replacing evap purge solenoid 2013 Ford Edge

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All right youtube we got another video today we got a 2013 ford edge and we’re going to change out the canister the canister valve and we’re going to go ahead and get started we’re gonna probably need a 18 millimeter and that’s probably about it let’s go ahead and get started thank you all right first thing we want to do is we want to take off this connector

Right here that’s this little push tab you just push that little push tab down here just push that down and pull it out there you go then you wanna you have a um eight millimeter here and an eight millimeter there just put you a little socket on your ratchet with a little extension you can take those up out of there but before we do that i’m gonna come right

There is a hose this here it’s a hose it should have a push tab on the side of it sometimes they have a push tab let me check it out yes it has a push tab on it you want to push that tab in and pull it out sometimes you need a screwdriver for it let’s see if we can do this by hand today i got one hand one moment and i’ll be right back all right we got those

Two 18 millimeters out we got this connector i didn’t take this um line out i tried to i just couldn’t get to that push tab so i want to take this out first just pull it pull this out first and then see can i get my hand under here and push this tab one moment all righty so i’m gonna get my hand under here and there’s a tab that you push and those lift open

Like that you see how those open and you just pull that up out of there sometimes you got to use a little force but just get it about it i already had started it so just make sure those are opening up like that and pull that on out of there just reinstall your new one same way you took that one out very simple first we’re going to put the hose on you don’t have

To push any button you just click it on there and make sure you set it down up in here you know what let’s see here we’re gonna set it down on there and push it on in and put your bolts back in tighten them down hand tight start them with your finger finish it with your um small ratchet and then just put the clip on there and that’s it i’m go ahead and tighten

That down and then we’ll go from there thank you all righty i want to thank you all once again for watching rice’s auto repair mobile service if you can hit that like button and subscribe to my channel and if you can’t tune in for more videos to do it yourself in your own garage in your own home thank you very much bye

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replacing evap purge solenoid 2013 Ford Edge By Rice’s Auto Repair Mobile service