REKA K250R tow truck – Ford F-550 Super Duty: 30,000 lbs of power

Here is a test drive of a Reka K250R tow/wrecker! The REKA brand specializes in the manufacture and installation of towing platforms. The kit is mounted on a Chassis Cab Ford F-550 XLT truck with the 6.7L Power Stroke V8 turbo diesel engine and an advanced 10-speed TorqShift automatic transmission with selectable drive modes. This tow truck is designed and manufactured according to the most rigorous standards in the industry. With two winches for a combined power of 30,000 lbs, The Reka K250R is the perfect machine to transport broken-down motor vehicles or do some major roadside assistance! With all its power, it is amply capable of towing a car, a truck, an SUV, or even a heavy truck. The tow truck is also breakdown assistance for gasoline, boosting, and helping vehicles stuck in the snow! This is the king of truck they should use in Highway Thru Hell !

Hey what’s up everybody welcome to car question  matt is a real happy guy today because i’m trying   a real unique vehicle look at that it’s a tow  truck towing is a thing that we need often with   a car we’re gonna be stranded because something  failed on our vehicle mechanical components   electronic it’s happening more and more

Today  somebody got a crash they’re gonna be there   to help him get out somebody’s stuck in snow well  once again a tow truck is needed and look at this   super duty with the k250r of rika this machine   is pretty awesome you cannot go to the dealer  and buy this vehicle you’ve got to go see rekka   and they’re going to

Adapt this amazing package  look at the winch in the rear 15 000 pound each   for more than 30 000 pounds of pulling capacity  and you’ve got still that platform in the rear   that you can lower and bring some vehicle out  of their nasty position while you’re gonna   really comfortable and you’ve got the diesel   power

Which is really useful first of all for fuel  efficiency because once you’re going to be rolling   that vehicle at more than 17 000 pounds it’s like  that your riding always loaded this kind of kit is   kind of pretty heavy all the equipment also all  the panels on the side all the stuff that you’re   weight also when you’re gonna

Be towing a vehicle   well this trucks need maximum capacity so diesel  power fuel efficiency but a lot of torque and   that’s what we need otherwise inside it’s looking  like a regular ford you’ve got the auxiliary   you’ve got the pto button here for the hydraulics   to enable the control of the winch of everything 

That you need to tow back there and you’ve got   the possibility to see what’s behind with that  rear view camera so well i’m not a tow master   but still i just love to see those machine being  operated you’ve got those little legs that will   come out of the truck get hold on the ground and  make sure that you’re gonna have

Traction when   you’re gonna pull something out you’ve got also  the boom to cable on that one you’ve got all the   adapters necessary also inside the panel by the  way look at that equipment if you’re out of fuel   well you’ve got that right there on the storage  let’s say that you’re missing some battery power   in

Your car they’re gonna be able to use that jump  pack and simply make sure that you’re on your way   some broom some adapters if they’re gonna tow a  big cube truck and by the way that’s real easy   for that ford to do that and also all the things  that you need to make sure that you’re doing a   secure job look at those shrubs

Right there on the  top people that are working on the street need to   be seen you need to be careful around them here  in quebec we have a law that we need to move over   a safety bubble around them towing is a real  impressive job with those kind of vehicle around   more than 170 000 for this kind of truck it’s  a lot of

Money but you’ve got to have a reality   machine oh i know now the internet is going to  be on fire and remember that there’s a lot of   competition in the big truck market but those guys  are using ford and this one is four wheel drive   so what do you think about that tow truck feel  free to comment in the section down there

Below   and if you want to see a unique vehicle   feel free to tell me write to me i might try to  do something and show it to you guys take care

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