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In this video we’ll be replacing the fuel pump assembly on a 2001 through a 2008 audi a4 in this case this is a 2006 audi a4 luckily removing the back seat is really easy there’s just two clips that go on right here and then one on the other side and same on the seat and you just need to pull up real hard on those clips and that’s the only thing holding the seat

In and then you can just pull it out if you did have heated seats there’d be some cords you need to unplug but probably you don’t have heated seats on the passenger side of the car is the fuel pump and the fuel pump assembly and this is what we’re going to be replacing there’s three phillips screws one at each corner this triangle and then you might need to pry

It off with a flathead screwdriver because it’s got a little bit of stickiness to it it’s best if the tank is below half a tank if it’s above half a tank you’re probably gonna have some gas leaking out of those lines if it’s below half a tank you’re gonna have less leaking out you might still have a little bit but if it’s below half you should be good these fuel

Connectors here can be a little tricky to get out but what you’ve got to do is these little blue things they lift up so basically i’m going to grab it with my fingers and pull up just like that you can see that how it’s lifting the bottom up that’s what i’m gonna grab so whenever i grab this if there’s the same exact thing on the other side i’m gonna squeeze and

Pull up at the same time and there you can see how those connectors right here they just went right over this lip on this thing it’s sticking out of the fuel pump assembly that’s why you got to push these up and then it lifts the bottom of it up over that same thing with this one except it’s going to be less fun because you’ve got less room on this side it’s going

To be really hard to get anything in there i’m probably going to use the screwdriver to push it in and then on the other side try to use my finger but still you know you’ve got some things in the way so it might be a bit harder and man that one was a pain i probably spent 15 minutes on it so this system here is similar to a collet where whenever i take these side

Hooks the things that we were pulling up on whenever i push them all the way down they actually clamp down onto it so what i was doing is when this connector is on that post i was pushing it down what that did was it lifted these tabs up and what that does is it gives it room for these to flex around this post and around the thing that’s holding it in so really

Pushing it down holding the tabs and lifting it back up is what got it out in order to get this off what there is is there’s a little plastic tab right here on the connector and then there’s a receiving hole for that tab and what you got to do is basically lift up this tab right here where that fits into so whenever this is down there this little piece of plastic

That was here that broke off but basically the idea is you want to get under that and lift that tab up so that that hole comes off of that little bump you would think that you’d just be able to put a screwdriver in here pry it and the way you think it should come off and then it would but really this was a big pain to try to get this off and a lot of it actually

Ended up breaking off that’s not a huge deal because whenever this goes on it still snaps in place and hold it but the whole mechanism i think was way over engineered next we need to take off this ring here and this is what’s holding the whole fuel pump assembly down in there and a lot of people a lot of times you’ll just use like a screwdriver or something and

Use that to wedge it in there but as a general rule of thumb it’s always a good idea not to use metal on metal contact whenever you’re working around fuel systems that are really flammable if you sort of slip off or you hit it in the wrong way there could be a spark that forms and sparks and fuel really don’t go well together so it’s always a good idea to have

Something that won’t spark like i have this is what i’m going to use to get caught on there this is a piece of copper and then i’ve got this brass hammer here that i made that i’m going to use and it also has a nylon head so there’s really no way for anything to spark and it’s about there there we go now this is loosened up need a few more taps to loosen it up

Right here we lift up those fuel lines this whole ring comes out pull out the fuel pump assembly and just of course be careful of these fuel pump lines you don’t want to break those and also if there’s dirt around here i’d recommend vacuuming that out so it doesn’t fall into the fuel tank start to pull this out carefully we’ll pour the fuel out because fuel’s

Getting more expensive there are a few differences between this pump which it was a 60 pump from and then this is the original vdo pump which is the oe supplier there’s a few differences i can see just visually off the bat obviously the two floats are a little bit different i don’t think that would really be an issue and if it is you could just take

The old float off and put it on the new one it’s the same mechanism the main difference that i really noticed was right here where that return line went in there’s not anything like that on this one actually that you can see this is on the other side of the float on the other side of the float there’s nothing there the only thing close to that is almost like

This little basket thing and i think what we can do is probably just snip that out just snip it out this hole goes all the way down now this hose here is completely unused it wasn’t used in the old part we’re not going to use it or plug it into anything on this new pump i’m just going to pull this little plastic thing out so that won’t fall into the tank but i’m

Going to keep this little cap on the top there so we don’t have fumes you can see if you can press them this one’s definitely higher than this one which i’m confused by as well because this one’s also at an angle this one isn’t and it seems like as we go along i keep noticing differences between these when they should have been the same i’m going to switch out

These pins between the two and that’s because the pins that are coming out of here are in the straight holes and you can see these are obviously at an angle and this actually has the places to accept the angled pins but the pins are in the wrong holes on this that’s why this thing is appearing to be too long work these pins out with some pliers this metal shaft

Is much too big to be able to fit in that hole i’ll probably need to take off about five or ten thousands in order for it to press fit in there now we’ve got everything converted over assemble everything and tap the ring back on put these connectors on and the electrical connector we’ll start it up we’ll look back here for any leaks and i can already tell that

Started up a lot faster than it normally does that’s a good sign

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