Revealed: All-new 2023 Dodge Hornet

The Hive Has Arrived: All-new 2023 Dodge Hornet Unlocks Gateway to Dodge Muscle, Offers Quickest, Fastest, Most Powerful Compact Utility Vehicle Under $30,000

Ladies and gentlemen please welcome tim kiniskis welcome back to woodward avenue and the crowded airspace above it now this flyover is not about a bunch of more buzz models that we’re going to be announcing today that was yesterday’s news today we’re going to show you how we’re growing the swarm but but hey wait wait hold up a second i want you to know right up

Front that these new dodge vehicles you’re about to see is going to take dodge to a whole new place we’re going to add a new opportunity a new segment and we’re going to bring a whole new wing of fans into the brotherhood of muscle you know growth is good but growth can also be a little uncomfortable at first and that’s okay because the vehicles that you’re about

To see they might be different than those that you have seen but they’ve got the ingenuity and the attitude to be a dodge say hello to our new little friends this is the all-new dodge hornet and you know how much dodge loves speed and in this case it’s not just the vehicle it’s the segment as well compact utilities is the hottest segment in the industry this

Is over a million units today and it’s going to grow another 48 in the next five years but it’s more than the size and the growth of the market that attracted us to this segment it’s what attracted those million plus buyers that most attracted us this audience is looking for price value and fuel economy you can binge read the surveys from these customers and you

Won’t see a single mention of fun to drive power or can you even imagine vehicle image for dodge we liked what we didn’t see in the segment-wide bias because for a brand that’s been built on stuffing horsepower and attitude into otherwise stodgy segments we saw an opportunity to add performance and personality to a segment defined by efficiency and practicality

It just seemed like the perfect little politically correct community for dodge to come in and disrupt it and rile it up because this community is made of a younger generation that’s fueling the growth of this historically vanilla segment and we know who these shoppers are well at least ones that are kind of like them because dodge has the youngest demographic

In the industry so we have tons of them and we know there’s a lot of members in there standing on the side with a hunger to stand out and stand apart but with some performance and some style and that’s where hornet comes in to give them a new choice a new gateway a statement to fill that void with powertrain options especially for that younger shopper looking

To stand out with an electrified vehicle so the hornet arrives with a multi-energy powertrain that these customers are looking for give them a menu of performance and efficiency and it starts with this one it starts with the hornet gt with the hurricane four engine 265 horsepower 295 pound-feet of torque now put that into perspective for a second that is more

Than the pentastar charger challenger in durango that are bigger vehicles and with standard all-wheel drive torque vectoring electronic limited slip differential oconee high performance suspension best-in-class handling now hang on i’m talking about the first price class of the car those credentials alone would give it enough street cred to be a dodge but the

Design of the hornet is also on point it’s a very muscular and aggressive exterior for this segment as a driver centric cockpit pock cot pick cockpit very tough for me to say packed with the latest technology 12 inch tft cluster 10 inch uconnect screen adaptive cruise control lane keep lane assist blind spot monitoring seven airbags but if you want even more you

Go right here you add the track pack track pack for under three grand is going to give you 20 inch wheels brembos dual stage suspension alcantara seats and aluminum interior trim let that all sink in for a second yeah more torque than a pentastar torque vectoring all-wheel drive track pack 20s brembos tft 10-inch uconnect in a segment that buys on price value and

Fuel economy all of the experts will tell you that’s a horrible idea don’t go there but that’s what dodge does we sell cars that people want not cars that people need so we figured if there’s a million people buying in that segment some of them are going to want to have some fun this car is going to come to market the hornet gt is the industry’s fastest quickest

And most powerful uv under 30 grand now do you know the biggest difference between a horn and a bee a hornet can sting you more than once this is the hornet rt phev powertrain this is the first electrified vehicle for the dodge brand and this is the most powerful compact crossover you can buy now this combination is a brain twister for an old-school hot rodder like

Me 1.3 liter turbo and an e axle delivering 285 horsepower and torque 383 pound-feet of torque that’s almost 100 pound-feet of torque more than the gas car it’s damn near v8 torque out of a small compact uv with less than a liter and a half of ice power now if you ever doubted the advantages of electrification this really proves it this is serious technology and

It shows why dodge is getting serious in this space not only will this combination deliver substantially more torque for everyday driving it’s also going to give you 30 miles pure electric range and an mpge of 75 miles per gallon with nearly v8 torque amazing but we also know nobody’s buying a dodge on a spreadsheet so we also use the e-motor to have some fun and

We added a segment exclusive power shot push-to-pass system powershot is an on-demand system that maxes out battery discharge and gives you an additional 25 horsepower and knocks a full second off the rt 0 to 60 time now the lawyers will not let me tell you what i call it but think about it for a second we call it power shot you push a button and you get power

Instantly it’s pretty cool tech huh so why didn’t we call it the hornet ep hev or some electrified marketing jargon i i don’t even know what that means it sounds like we call it the horn rt because it’s a legitimate performance step up from the gt we’re using the electrification to justify the badge it’s faster than the other one and that badge has the bragging

Rights and as a bonus it’s as efficient as it wants to be now the brotherhood knows you guys all know if we got a gt and we got an rt carrying the weight of the sales volume that frees us up to have some fun right to have a halo they have a model that focuses more on hitting performance numbers than sales numbers that’s a hornet that goes like this me thank

You me yep this is what it is and you probably if you’re watching close spotted it in the opening video this is the hornet glh from direct connection and my new best little friend this thing is a blast straight from direct connection with an increased performance stage kit lowering kit and dual exhaust and of course for those of you in the know the glh

Badging this badge last appeared on a production car in 1990 and it came to stand for more than goes like hell it came to stand for little fish eating big ones for lunch at stoplights across america and this car has earned the right to wear that badge the final numbers not yet approved but i will commit to you and you’re all going to hold it to me the power to

Weight ratio of this is better than the original glh and you can do the math it’s twice the size twice the weight this one is going to deliver more torque than two of the original shelby modified glhs now look we took a kick-ass architecture with italian genetics by the way and we tweaked it with dodge-specific programming for the powertrain the suspension the

Steering then we added powershot then we added glh then we armed it with access to the direct connection catalog then and only then we made it look like a proper dodge and at the end of the day it’s not the badge that makes a dodge a dodge it’s the commitment to power performance ingenuity attitude that makes us who us who we are it makes us do what we do and

That’s why the hornet is at home in the dodge hive and if this closing video leaves you buzzing a bit tomorrow dodge will deliver something that’s going to be truly deafening

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Revealed: All-new 2023 Dodge Hornet By Orange Juice TV