Review: 2014 Mercedes-Benz CLA45 AMG

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What’s up, everybody!? subaruwrxfan, here, for another car review. this is, of course, the 2014 mercedes-benz cla45 amg. huge thanks to harrison auto sales for hooking me up with this very nice cla to review for you guys today! so, about the cla45. well, it’s sweet looking, i- especially in this black color, oh man, i mean, just those huge front air dams, and i just love

The cla’s looks in general. i think they look really good. it’s just the right proportions to me, and, you know, just very sleek. i love the coupe-style roofline, and then the back end, there, you know, it’s very subtle, and, you know, you have the nice spoiler, and, i mean, of course you have these sweet wheels on the amg version, and it just looks all kinds of menacing,

And i love it. right! so, for the interior the cla45 amg. it’s very nice. i love the way they did the interiors on the clas. they’re so nice, and this one just takes it up a little notch, of course, being the amg version. so, first thing, you sit down in these seats, and they’re nice and softly comfortable, but they do have pretty good support, as well. the, you know,

Thigh support is fairly good. they aren’t super racy feeling. i was expecting them to feel a little more aggressive. i believe there is a more aggressive seat option for the cla. i think these are just the standard amg seats, but, you know, the torso support is a little loose, but it’s not bad, you know, i mean, they hold you in, they’re comfortable, and i love the way they

Look, by the way. this is called the “red cut” black seats, but they have- obviously, you can see the red cutouts in them, and they just look really sweet, especially with red stitching. this interior just looks so nice, and that’s another thing is just, when you first sit down in here, just everything is brushed aluminum and very nice metal finishes everywhere, and it’s

Very high-quality feeling. so, next thing, though. the steering wheel, which is beautiful. it’s the perfect thickness. the 9 and 3 grip is one of the best, it’s just, and, you have the nice 10 and 2 notches, and the flat bottom, and the red stitching is nice. the only thing is, it uses the standard mercedes paddle shifters that are just this, like, smooth plastic. i wish

Those were metal to, you know, compliment the metal accents on the wheel, but they’re not, next is the gauges in the cla, which look like they’re just pulled straight out of an sls amg supercar, it’s just beautiful looking metal accents with the carbon fiber on the inner portions, there, and they’re just very nice font, very aggressive, but very elegant at the same time.

You have a nice little color screen, there, in the middle that will give you some basic information, nothing crazy, but it’s very nice to have that, and, overall, just a really beautiful set of gauges. coming along to the center of the dashboard, here, it’s very nice. the way it’s kind of set up, here, just kind of tacked on to the front of the dashboard. i really don’t

Have too much of a problem with it, you know, i think it looks fine. obviously, it would be nicer if the screen had thinner bezels, or if it was, you know, integrated in a more sleek fashion, but, really, i don’t have a problem with it, i think it looks fine, and i- i especially like it because it leaves you room for these beautiful vents that are just gorgeous looking,

Then- so, you come down to the audio controls, and the buttons, here, and they’re all, you know, very nice, standard mercedes quality. this is the same kind of stuff you see in the cls and, you know, e-class, all that kind of stuff. the same buttons and same knobs, all very high quality, so, really nice that they incorporated all these nice features into the cla. you have

The climate controls down here, which also have a very high quality feel to them, and look very nice with a little digital readout, there. the graphics, and everything, it’s typical mercedes, if you’ve ever used any of the other mercedes’ you know, you just control everything with this little knob, down by the cupholders, … and, you know, it’s a nice, high quality,

High resolution screen. i still prefer touch screens, myself. these little controllers kind of drive me nuts sometimes, … but, overall, it’s pretty well refined, and it’s not too hard to use. so, as far as storage space goes in the cla, you know, this is a smaller- it’s the smallest mercedes we get, here, in america, but there’s still a decent amount of storage space.

