Review: 2013 Jeep Wrangler Unlimited Sahara

Let’s be clear: most people never take their Jeep off-road. This review was done with that in mind—yes, we’ve done everything from competing in off-road races (Parker 425), to jumping trucks at the Silver Lake dunes, to ripping through the Hummer test track, to tackling Moab.

I’m michael byrne offski and this is the 2013 jeep wrangler unlimited sahara that’s a mouthful for a vehicle everyone simply refers to as a jeep and has done for more than 50 years recently jeep has been packing more comfort into its pride and joy offroad so is it finally good enough to use as a daily driver well fact is many people already use it as a daily

Driver it’s one of the best-selling suvs in canada and there’s no way there’s a rubicon trail at the end of everyone’s driveway my tester had dull green paint and a chrome package i really wasn’t a fan of either the sahara is the mid-range and limited trim and has some nice upgrades over the base sport without getting the wild off-road gear fitted to the top of

The range rubicon inside it’s a truck i’m used to driving a vehicle without anything inside it even a radio so it was a little strange seeing how jeep tries to dress up the inside while retaining such an old world driving position it’s probably as good as you’ll get from a vehicle where the whole roof doors and windshield can be removed has for tech worth noting is

The navigation system which is a step behind what’s offered in other chrysler products the wrangler will probably get an update in this area soon that said bluetooth calls an audio worked well and there was good sound from the stereo if a little bass heavy compared to other suvs in the price range this is the only jeep which is good and bad sure you’ll easily climb

Out of a ditch but will you get a backup cam heated rear seats heated steering wheel detailed fuel economy or trip readouts know if you really want a nice driving crossover with all the latest toys you’ve got to look elsewhere so i didn’t go off-road i have done difficult trails in moab but for this test it was all about the needs of a daily driver on pavement the

Wrangler doesn’t go stop turn or handle in any way better than it’s mostly crossover based competition it’s noisy inside it’s not the easiest vehicle to party though you’ll inflict way more damage on things around you then you’ll actually due to a jeep still it’s endearing with a commanding view of the road in front and actual fenders over the wheels it’s very easy

To drive in traffic the 5-speed auto is perfectly fine for most but a few more speeds would help with cruising noise and fuel economy alright fuel economy i drove consciously but not excessively slow and averaged 12 liters per 100 and mixed city highway driving it’s rated officially at 12 and a half liters per hundred city and over nine on the highway i really

Don’t think owners will get those numbers my girlfriend calls the wrangler barbies first jeep despite my best efforts in showing vehicles of how extraordinary it is off-road and i think jeep is at a crossroads do they make the wrangler even better for the majority of buyers who rarely go off-road but just want something that looks like a jeep order they add enough

Luxury to keep new buyers happy without alienating hardcore jeep fans my tester rang in at just over 40,000 if you want to cross over or suv as a daily driver and you’re realistic about how often you’ll need true off-road capability there are better options for the price the wrangler may be more refined than ever but if you want a jeep well there is only one choice you

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