Redoing my Mini Cooper F56 JCW Cockpit // Carbon Fiber

Deciding to redo my Mini Cooper F56 JCW cockpit was a wise choice. The Mini Cooper F56 comes with these ugly checker pattern dash pieces that I can’t stand! Why Mini would put these in a JCW is beyond me. 🤷🏽‍♂️

Thank you what’s up bertini fam now in today’s video we’re going to be doing a whole bunch of interior mods on my 2020 mini cooper f56 jcw yeah baby yeah one of the biggest things i’m going to be changing out because i think they’re super ugly and that is these checker platform pieces right here i do not like the look of these at all i know a lot of people

Complain about these it’s so odd too because my model comes with all the piano black pieces which is so mind-blowing to me that the only thing that they left on that is checkered is this piece right here they could have easily did the piano black which will look super super nice and super elegant and super sporty in one of these mini coopers and there’s a bunch of

Other things that we’re going to be doing it’s going to be a super quick and simple easy video today but it’s a lot of things that are going to make a big difference on how the interior looks the other thing is these all-weather floor mats those things in my opinion do not look good i get that they’re functional a lot of people love these things they absolutely

Swear by these things but in the mini cooper at least for me i prefer something that’s a lot more sporty a lot more luxurious feeling and so these things are going to have to go too now if you have not yet click that subscribe button click that notification bell and become a part of the bertini fam what are you waiting for bro click that thing it’s free free 3.99

And of course you’ll be able to stay up to date on all the content i put out there it’s simple now that all the formalities are out of the way go ahead and roll the intro all right well first things first let’s go ahead and remove this side since it’s going to be the easier one for us to just pop out we’ll need to remove the tachometer speedometer if you will

The gauges in order to get to it but this should easily just pop out once we’ve removed this foreign okay so what i’m realizing is this piece is going to be just like this piece where i have to remove this center piece in order for me to get this out properly and so that’s what i’m going to do because i don’t want to break anything so i’m going to go ahead and

Pop this piece off first and then we’ll go ahead and get these two pieces out and that’ll be pretty simple we’ll go ahead and pop this piece off here there’s a tab that you needed to press for this to come forward and then this will just pop off and then we could go ahead and remove these air vents oh my god he just ran in let’s go stick to the plan let’s go

Let’s go foreign look how much better that looks now with the piano black i mean the cockpit just looks so much more cleaner i mean the whole front now looks so much more cleaner and less tacky that checker that old checkered pattern that just looks so tacky now at least with the piano black everything is nice and succinct it has the little bit of crumbage

Which i don’t mind i’m not crazy because i know some of you might ask well why didn’t you just do the overlays instead of going through all that trouble as well as spending all the additional money you could have easily just bought some cheaper overlays i’ll put links in the description box below to some overlays that you can pick up if you’re not interested in

Spending the extra money and going through the the whole route that i did in order to replace these i’m not a big fan of overlays especially if i don’t have to so if i ever want to like black out this piece sure i might have to go with an overlay there’s no other option but i’m not the biggest fan of them so only only when there’s no other options will i do it

And there are a few pieces that we’re going to be doing overlays on just not those two and since there’s oem piano black ones i just felt that it made a lot of sense and i have some carbon fiber bits that are going to be going into the interior i just don’t want to go crazy with the carbon fiber and carbon fiber everything because to me too much carbon fiber can

Look a little bit tacky i mean heck even in super high-end cars like paganis ferraris porsches lamborghinis the carbon fiber is tasteful it’s not literally every piece in the whole car is carbon fiber and so i do want to be mindful of that as well funny enough i’m going to actually be adding this carbon fiber overlay right over here to the start and stop button i

Just wanted to add a little bit of carbon fiber over here to mix things up and i felt like like this is super tasteful it’s super easy to install one thing that i’ve already done off cameras i’ve already prepped this surface with 91 icy propahall alcohol you don’t necessarily need to do it with 91 you could do it with 70 or you could do it with the alcohol swab

Provided the other thing i’m going to do is i’m going to take a heat gun to this probably about 10 to 15 seconds heat this tape up here and then we’ll go ahead and get it on and thanks to movie magic we’ll go ahead and do one two and just like that we got a beautiful carbon fiber button installed and that thing came out super nice like i said i’m not a huge fan

Of overlays but that thing looks really really good and don’t forget like i mentioned in all my videos anything you want to purchase from today’s video go ahead and check out links in the description box below use code bertini this so you could save a bunch of money and you could get some really cool stuff all right let’s go ahead and take these mats out and

Get the new ones in just to show you what mats i decided to go with look at these things these are the john cooper works formats i don’t know how any jcw doesn’t want to have these in them these things just look super super sweet i also did rears now these are a little bit pricey but given the investment of a jcw i think little things like these add so much

Detail to the mix so let’s go ahead and get these things out of my jcw thank you all right well that’s it and these things came out super super sick i’m really digging the details i feel like look now the interior looks so much more sporty even with just the floor mats highly recommend picking up a set of these i know they’re a little bit expensive but

Definitely worth it and like i said you can save some money if you use code brittini all right now i know today’s video was a quick one i’m already super hot and sweaty i’ve had to change shirts i’ve had to wipe my face down because this central florida heat is just absolutely ridiculous the humidity here is insane now for me this was a pretty big mod because i

Couldn’t stand looking at the checkered panels over here obviously when you’re driving you know i don’t get to see the outside of the mini cooper all the time like everybody else does what i see is the cockpit and so when i’m looking at something that looks absolutely not my style and taste at all it gets to you after sometimes so for me this was a pretty big

Mod same thing with the carpets i fell in love with these jcw carpets the second that i saw them don’t forget i will be including links to all this stuff in the description box below and like i already said a bazillion times if you use code bertini you will save money on everything i install in all of my videos with that being said stay tuned in for my next video

I’m going to be installing a custom carbon fiber steering wheel it’s going to be super sick as well as some titanium paddle shifters so you’re going to want to stay tuned in for that video because it really is going to transform the look of the cockpit now most importantly above everything else that i talk about in my videos and everything that i show you all

Please make sure you’re putting out good energy into the world and you’re paying it forward it is the only way we’re going to make this world a better place i’ll check y’all out later bye now

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Redoing my Mini Cooper F56 JCW Cockpit // Carbon Fiber By Michael Bertini