Regular Car Reviews: 2006 Ford F-150 Supercab

I’m Country…but I live in Emmaus.

This is nismo six f-150 a speed everywhere i mean i get pulled over but a firefighter show you want a normal ass truck this is everything but but i’m all about that ass girl everything but 2006 ford f-150 super cab the official car of your middle school’s upcoming production of your car is a giant phallus charlie brown the middle 2000s f-150s were for knife guys you

Know the guys who always have a knife on them which is which is fine except when they start drinking and out comes the knife and they’re waving it around they’re playing with it they point at you with it and do that thing in their hair they keep opening and closing it knife guys 2006 was a strange year the crocodile hunter got killed by some stingray disney pixar

Release cars a movie probably ended up creating a few future gearheads although were not likely to see the fruits of that harvest for another 15 years anyway and facebook finally got rid of the whole thing where you have to have a college email address to join something that had once felt fairly exclusive was suddenly open to everyone like when you bag someone out of

Your league and you go to brag about it only to find out you were the last one to smash the thrill of exclusivity is gone and it was the same way with car culture everyone was a car guy it seemed in 2006 people who didn’t know the difference between a spark plug and a buck plug were sounding off opinions about how cvt transmissions were the devil and this is because

2006 was a watershed year for the automotive industry representing one of its best years on record everyone was a car guy because everyone was buying new no6 there was one new car sold for every 17 americans in 2006 not just used cars new cars so you had a higher volume of people doing research into new purchases and people enjoying an inflated sense of their own

Knowledge based on that experience the 2006 ford f-150 super cab is a representation of that auto industry boom suddenly the more standard american fare was in vogue again you could see it in the cars ford was put out at the time with your focuses and explorers serving up a more domesticated experience while the econoline cargo vans in the f-150s were emblems of the

Workingman it was america in big bold letters and that’s what the f-150 super cab is it’s america the stars and bars and a big fat ass for reference super cab refers to the in between trim between a standard cab extended cab and crew cab standard cab truck is just it doesn’t have a back the window is right behind your head extended cab is it still only two doors

And there is back seats behind the front seats but they’re just those weird jumper things basically stools with seat belts super cab it has four doors but it has these rear suicide doors that can only be opened when the main front doors are open and quad cab well quad cab or crew cab that’s four-door it’s a four-door truck that’s what it’s referring to the f-150

Go up to any non car guy and say quick off the top your head name a truck uh uh f-150 they will always say f-150 first they may not even know who makes it but they say f-150 because that alphanumeric designation is two trucks what xerox is two copiers bic is two lighters posi traction is two limited slip differentials and ronald reagan is to the presidency the one

Category definer who by virtue of ice becomes the brand generic the super cab comes with 4×4 off-road trim which offers the option for 20 inch alloy wheels because of reasons and this particular truck has the 5.4 liter v8 automatic transmission 4-wheel drive it’s got a flowmaster series forty exhaust but it’s stock otherwise ish the owner keeps the topper on in

Order to keep everything weighed and balanced after all something that’s huge has to be since you’re going to be using it for work purposes and also trucks even big ones like this still our front weight biased and then there’s a bit of bro science that goes on with keeping the topper on your trucks supposed to get better fuel economy because it makes it smoother

You guys can argue about that amongst yourselves but let’s talk about size there’s a nuke in every christian town where the devil has jurisdiction and just like the gay bar on the corner keeps the church pews full every sunday the f-150 keeps people from ever messing around with you on the open road we filmed this in los angeles and his past videos will show you

There’s always been a certain amount of stress for us when it comes to driving in a big ass metropolitan area like la but this wasn’t the case with this f-150 the truck offers the kind of confidence that you don’t get with other trucks you might not know where you are or how to la but you can rest easy knowing that you’ve got size on your side this truck is the

Right of way because people will just let you through rather than having to deal with you barreling down on them like a monolith from 2001 i am a man and my pubes are legal tender in east india and parts of omaha f-150 as american is forming your own band and then quitting that band when you don’t become famous right away ford f-150 the official truck of i married

My practice girl and pooped out a hoard of practice children f-150 for grown man posturing its squatting dick first over the toilet so your piss stream sounds stronger to the guy waiting outside the door this sticker placates police no red line it just revs forever and thank you for giving us hvac controls we can operate without looking look there it is how hard

Do you want it how hot do you want it and where do you want it but again this is 2006 so manufacturers still hadn’t figured out that all we want for interior power options is usb and usb only life is the acquisition of keys car keys house keys office keys and yes the keys to a ford f-150 carry them with a certain responsibility your grown son you’ll be expected to

Handle this and not to embarrass the rest of us it’s a responsibility that feels fully american and how its blown out of proportion go to enough message boards and you’ll see how ford trucks are revered by their owners and while that’s true of just about any car not every car stands as a symbol of its own country and the way this does and no other truck is damned

By chevy by this much chevy guys hate the f-150 i mean these are the gm guys who think utility truck technology should have stopped with the c10 oh yeah hey and another reason gm guys hate the f-150 here’s the big one girls like ford’s oh they don’t like that oh girls like f-150s when a girl buys a truck she buys an f-150 almost every time yeah especially the i’m

Country girls yeah yeah i’m country but i live in lafayette hill and they’re the ones buying the trucks newe they’re the ones buying the f-150 s and just dren just to have that snap-on cover that goes around the bed and leaving it on i’ll drive truck guys do this too but the i’m country guys gravitate more toward dodge rams i’m country but i live in emmaus i’m

Country but i went to school at berks catholic you can go from a commoner to a king sitting in an f-150 you simply feel elevated in a way a short pink balding man with a belly only a union could grow in a dry disposition can still feel like the ruler of a small country in an f-150 in some ways it’s exhilarating and in others it’s sobering like the ending to ethan

Frome or the realization that at the end of the day a truck can only fuel an identity it can’t be the identity born in october 1924 the son of an italian restaurant tour denied from surfing in the second world war rheumatic fever left his heart functions quite poor but he eventually became the president of ford whoa who am i talking about whoa-ho am i talkin bout

And oh by the way this guy’s still life and if you guess right you’ll win a big ass prize except not really guys whoa not really guys you

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