Rebuilding A Wrecked 2020 Audi R8 Our FASTEST And Most POWERFUL Build Ever

Its time!!! We are finally ready to reveal our brand new build we’ve been hiding for the past couple months! This 2020 Audi R8 is going to be one of the fastest builds to date and we couldn’t be happier to get this sucker finished. We’re already getting together all of the parts and this build will be a banger! So many hidden gems on new build, we cant wait to share it all! Thanks For Watching!!!

Don’t look too close because you might get frightened right there may have to cut this door open just to get it off what is up guys welcome back to the channel so today we are here at the original goon squad garage and today we got something super exciting for you guys a brand new build that we want to reveal to you guys and as you guys know we are working on

A couple other builds here and there we got the new goon squad garage getting built we got a new goon squad house getting built and of course we got the cadillac build and the trx build that’s not yet finished but you know what there’s some parts that have been held up by the dealership so you can’t really blame us we can blame the dealership on this one right

Here all right but you know what who doesn’t like an early christmas present dude everybody likes an early christmas present that’s what i’m saying so we’re going to reveal to you guys probably one of our most epic builds today one of our most fastest builds today well right now it’s not fast it’s actually immobilized right now because we buy our cars wrecked but

That’s the best way to learn about these things you got that right man and it’s going to be an awesome way to dig into this thing and we’re just excited about this build i mean this is going to be an epic one this is definitely going to be a super epic one right here so we don’t mind just revealing to you guys this build although we got some stuff unfinished but

You guys understand what’s going on with the cadillac of course we’ve got that radiator support that’s on a special order and on the trx we actually ended up going to the good old ebay and we ordered a front bumper and a few other little components that’ll actually be in a lot sooner so we’ll do some test dripping on that thing here really soon we’ll have that

Sucker finished up here really soon but what we’re going to do right now is probably fire up the twin turbo raptor take a little bit man turbo raptor we’re going to fire this sucker up and we’re actually going to hook it up to the trailer with that brand new build sitting on it that’s been sitting there for like what two months there’s so many two months super

Hard to keep this excitement in whenever that thing’s sitting there we always walk by there and just look at it dude insane dude so pops actually picked it up from uh illinois or something like that and it’s just been sitting back there and we just walked past it and we shed tears every year no i’m totally kidding tears of joy though yes sir that’s what i’m tears

Of excitement right there but what we’re going to do is go ahead and hook that sucker up probably pull it up over here give it a good old-fashioned clean and show you guys our brand new 2020 audi r8 tv all right guys so here you have it our brand new build the 2020 audi r8 decenium which surprisingly there’s only 222 of this version made in the whole

Entire world and only 50 of them made it to the united states and one of them got into an unfortunate accident but it made it to the right hands here at the goon squad garage 100 right there this thing looks like a dang batman that’s what i was going to say so the first thing right off the bat is the color of this car and as you can tell it has like this matte satin

Finish on it which just looks absolutely incredible and whenever we were buying this car we thought that was actually the paint but upon further investigation it actually has a clear ppf protection film on this whole entire car i mean throughout the whole entire car even on all the carbon which that’s gloss finish right there and on everything except for the wheels

Dude got that right right there and honestly the original color of this car looks pretty good as well the high gloss black with a bunch of metallics a bunch of sparkles in it but we’re gonna let you guys decide whether we go back to the mat or go to the high gloss black we’ll decide that once we start painting this thing because it’s gonna need to be painted of

Course there’s gonna be a bunch of parts that we’re gonna have to peel all this stuff off of of course the front bumper it’s gonna need to be completely repealed which that alone is going to be a ton of work if you don’t remember the viper was completely ppf’d and pulling that stuff off took steamers curling irons whatever dude all sorts of heat devices dude that

Was tough right there but you know what we’ll figure that out a little bit later let’s just start with the walk around on this quadrant right here so the first quadrant right here this corner right here the bumper obviously is popped off so there may be broken brackets or something like that but for the most part it does look like a good bumper and one main thing