So, you have large pockets, here, in the doors with bottle holders. you have a tiny, little coin holder, here, with a power outlet. and, … then you have 2 cupholders that are on the small side. i will say, they’re pretty small cupholders. might have some problems with some larger drinks, and then, you have this center console, here, with the armrest, and it’s nicely

Padded, … and, you know, it’s reasonably deep. you can fit some stuff in there. you also have a usb jack in there, which is appreciated, and you also have mercedes’ proprietary jack, here, if you want to plug in your old-school ipod, but that’s about it. i mean, it’s- it’s, you know, there’s not a whole lot of storage space, i will say. i wish there was a little bit

More, but, you know, it’s not bad. backseat in the cla is always a hot topic, as far as people discussing the cla, … because of its usability. so, as far as legroom goes, me sitting behind myself, i’m five foot nine, and i have plenty of legroom. plenty of legroom, that’s not an issue at all. headroom is the issue. i’m not- i wouldn’t say that’s really tall, but i have

Maybe one inch of headroom, there, before i hit the headliner. so, just, you know, that’s one of the sacrifices that you have to pay whenever you have this sloping rear roof line. it’s gorgeous from the outside, but from the inside, it’s not very usable. i would say anyone over five foot ten, you’re not going to be comfortable in the back of the cla, for sure. so it’s

Just roomy enough that i barely fit back there comfortably, but, um, yeah. just wish it had a little bit more headroom. trunk space in the cla is, i would say, on average with other compact cars. you know, a honda civic actually has a larger trunk, stuff like that. not super spacious, but, again, it gets the job done. for the tiny little car this is, it’s pretty good.

The only other thing to mention is this huge moonroof, which is an option, and it’s beautiful. alright! so, let’s start it up, and go for a drive! in typical mercedes fashion, basic mercedes key. it’s very nice, has a nice weight to it, and you slip it in, and … it starts right up. and, if you could hear; every time you start this car up, it, like, does its normal

“Rewr”, and then just “bwrlbwrlbwrl”, it does this little crackle, just when you even first start it up. this one has the amg exhaust, by the way, which is a factory option, … probably worth every penny, just-. the startups just make me giggle, already! let’s give it a few revs, here, and see how it sounds. alright! so, setting off in the mercedes-benz cla45 amg.

So, first thing that you notice is this is an automated manual transmission. so, it’s an automatic, there’s no clutch, but- it’s a 7-speed, but it has a clutch that it’s … automatically controlling with a computer for you. so, you’re not the one doing it. “oh, there’s the clutch. it’s catchin’, it’s catchin’.”, and then it goes. it’s not, like, that delayed, but,

You know, you always have that little bit of a delay, and, so, for those that like the immediate- you know, you step on the gas, and you go, … you know, that’s not the case when you’re, you know, starting from a stop in this car. but, otherwise, though. driving down this park road right now, you know, you have very good visibility, you know, out of the front. you know,

The hood drops down, so you don’t really even see it in front of you. you have, you know, windows on the side, here, that are, you know, fairly large. and, rear visibility, that rear window is a little small, so, you know, but you can still see out of it, you know, pretty well. it’s- it’s actually- it’s not quite as firm as i was expecting. i was expecting this to be

Really “racy”. it’s definitely a sport-tuned suspension, and you-, you know, it absorbs the bumps nicely, though. alrighty! so, i have the transmission in manual mode, and that’s about it. so, let’s turn on to this back road, here, though, and see how it does! okay! so, we’re dealing with 355 horsepower from a 2-liter, tiny, little turbocharged 4-cylinder engine, and

It does 332 pound-feet of torque, and the torque comes on in the mid 2000 range, as well, so, it comes on fairly early. there is a tiny bit of a turbo lag, you know, thresholds a little bit higher, but it’s- it’s- i mean, it’s a 2-liter making 355 horsepower, i can’t expect the turbo to spool immediately. oh man, and that sound is awesome, too, especially- … you can

Hear when you downshift, it, like, crackles and pops, and aw, it sounds amazing! so, anyway, we’re coming up to these corners here, … and, one thing i’ll say is the steering weight is perfect. it just- this thing feels so buttoned down. there’s a tiny, tiny bit of body roll. let’s come up to this tight corner i always take, and see … but, you can even hear that

Thing crackling and popping around that corner! oh, man. i swear, every enthusiast car needs to have those crackles and pops! alright. so, let’s see about this power again, shall we? the one thing i will say, though, is it accelerates, and it increases in rpm so quickly, that i hit the paddle, and it doesn’t shift immediately, so it almost- it’s like you have to hit the

Paddle a little bit ahead of time. i wish the transmission was a little bit quicker, and that’s the main weak point i can see right now, because, otherwise, i’m- i really like this, and now that i’m driving down this main road, here, just cruising along, it’s very quiet and comfortable, it’s very nice in here. it’s just a great thing to just cruise around in. i mean,

