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Replacing a 1999-2007 Chevy/GMC truck door with a new/used one

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Today I drove down to the south side to pick up a new/used door for the Duramax. Unfortunately, my wrecked door got stuck shut and I had to figure out how to open it. Turns out brute force was the best answer. After getting it unlocked the rest of the door swap was very simple, only 3 bolts holding the door on!. Just remember if you don’t have any friends to help you be sure to grab an engine hoist/cherry picker to help you lift the door! I learned the hard way what happens if you try to he-man it and fail lol.

Welcome back that’s another day another dollar you know it is so yesterday you saw where the truck damage was and how it was kind of banged up and all that we got the estimate back it was two thousand dollars worth of damage supposedly and they couldn’t get the door up before every reason my door just would not open i got ahold of my neighbor and they actually

Still want to pay like out-of-pocket so i’m like man i could probably fix that thing for cheaper and maybe save them some money and then like i can get it fixed and i could possibly even get like a paint job out of the deal like instead of because they want to charge two thousand dollars whereas i feel get a used or for a couple hundred bucks probably fix

Whatever might be broken inside the door you know and then do my own paint job i could probably get it all done for probably a thousand dollars maybe a little bit less if i really like go cheap on it you know because the truck wasn’t perfect when they smashed it wasn’t a perfect truck i mean you guys have seen it so you know i don’t want them to get you know

Totally boned on the deal and if i can help them out you know that would be good too you know cuz it helps me because then hey i get the paint job if you want and i can do it for cheaper then what they’re gonna charge just to do the door and paint the door you know so it’s kind of like i’d be helping two people out but i don’t know if they’ll go for that they

Might think that i’m trying to rip them off or something but not i’m like trying to be helpful here but yeah so we’ll see how it goes wish me luck okay guys so i made it back to the house back from school so i found something on facebook it’s like the facebook marketplace fortunately there’s a place in town when they have a bunch of used like trucks and truck

Parts that are messed up and whatnot so i think that i’m gonna be able to actually fix my truck for cheaper than what it would cost if i was to take it to the collision shop because they charge like two thousand dollars and i’m not trying to like rip nobody off i don’t want my neighbors have to pay like a crapload out of pocket cuz they don’t want to go to the

Insurance so i’m trying to help them out while helping me out so i think that i’ll be able to fix the door and do a paint job for less than what it would cost to go to the the collision shop they want $2,000 i know for a fact that i can fix it for cheaper than $2,000 but i can’t do that till tomorrow because the guy’s not available till tomorrow to pick it up i

Contacted my neighbor and i told him the idea and i’m waiting to see what he says what he wants to do it just depends hopefully they’ll be okay with it and they’ll be cool with it know that i’m like a reputable person but i could see where they probably wouldn’t want to also but if i could save them like $1,000 i think that they might do it so we’ll see as far

As the truck bed goes i wasn’t able to finish it up yesterday because the other neighbors i don’t know who called the cops on me instead of coming out being like hey could you keep it down it’s dinner time whatever so what i’m gonna do is tomorrow i’ve got a friend coming over that’s got a big trailer and we’re loaded up in the trailer and take it down to the

Scrapyard found a place that they’re gonna take the whole truck bed so we’re gonna do that tomorrow as well no kidding what’s up my cat came up to say hello so i’m mr. kid you want to say hi to everybody you wanna say hi to all the people my cats super friendly probably what i’ll probably do is just continue this tomorrow the same vlog and we’ll just go from

There yeah oh he probably doesn’t turn back that on yet all right guys so i’m driving back from the south side managed to pick up the door i love you can see that but yeah got the door and it was about i got a hell of a deal that door has everything it’s got the panels it’s got the handles it’s got everything it’s got window motors everything i paid $100 so

Thank you southside you guys are always a good deal for me so yeah that’s what i’m doing so i’m taking this thing all the way back home i just got off the school not too long ago and then we’re gonna swap that door and hopefully that’ll fix the problem with where we got hit from the neighbors so this is gonna be a win-win for us hopefully we can get the other

