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Removing the Wayfarer Conversion Kit from a Ram Promaster City Van

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This #VANLIFE video is an overview with tips and recommendations on Removing the Wayfarer Conversion Kit from a Ram Promaster City Van. The process was as easy as Wayfarer claimed.

Hey everyone so today we are going to walk you through um taking out the wayfarer conversion kit in our small ram pro master city campervan one of the selling points for us when we first bought this kit was that um you would be able to take the boxes out when you needed to haul something and today we’re going to pick up a sofa so we’re going to actually do

Just that and uh it’s our first time doing it so you’ll be able to see some of the things we run into and whether or not it’s actually easy to do okay so we’re going to start with the back kitchen boxes in our wayfarer conversion kit and um the first thing we’re going to do is take the shelf out it just slides right out and then we’re going to just go ahead and

Disassemble this little whatever you want to call it down here at the bottom uh we just have a wrench and it looks like it just takes about one or two different turns to get it undone um and then everything else you can just undo with your fingers we’re gonna put it back together as we take it apart so we don’t have to remember how it goes back on when we’re

Ready to reinstall the boxes and for those of you that don’t know the kitchen boxes in the back they look like individual compartments but it’s actually one big box so we’re gonna have to clear this side out over here but we’ll do the same exact thing on the right hand side um and then we’ll just lift it out so we also put two little pink dots down at the bottom

So we know where the um the bolt should go when we put the boxes back together because the first piece went so easy we’re just going to go ahead and leave everything in this kitchen box and undo the bolt and then lift it out okay so we finally got the bolts out of both of the kitchen boxes um we’ve rotated a little bit so we can grab the handles which are on each

Side um we’re just gonna pull out cool and just like that um maybe it took five minutes all together to disassemble the bolts take the box out and then we’re gonna work on the bed box and the other two storage boxes and that should be it all right so now we’ve got the um kitchen boxes out and we are in the van and we are working on the second bolt in the bed box

Well we have just taken the bed boxes out now and we have a ton of space and we found some random things in the van that we didn’t know we have and we have one box left so we’ve already taken the bolts out and we’re just ready to slide on out and after that we will be done last couple of tips before we go make sure to put all your bolts in tiny pieces into a bag

So that when you go to reinstall the boxes you know where everything is second tip remember to put a little marker dot or dash where the bolts tie in so that you don’t have to do any guesswork once you put the boxes on they should line up neatly but just to take the guesswork out of things use a little sharpie marker and put it on the floor that should do it

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Removing the Wayfarer Conversion Kit from a Ram Promaster City Van By Authentic Asheville