About this car is we’re gonna try to save every piece possible if it’s able to be repaired we’re going to repair we’re going to put the time in there because the main thing as you can tell parts are hard to get so we’re going to try to repair it and we already ordered a bunch of parts we did mention we had this car for like two months so we were just on it trying

To order everything so we can have some amazing content for you guys so right off the bat bumper the headlight has an x on it but again it has that protective film on it so a few scratches pull that off redo it brand new headlight dude dude that is crazy and look at that headlight it’s like some sort of blue thing in there they’re laser headlights and i believe

I heard these things are upwards of five thousand dollars a headlight audi parts in general are super expensive dude dude like our sister’s car the 2016 audi dude the hood everything was super expensive and honestly more expensive than lamborghini parts we got lamborghini parts pretty dang cheap these parts out there dude crazy but you know what we’re gonna get

This sucker finished up right in it we’re just gonna do whatever it takes we’re gonna do whatever it takes and moving on to the wheels the main thing which like goes with the whole entire look of this car is these bronze brushed look hre wheels so these things just look absolutely amazing in the sunlight they just go with the whole entire flow of the black car

And uh i mean these are custom wheels right here but the dysenium car actually came with a certain like the exact same color yeah bronze color wheels so i’m glad they kind of was stuck with the decenium look on this car which looks absolutely amazing sadly enough we only have two good wheels the other two on that side are gone so we’ll get to that a little bit

Later but let’s just keep on moving on before you move on what do you want to say this thing has got carbon ceramic brakes so this is the performance model right here and those suckers look expensive those are those are probably around five grand upwards to ten grand a piece sometimes i don’t know i think from the dealer they’re like 10 grand used yeah per rotor

And i was looking at these rotors closely and we’re going to go ahead and mention the mileage on this car it’s going to make more sense to the story it’s got 357 miles unheard of that’s practically brand new from the dealer right there so i believe somebody bought it drove it around took it to the shop got a few little tunes on there just tuned it up a little bit

And i guess they had an unfortunate accident probably like flew off the road who knows this does have the toyo proxies uh triple ars on here which are like basically just track time yeah they’re almost drag radio so my theory is they went out in the rain on this with this all-wheel drive audi r8 right here and they just had it or something or the tune is just so

Good on this thing that they put in that they just lights up because this is all-wheel drive as well so it’s an all-wheel drive car which is just it’s just gonna be crazy dude it’s gonna be super crazy but back to the rotors i was looking at them closely and i think i see little hairline crap maybe unless that’s just how it is it almost looks like cracks but it

Almost looks like that’s just how the carbon is like put together because i believe how do they even like press this carbon together it’s weird so i have no idea but that could be a factory defect because i was looking at the ferrari carbon ceramic brake rotors and they don’t have any hairline cracks at all so maybe that was part of the issue why they wrecked like

Because i think once you have hairline cracks in it it makes it wear out faster or the brakes not work as good we’ll put that to a test once we finish it up that’s right right there but let’s just keep on moving right along and i just wanted to talk about the calipers as well those calipers i think we need to repaint those right off the bat they need to be like

Some bright color maybe like a dark blue or something like the cadillac blue on this black i think i’ll flow but i mean that’s all up to you guys so you vote down below dude yeah you let us know should we even carbon fiber wrap it perhaps totally kidding but anyways more let’s move on to the carbon let’s go ahead so first off we got some carbon mirrors on this

Thing which looks super good uh this door and mirror and everything is in perfect condition i don’t know how this car got in a wreck because there’s damages like throughout the whole entire car they put this wrap on there because i believe the window opens up when you get an accident when the airbags blow off so it’s a good window everything’s good just the air

Bag inside and these two big old scoops right here of carbon which are ppf’d as well with the with the actual gloss ppf and dude this vent is super nice but this vent up top is a dummy man it’s a dummy vent it’s fake completely fake that’s a brake thing that’s not even a vent it’s a brake it slows you down down right here so on the lamborghini this is actually where

