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REVIEW | 2017 Ford F-150 XLT 4X4 Super Crew Cab

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What do I think of this truck?

What’s up everybody another day another car view welcome to roderick views alright so i just picked up this ford f-150 let me just see if i can drive this thing last time i had only these i didn’t like it and i brought it back and i pretty sure it’s the same one i just got it so i could do a review for you guys it’s driving pretty smooth one of the things i didn’t

Like was the way the hood looks the last time i had the brakes were kind of messed up so this one that breaks seemed good but this is like the same exact car well truck alright so get some arrows out of here all right so we’re on the road it’s got some power i’m not sure this is a via or v6 a because i didn’t really look too far into it we’re gonna get used to some

You said driving rams around this isn’t even the freeway bullets gunning i got it all the way down pedal-to-the-metal got up to sixty right there so it’s okay so i’m i’m pretty sure this is not a v8 because that did not pick up as fast as expecting to be but it’s got some it’s got enough power i really probably should have like just in my ears forgot something i

Was trying to set up my phone for like 10 minutes well i noticed it has a it’s not really digital but it shows you all six gears for the transmission and it lights up when you’re in that year so that’s i guess that’s kind of i mean i wouldn’t mind if it wasn’t there though what i’m gonna activate sport mode right now we’re in sport mode guys okay this let’s see if

It’s faster in sport mode at least people are turning in front of me someone have a clear shot once i get a car there’s a banner there alright so i’m gonna have a pretty clear shot there we got also need to get over the intersection i’m not sure if it’s actually any faster i think i’m just but engine sounded like it was humming a lot more ago when i took my foot

Off the gas so i’m gonna just turn sport mode off because i’m just gonna be wasting more gas for no reason because i didn’t see a difference at all i think the engine might have got a little louder but who cares maybe some beers much i’m not sure if i’m losing my mind or what but i just noticed it hasn’t going like 90 miles an hour it feels like i’m going super

Slow and this minivan just passed me so i don’t know if the speedometer is messed up or if everybody else is just going extremely fast today because i don’t feel like i’m going this fast but it says i am but people are passing me still so there’s no way these people are going a hundred right according to ways apparently i am going the speed it says i’m going so i

Guess it’s all in my head but i guess everyone else is going fast to that minivan was passing you’re not like 90 but one of the things i’m not liking about the way this thing drives is the steering is pretty loose so when you’re going fast or even when you’re not going fast like it kind of starts swaying or something in the lane so i like a tighter steering mode

That’s kind of an issue for me personally all right so we’re on the freeway time to start proving now we’re gonna get to the actual review what we have is a ford f-150 xlt edition so this is actually check this out you’re gonna believe this four by four model all right we’ve got some wrangler goodyear tires are those rooms are kind of get their rims all right we

Got some ford rims on deck alright so taking a look they look like they might be a little off-road worthy and we’re good we got the chrome bumpers on deck right here baby headlights right here take a look at the turn signals looks like one of these are the high beams i’m not sure which one got the fog lights on deck as well we got the big chrome grille with the

Ford logo right there all right right here tow hitch or maybe if you want to get pulled out when you’re offering lori and so the mirrors right here look at this we got blind spot action on deck as well as the full-size mirror right here looks good it’s so crazy now what i don’t like this right here handle should be chromed out at least or maybe even body color

This material i don’t like but it is more durable than the other ones you know more less prone to scratches except right here we got a little scuff it looks like that’ll wipe right underneath back here chrome bumper as well got the tow hitch ready so you can tow your trailers because this does have a tow mode and also a sport mode it’s crazy let’s see is this a

Lot i got unlock it well you know what we got to take a look at the key take a look at a key so there’s no push start we have this switchblade key which when it first came out i thought was kind of cool but you know i’d rather have no key i mean keys come on now all right so we got the key doesn’t have remote start any special features all we got is the key unlock

Lock and panic button so you know that’s alright i guess for basic car i don’t know let’s see so unlock this top this down a nice sized bed what’s time is this it looks like it’s a crew cab because this door is pretty big so got a lot of back space room and also a nice size now it’s really dirty so you know it’s being used as a truck so that’s and i’m pretty obvious

I guess well it has a dura liner i guess that’s the brand i’m not sure never heard of it dura liner bedliner so protect your paint i guess all right moving else we got there’s no sunroof here okay we got what are those lights called i can’t remember they’re like um the light they light up the bed at night if you need to see and also has a brake light up there and

There’s no backup camera so that sucks nope our gas tank or gas cab oh it’s actually capless though so that is actually pretty nice on the outside got a silver color up on 50 badge and yeah guess that’s pretty much it you know what i didn’t get a full view from the side so let’s get this done get a thumbnail action alright thumbnail right there you like it you see

