REMATCH: Alpha 10 TT Audi R8 vs. Tuned McLaren 720S

Pablo and I went back out in the M Engineering tuned McLaren 720S to meet with the owner of the AMS TT Audi R8 after he got some transmission upgrades and more power. Both cars are very impressive in their own right.

What’s up guys welcome back to the channel thank you for tuning in i appreciate it so first and foremost i want to wish you guys all a happy new year hopefully you guys are enjoying the new year and staying away from the coveted stuff because that stuff sucks so i know i haven’t uploaded in a while um you know if you guys look around we get a bunch of snow

Here in the northern part of the country and it’s cold so there’s not really much i can do about that but the good news is pablo and i were able to go down to the southern part of the country and we met up uh with a twin turbo audi r8 built by ams now you guys may remember this car i posted it in my last video if you don’t remember the car i have a link in the

Description below to the full video from last time you can check it out but for those of you guys that don’t remember here’s a quick clip of how those races went with that twin turbo audi r8 last time so all right that’s better man it’s cold out there so anyway so after uh the races the owner went to ams and he got some upgrades to the transmission um you know

Because mostly the weak link in these cars is the transmission not so much the motor believe it or not the motor in these cars are good for 1200 1300 even 1400 wheel horsepower so he wanted to get more power and the best way to go about that is by upgrading some transmission parts so ams and the owner of the ra posted the upgrades on social media so i don’t

Feel i’m violating you know the trust or the privacy of them because they posted it here are the upgrades that they did to the transmission so pablo and i met up with the audi ray owner and we had the cars together and we wanted to see how they would stack up given that the audio right now obviously is making more power so we went out to the streets of mexico

And got some runs but there are some things i want you guys to keep in mind before watching the runs number one it was 55 degrees out um you know it was at nighttime so there was no sunlight shining on the road so the temperatures of the surfaces were very cold and i and pablo were not able to get the tire temperatures up to par we could not get them past i

Think maybe it was 80 degrees fahrenheit at the max so it was definitely a challenge for the 720s to put the power down but nonetheless we wanted to go out there and do it anyways the 720s obviously wants to be in higher gear because of traction purposes and the ra being all-wheel drive wanted to be the lower gear so we were able to do some compromise and uh

In a way where the 720s was indeed in third gear but the problem is the mile an hour that we agreed upon put the 720s very low in rpm range in third gear but hey that’s racing for you sometimes you can’t get every race that you want in the sweet spot that you want you have to compromise that’s what we did we went out here’s what happened so after that race

I noticed that the tire temperatures of the 720s went up uh several degrees almost 80 degrees fahrenheit so we asked the audi ra owner if he was down for another run and now that the temperatures the tire temperature of the 720s was a little bit higher he was kind enough to agree here’s the second run one try one more time i got some heat in my tires one

Two three all right so now after those races we established that 720s is still the faster car i was very happy to see that but the audi ra owner wanted to do a second gear roll now you guys saw from the third year old that the 720s was already having some trouble with traction you know given the circumstances the cold weather the cold tire temperature and

Cold surfaces regardless i felt compelled to give him his role because sometimes in racing you know there should be some sportsmanship right um some it’s competitive but you should be a good sportsman about it and i wanted to give him the race that he wanted knowing that the 720s was going to lose 100 it was just going to spin its tail off which is exactly

What it did check it out so after that race we figured you know what maybe if pablo can feather the throttle maybe you’d have a better chance it just doesn’t matter you know whether you feather it whether or not because if you feather the throttle what’s gonna happen is by the time you’re all the way wide open throttle the guy that you’re racing is already

You know five cars ahead of you so what’s the point all right guys there you go there you have it uh mclaren 720s with just several modifications and a audi r8 twin turbo by ams uh you know i’m so impressed by the 720s you guys know that i’ve been following the channel you know how much i love this car how impressed i am with it till this day there hasn’t

Been a car on the road that impresses me more than mclaren 720s think about it four modifications only you got downpipes you get turbo inlet injectors in a tune and it’s you know running away from um you know 1000 plus horsepower cars when it gets traction so very very impressive i’m very happy to be in the 720s alright guys thank you for watching this video

I appreciate it if you like this type of content please give it a big thumbs up it will help me out tremendously i will try to get you guys more content if we get some uh some more days coming up here that are warm i’m not sure if i’ll be able to do it but if i can get some days that’s warm up i’ll be able to get you guys some more footage with the car thank

You guys for watching this video i’ll see you next time

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REMATCH: Alpha 10 TT Audi R8 vs. Tuned McLaren 720S By BoostITFORward