The air box connects to and captures its air but i guess on this car they probably capture it from down here or something like that yeah that is super neat and that is a super expensive piece right there i was looking into that and one of those i believe is either 2 500 bucks or i think it was like 3 500 bucks or something for one oem from the dealership was like 3

500 bucks and it’s kind of hard to get right now because i think it’s all the way from germany so all these parts brand new parts are getting imported mostly from germany so we’re going to have to look for some epic ones i believe there are some pretty epic scoops that you can upgrade on here so we’ll keep all that in mind and moving on down right here we got some

Damage to the lower section of the quarter panel so this is a quarter panel but there’s just like a little piece that got cracked the side skirt kind of got popped off and maybe still a good side skirt who knows it just has like weird like stuff going on we’re gonna have to take it apart before we do it yeah a bunch of tabs are broken on her but that quarter panel

Extension is definitely not repairable so we’ll probably order that for sure yeah and that is plastic right there that’s why i cracked like that so that should be an easy part to replace uh this wheel and everything is good so i believe these two wheels on this side are practically just in perfect condition perfect condition and the tires are practically brand new

I mean move on to the back dude these tires don’t even have any tread at all they just got like a little bit of tread just enough to get you sticking to the ground dude that is crazy right there so man that really does suck yeah so maybe we keep these tires or maybe we go with like some michelin pilot sport cup 4s tires who knows maybe there’s guys out there with

These audis that um possibly will say these are the best tires so we’ll we’ll figure out because they’re practically brand new still you know that is right right there so let’s move along to the front end my favorite part the front bumper because the 2020 is the brand new front end it’s the updated version updated revised front end it kind of goes with the new like

Huracan evo look you know they kind of did like the crazy little like vents and stuff like that which looks super good probably the best looking audi r8 bumper out there dude i’m with you on that the 2019 model has a slight difference it’s got like a box right here like a square which looks pretty good but this right here is where it’s at that’s right and you can

Get a super sick carbon fiber like lip diffuser type of deal that makes it look out of this and you’re speaking about carbon fiber this color is the perfect color to add carbon to it dude the matte black dude i guarantee yeah oh so we’re already talking about carbon because i mean this thing is going to look insane with like a super sick diffuser because i believe

This one is broke so we’ll definitely have to upgrade it but dude for the most part this front bumper does look saveable it’s kind of bent in a few areas but once we start putting like stuff back we can use a heat gun to kind of straighten it all back to its original spot like this front grille still looks really good which that high gloss grille just looks on

Point on this yeah some high gloss uh features on this car definitely looks good i wonder why they circled like some of this stuff right here they circled most of the badges oh yeah the badge does have a little like little nick in it so they circled that sucker because was this car rolled over they probably totaled this car because of this badge right here there’s

Probably five grand itself dude but for the most part this quadrant right here the bumper is still kind of intact it did put an x on it but you know what we’re gonna save every part on this thing as much as possible you know what i mean so this thing is going to be like safe we’re going to have to pull and sand that sucker off headlight’s good on this side and uh

The hood unfortunately is probably not savable on this yeah because it’s like a double layer so i checked on the inside just like with my hand right there and it looks like we’re definitely gonna have to get a brand new hood maybe a carbon fiber hood dude that would look super insane on this a huge because this hood’s huge it’s practically like a fender as well

You know like covers a whole entire thing down carbon hood or just any hood that we can get honestly this is what you call a bonnet right here dude this ain’t even a hood it’s a bonnet this is huge i wonder how big the trunk space is on this thing maybe massive dude the lambo trunk space is super tiny so i kind of want to see that right there let’s see this this

Is where the main damage this is where the magic is right here this is where the magic is gonna happen this is where we start tearing into this thing and right off the bat the door is completely shot it’s like damaged the glass is broken it won’t open the even handle it has a little button on it it’s completely jammed so you may have to cut this door open just to