It you need it alright so now yeah the outsides done let’s get inside unlock it we do have this bomb passcode of entry which i’m not sure how it works but it’s here if you want to use that but i mean this is the future now so that’s not really a big deal and it first came out thought it was cool so let’s find a little switch here is this it this is it there it goes

It’s kind of a kind of weird trying to open that so let’s shut the door let’s take a look underneath the hood here where’s the little latch at right i got it i don’t know what i was grabbing the first time it’s right here i started grabbing this all the way that’s there it’s kind of in the way well this is we’re good to flip it i don’t know didn’t really turn out

His plan though this engine actually doesn’t have a cover on it so you guys can actually see the whole thing the battery right here wiper fluid is actually some in there this time i remember the last time i wasn’t any in there it looks kind of empty but i can’t tell up here we got i don’t even know what this stuff is if you guys know what it is i want to tell me

Go ahead and comment down below i’ve got the air filter or intake or something right there and the engine take a look does this say what it is i don’t see what it is but i’m sure it’s a v6 i know it’s not a va for sure and it’s not gonna be a four-cylinder right actually do there four cylinders and forwards trucks i don’t know for some information if you guys want

To see c 2017 my ffv gasoline and ethanol and oh here we go it’s a 5.0 liter group isn’t it a v8 huh hell no well there you go i got some information one of the things i hate is the design of the hood i’m sure it’s for aerodynamics or something but i like the way dodge is where it goes out in the middle then down on the sides because on the inside it kind of messes

With you while you’re driving at least me cuz i see this and it’s like going halfway across the road i’m like oh no so inside the door right here to get out the handle is actually in here you do that and it’s all one motion you’re already holding onto the handle get that push it out so that’s actually pretty cool that the switches right here with the chrome accents

On it i believe they light up i mean i hope so i remember i had a car that didn’t light up and it really bug me i can’t tell if it’s too bright outside at the door locks here and you know some lifes cubby space a little a tiny tiny tiny tiny water bottle holder i’m not sure what bottle you’re putting in there my little half bottles of a speaker here little cups by

Here we’ve got some leather as for the steering wheel it’s this basic steering wheel not the best not leather wrapped or anything special not heated we got the cool – or look at it there you probably saw but look at things from mental clustered instrument cluster up there and then the speakers in here are actually really good so props to ford for that this front

Seat is actually a bench so as you can see you got full three passengers up front three in the back three in the back there you go you see it no sunroof so three up here and i was trying to figure out to do this just i cared i forgot how to do this again there’s like a switch up here i lost i just did this i was looking at this like is this sales pulling missiles

Like maybe this is just ripped off of something i don’t know what it is oh but we’re adults right here nope right right we’re gonna go i can’t find it this is embarrassing i just did this oh it’s right here found right here so you push this it unlocks i thought it don’t lock you have to like move it at the same time it’s hard to do with one hand lay it down and

Then you got right here middle box got my wallet in there got some cup holders which aren’t very good enough pretty cheap materials and you have the headrest lane right here which is really really i don’t know kind of just in the way i don’t know if it could pop out you know it might be able to pop out but i don’t really want to worry about that now now that we

Have cup holders down here as well two cup holders i got a big bottle in here and they’re really tight cup holders so it’s kind of hard to get into now as you can see it’s kind of like loose down there and i don’t know if that’s normal but up here we have the cigarette lighter plug power adapter and it’s kind of in the way here you see the wires come out and hit

The bottle but then it also went up here so that one’s more out of the way i’ll probably move it up to there got the screen here no touch screen so we’re still in the past even lost of 2017 i don’t know so you control with these four buttons here you got a serious satellite radio fm cd player actually as well right here their cd in there nope you can connect your

Phone i got my phone connected for some bluetooth action cuz that’s how we roll i don’t know if it’s just me but i find out where that there’s a dedicated button to set the clock i mean i guess they couldn’t think of anything else to put there so they put the clock traction control hazard lights which that turns on i’m gonna my gopro up there ooh sunglass what i

Don’t even see that yes finally get truck sunglass holders i know rams don’t have them usually for some reason so up here we got vanity mirror with no light so you can’t see yourself in the dark that’s not good that’s not good up here got another one no light oh what’s this i don’t know what that is just like in that nissan rogue we’re about to die in this thing

Look at that higher rollover risk but why i’ve got a lot of headroom here look so let’s see i’m fine let me close the door all right so i’m 511 got a ton of room in here foot room down here the seats not even all the way back so i got a ton of room in here so you got the pedals down here now here’s something that’s kind of weird we got steering wheel controls on