This is better than, i would say, you know, your normal automatics that have paddles, since it is a proper dual clutch transmission, … so, anyway. i’m gonna drive this car around for a little while longer, here, and i’ll come back and give you some updated impressions. so, i’ve been driving this car around all afternoon, you know, it’s funny, you know, at least me,

Being an enthusiast, but i think all of you will agree; whenever you have a good exhaust note, any other imperfections really can be forgiven, and that is the case, here. this thing sounds like a rally car with these backfires and pops on the up-shifts, and on the downshifts, … and if you keep it anywhere between 2 and 3 and a half thousand rpms, you get these crackles

And pops every time you lift off the gas, and it’s spectacular. i just want to drive with the windows down to hear that crap constantly, because it sounds amazing. so, yes. the sound is definitely a 10 out of 10, i will say that. things, though, that aren’t a 10 out of 10, now that i’ve been driving a little bit longer, here, now. it wants to go into this “eco mode”,

So every time i am getting into the car, i have to hit the button to turn off “eco mode”, just a little, minor nuisance. which, it’s still- it’s- it is the weak spot of this car. it’s the only weak thing. if this car had a really good transmission, i would say this thing is darn near perfect. “ohp, ohp, it’s catchin’!”, and then it goes. you know, it always- and then,

Even on the shifts, let’s go for it.”, and obviously that happens much faster than i’m explaining it, but, there’s always that little “thinking period” that, you know, stuff like porsche’s pdk, from what i’ve heard. i still have not driven a pdk, but, from the way the new pdk is sound to me-, but even the bmw’s, the 8-speed zf transmissions, and the things that, you know,

That’s what the f-type has, fully automatic transmission that, i think, actually shifts faster than this dual clutch manual. so, i mean-, but i could live with the slow shifts, if that’s all it was. if it was good from a start, then the slow shifts i could forgive, … but it’s not the end of the world, and this is a car that, i think, would still be very fun to live

With on a daily basis. the stereo is a harman kardon sound system. i’ve been listening to it a little bit, here, which is crazy, considering this exhaust sounds so good, i would never turn the stereo on if i had this car, but the stereo is good, in typical mercedes fashion. one thing, though, that isn’t typical mercedes fashion is the ride of this car, and the ride,

It’s- it’s pretty good in the right context. so, we’re dealing with the cheapest mercedes there is. obviously, being the amg version, it’s going to be even a little stiffer than that. so, in that context, this rides very nicely, and i actually don’t have a problem with the way it rides, but for someone spending $60,000, like this one’s configured, on a car like this,

And if you’re buying a mercedes with the intentions of it riding like a mercedes, i think you’ll be a little bit disappointed with this, but it still rides very well. i would say it- the car that it reminds me of the most with the way that it rides is the brand-new volkswagen gti, the 2015 one. very comfortable riding car, very sharp and planted, … but you feel the

Bumps, and it’s not harsh, or jarring, what you do feel. that’s kind of the way- that’s really, if you’ve driven one of those, then it feels exactly like that with the ride. but, i think that’s totally forgivable, given that this car just handles so well, the more that i go around corners in this thing, the more that i realize that the steering is so direct and precise.

There’s a tiny bit more body roll than i was expecting, but whenever you’re really pushing it, you know, it actually- it sticks its own really well, and some people like that little bit of a wiggle, and it has that. and, the brakes in this thing are so meaty, and it really has a substantial feel. i mean, you stomp on that brake, and this thing freakin’ stops, i mean, it’s-

It’s powerful. it’s just such a fun little thing to toss around and fly around in. it’s- this cars is so- … so, yeah. overall, super sharp car in every single way. so gratifying, so much fun to drive. as long as you don’t expect it to ride like a cushy mercedes, and you don’t mind the transmission, this thing is spectacular, and i love it, and even despite its flaws,

I love it, still. it’s just, it’s great! so, anyway. huge thanks to harrison auto sales for hooking me up with this car! seriously, i am so glad i got to review this one, so huge thanks to them for hooking me up with this. so, yeah. thanks for watching guys, and i’ll see you next time! take care.

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Review: 2014 Mercedes-Benz CLA45 AMG By Matt Maran Motoring