Door off without too many issues we’ll see when we get home so that’s kind of our next goal so let’s get home and get started on that hopefully we don’t run out of daylight that’s san antonio freaking traffic man holy crap this is gonna take me forever to get home oh lordy lord okay guys so i finally got back it’s the next day if you can’t tell but we got this

Door and i’ve been messing with it trying to get it to work and i finally got it open so this latch right here was like jammed shut and i couldn’t get it out i managed to get this loose from inside the truck so what i had to do was i had to undo this and i try to see it from a port handle was working and it wasn’t it wasn’t moving the latch and all like nothing

Was happening the door lock was not working because it’s all messed up inside there so i popped this out and i ended the screw here and then i managed to get it i probably broke a few things but i had to pop the panel up so i could get back here and then i just tried to get in there finagle with the actual flat so i went in here flicked around with that nothing was

Working so what did i do literally i’m gonna shut so it was i’m not gonna show this i don’t want to live so when it was shut it was stuck something it was all the way around and i couldn’t get it this handles not working right so what i did i grabbed this and i literally just slammed into this as far as i could and they just kept doing it over and over and over

Until eventually it broke loose so so yes that’s what we did with that so now what i’m going to do is i’m going to get this door off and then we’re going to put the new one on and see if that fixes our problem what we’re looking at right in here we got there or there’s a bolt here there’s a bolt there and there’s a bolt right there those are what we got to take

Out and then we’re gonna follow through here and unclip the harness in here that way we can just pull the door off okay so this panel here is pretty easy you literally just pop it off it’s got these two little clips here it’s not too bad and then we got access to the harness inside here you’ll see that there are there’s a harness that comes through here connects

Right here i’m gonna undo this connection pull that out and then you follow the other wire which goes up into this relay box here and on here it’s this little orange one so we’ll pull that out too don’t forget about this little clip right here as well it’s the one with these two little wires believe it now for the fun part oh not at all okay so now we get to

Check for any kind of other damages that might be here but it looks like the only spot where it’s scraping everything else seems to be okay i don’t see any significant damage here so i think we’re okay with that everything else seems to be good doesn’t look like it’s crunched in anywhere all looks pretty good okay now i’m just got to get the replacement door

It’s not what i’m gonna do it put this door i ain’t doing that crap no more we’re bringing out the big guns today all right so that was a hassle and a half so we got this hinge on there it’s just on there pretty good this one’s lined up we just gotta bolt that in and then bolt this in here’s the only thing i noticed is this particular door had this weird

Connector so i don’t have to see but these are the same color wires that with a green and purple one which i think are for the speaker and i think these wires here are for power mirror which i don’t have so yeah well i’m not to look at a wiring diagram and figure that out but otherwise doors on there hanging on its own only prime is down here when i dropped it

I bent this so we need to make sure that still fits so i might have to hammer that out which that sucks but what you gonna do okay let’s reinstall this puppy on there these three bolts and then we’ll move on right let’s verify these all work everything seems to be okay this will just push through here for right now fix these up pull that wire all these wires

Through we just want to check and make sure the door closes all we’re doing right now let’s check and see if the door closes hey if it closes bags a little alright so we just got done putting the door on test and see if these things work the motors a little weak so we might swap those seems good all we gotta do is there’s three bolts here undo these and

We’re gonna transfer this to the nail the new window it was it stop this wonderful thing okay so the last thing i got to do pop this panel back on before i put this panel on i need to figure out what that wire is but i don’t have time i ran out of time so right now i’m just gonna set this aside if you’re doing this just basically once i figure out what

To do with the wires we’ll do that but it should just match them up and they should be good i think this door had an option that i didn’t and that’s the door but a little detail and think about and uh mike he doesn’t work on this door so i’m have to swap out my door handle from the other one on to this so later we’re gonna tear that door panel apart swap all

The parts but for today i have a feeling this is all we’re gonna get done i’m so happy

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Replacing a 1999-2007 Chevy/GMC truck door with a new/used one✔ By The Daily Drift