Deck so we got these right here to control the driver information panel right here and then right here we got the controls for the radio so the problem is the placement like when i drive i hold the wheel right here so the thing is to start controlling the radio i have to move my hand down here and then reach over here like as you can see even if i drove down here

It’s kind of awkward placement for me so i’m not really a fan of that then to answer the phone it’s even worse you have to reach all the way over here to answer the phone and hang up and do voice commands and we got cruise control over here the horn duh we got automatic headlights foglights and i’m not i guess that’s to change the brightness of the inside lights and

Then that’s follows it right here that’s for the backlight the bed light that i was telling you about now another thing i don’t like we have the shifter up here i don’t like column shifters at all so the closest column shifter that i like is in the tesla’s because it’s not really a column shifter it’s up there in the column but you pretty much just flick it like a

Turn signal so it’s not like so anyways moving on we got four-wheel drive on deck as you can see we got two wheel drive for high and for low not really sure what the differences never really figure that out but i got that i got the climate control here now these are pretty cool let me start the car you know why are you lost the keys i would have been embarrassing

I found them so we put the key in the ignition old-school started up alright so something we got a beeping mikey active delayed something now i don’t know what that is what’s going on all right so the air conditioning this is a pretty cool knob so you turn it it’s like turns really easily and it lights up so i thought that was kind of cool and over here as well

So that’s cool it was good max a/c on deck yes it’s hot out here it’s just not that bad i didn’t have their on this whole time i was good up here we have a little cubby spy i guess you get for your phone there i’m assuming i’m assuming up there they might have a wireless charging pad in like a higher upgraded model or maybe as an option i’m not sure so i mean it

Would make sense but then it’s in the direct sunlight which isn’t good because your phone will start overheating because that’s happened to me before moving on up here we have this little handle here to help you get in so the thing is i was trying to turn real fast just i was like and then i hit my hand on this and then i kind of stopped touching the steering wheel

Clay hit my hand and i stopped as like oh oh that’s not good also down here we got the sport mode and toe and hall mode i’m gonna focus on that there we go so you double tap for sport mode and single tap it for towing haul mode sport mode i tried didn’t really i didn’t notice a difference so you know not sure if it’s worth i think it’s just waste more gas got

Another little cubby spot down here so there’s a lot of space to put stuff it’s a front seat done i mean we got the cloth interior not super nice but not super bad i mean it’s a truck and it’s pretty much a base model i guess so you’re gonna get what you get and it’s kind of made to be beaten up so if you want like the nice leather gonna upgrade to i don’t know

What the ford models are but you know let’s see is this all it’s up front we got the stick the mirror and it does dimming action if you flick it like that not auto dimming but it does dim up here got the lights boom back are they white well the kind of white they’re not super yellow so that’s good all right there turn them both on i don’t know what that does turns

On the door lights or something i don’t know we’re gonna figure that out now the back seat we’re gonna hop into the back seemed to roll down the window actually i’m a little turn off the target it’s not that hot i don’t know why it’s not that hot out here today unlock the doors in the backseat now look at the backseat got a lot of room back here so it’s easy like

Like look at this i have to see almost all the way back in the front and we still have a ton of room back here and you even see me it’s really dark there you go like look at this all this foot room i could put my feet up my feet back i’m good to go come on feet over here and also we have a little charger right here boom you get my hair there’s no cup holders back

Here anywhere i’ll see cup holders so that right there is a button i guess to take the headrest outer tip it down or something i don’t know oh it does boom i did it so let’s just do that i can’t know how to do i don’t know how i did it but right here we got little cubbyholes which i’m not really a fan of and they just stretched out in the door we have another candy

Bottle holder title the same as the front door got a spacious storage space that’s pretty much it for the backseat kind of boring oh it’s own light up here just doesn’t move or anything it’s just there so there’s that and yeah got a little clothing hook here if you want to put your dry cleaning up here caves in right here for some reason i guess you could have a

Sunroof right there but i don’t know kind of weird that it goes in like that guess it’s just the design yeah it’s pretty much the car so comment down below let me know what you guys think if you guys have one if you guys want one if you guys want the upper model lower model i know if this is the lowest model it might be make sure this video nice thumbs up hit the

Red subscribe button for more car reviews comment down below let me know if you guys want to see i’ll try to make it happen make sure it’s follow me on social media until next time mr. roderick i’m out catch you on the next one now should know my name i’m a big shot the plan is to gig why would every tick-tock on my wristwatch just a cue from the flow to the tip

Time the games in a gridlock gym boys being flames and i’ve been high

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