Get it off of this car dude but moving on a little bit further down is this quarter panel slash tub area right here which our biggest concern was if this tub was damaged because this is carbon fiber but for the most part we’re looking at it it’s practically just like pieces that you can honestly replace like little brackets and stuff like that but we won’t know

100 until we pop that door off because there is like a pretty big hit right here you know what i mean exactly and then moving along from there we got this other major damage which is the quarter panel yeah so this is basically the same damage kind of uh our lamborghini was the same side and everything so there is a ton of stuff going on on the back side of this

So we don’t know what’s going on there may be more damage but of course you’re gonna need a radiator this one is damaged all these like frame components look perfectly intact they practically just missed it you know what i mean which is a really good sign because whenever we’re buying this car we kind of got a really good deal on it because it looked a lot worse

You know what i mean it did yeah and the pictures man this thing looked absolutely smashed but you know what i think for the suspension i think just a few little control arms that need to be replaced maybe like a lower control arm or a arm or something like that or even a tie rod and that could be it but the wheels definitely shot this thing just completely i mean

It’s a pretty good crack for a good wheel i mean usually wheels will completely crack all the way around like our lambo wheel you know when it got in the wreck it completely busted so hre held up pretty good right there though there’s some strong wheels hopefully that missed that rotor right there it looks like it did it just got right up to it so that is that is

Just awesome right there and if we can get two new wheels man on this side that’ll be even more epicure you know i mean those wheels look pretty dang good dude i would love to keep them or if we go all four new wheels we’ll definitely have to get that bronze or that one color but for the most part the rear end is where the magic is at right here the bumper just

Looks absolutely insane the tail light has an x on it because somebody put a fingerprint but dude that’s just perfect you just peel that off replace it with a new ppf film and i mean this is just crazy look at the exhaust pipes i don’t even think the 2019 has these exhaust pipes they got like a little rectangle exhaust these are where it’s at they’re huge they look

Massive they like they show the rear end off they like i think the rear end is my favorite part the front end is yours the rear end is mine because even the diffuser kind of sticks out a little bit with these exhaust pieces and as for the diffuser i think this diffuser is actually damaged we might have to go with like something carbon fiber which they wrapped it

Too dude they wrapped this whole entire thing dude they might have even wrapped the exhaust tips i wouldn’t be surprised dude but look at this spoiler right here this thing’s just out um we wanted a spooler on the lambo but i think it looks really good with that one but on the r8 it’s got to have it’s got to have one because the way this rear end is is kind of like

Squared off it looks super good and you know what this thing is also wrapped dude oh it is all the way around this sucker dude that is just crazy somebody put in some money i believe to do a cold car like this costs upwards like five to even ten thousand dollars if it’s professionally done dude i’m thinking somewhere around eight thousand dollars but easily but

We’re definitely gonna have to either do that or peel this all off like we mentioned it’s all on you guys but for the most part that’s that’s pretty much it for this car man hopefully in the next one we can get to the tunes that are on this thing and we can get on the inside of this thing and we can get this thing off of the trailer but that’s gonna be all for

Today’s video guys we’re super happy to reveal to you guys this brand new 2020 audi r8 decenium build we’re definitely going to dig in a lot more in the next video in the engine bay we got some crazy stuff going on we got some crazy stuff going on in there don’t look too close because you might get frightened right there that’s just ponies just ready to be started

Up which also we might even get this thing started maybe in the next one or the one after that and also we are ordering parts as we speak we might have already ordered a few parts as well just preparing for this build but you guys are gonna have to stay tuned for the next one make sure your post notifications are on so you don’t miss out on anything and also if

You want to inside scoop before youtube definitely give us a follow on instagram at goon squad but with all that being said thank you guys so much for all the love and support be sure to drop your comments and thoughts down below we’ll catch you guys next time peace

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Rebuilding A Wrecked 2020 Audi R8!!! Our FASTEST And Most POWERFUL Build Ever!!! By goonzquad