Remove or Replace Older Style Tow Mirror Lower Glass – Silverado or Sierra GM (2003-2014)

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Today we’re gonna be showing you how to replace the lower glass on your old-style gm toe mirrors this procedure will be for om and aftermarket toe mirrors this can be performed on the vehicle the first thing i want to do is go ahead and punch a hole in the center of the liver glass here so that you can get to the center screw holding this glass into place during

This process you want to make sure you are wearing gloves for your own safety and to protect yourself from any stray piece of glass as you can see we already have a hole punched out here so you want to just go ahead and remove the phillips head screw that’s holding this glass in just take your screwdriver unscrew this screw in the middle here and it’ll release

That glass now that you have your lower glass fully removed you want to go ahead and clean out any debris left in this lower mount area here next you’ll go ahead and take your glass backing provided by boost auto parts and there’s two grooves one on the top and one on the bottom that’ll match up with these two tabs on the actual mirror you just want to go ahead

And slide that down into those two tabs and just seat right in there now that you have that seated in next thing you’ll put in is a secondary cup here so you can just go ahead set that down on top of the rest making sure that post slides through the center and then you’ll have a metal support star here just going to go ahead and place that over the top of the cup

There just like so now once you have this all put in here you’re just going to go ahead and take the included screw and screw this into place here you’ll want to thread the screw in until there’s some tension on that star you do not want to make it too tight so you can still adjust your lower glass now that you have the glass backing and mount securely fastened

You want to go ahead and peel off all pieces of this tape here just go ahead and peel back the film just like so when installing this lower piece of glass you’ll want to make sure you utilizing the correct side the side you will want out is the convex side the concave side will have more of a zoomed in image that’s curved this side will go down towards the glass

Backing when installing this piece of glass you’ll want to line up the upper edge with the top edge of the backing here so as you see we’ll go ahead and line that edge up first and once this edge is aligned you go ahead and press the glass down now just go ahead and make sure the glass is fully seated onto the mirror and just like that your installation is complete

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Remove or Replace Older Style Tow Mirror Lower Glass – Silverado or Sierra GM (2003-2014) By Boost Auto Parts