video today about this one specifically the restoration that has been down to this not necessarily the story about the 500e because i’m sure a lot of you guys know about this if you have watched it there’s probably tons of videos out there about this specific model and why is it special for me it was more like to experience one

That has been brought back to life in many ways because that’s exactly what happened here in this case this thing is brought back to life and made to be a good daily in some ways like if you’re not really one of those snobby people that needs the latest car this thing literally has a lot of good things like the the seats are heated the the seats are also powered

The steering is power windows are powered it has memory seat as well which is shocking that i had rest is powered too like it like just the little things like that i just love it your foot down and it moves i feel like a gangster kind of like what’s up like back home go like this like just stretch like this like like that i don’t have a rolex because that would

Have been perfect but go like or like a gangster style actually the seed needs to go back like that’s like this i think this is the way what’s up you know what i’m saying

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Reborn! Mercedes-Benz W124 500E Restored To Roam The Streets Again. By Sam CarLegion