REVIEW | 2019 Ford F-150 SuperCrew Cab XLT

Ford’s new 2019 truck line-up is here, but is it really?

Was of everybody roderick here with another car review today we have the 2019 ford f-150 supercrew xlt from the 1990s and there she is in all her glory to a quick walk around and i know what you’re thinking it looks like a nice truck and you’d be really happy if you got your hands on one of these right now but there’s some things that you can’t see from the outside

That would really drive somebody mad it drives me mad so let’s see walking around walking around looks fine i mean it’s not the best looking truck i’ve ever seen buddy that’s alright i see some things on the outside i’m not like you know we’ll get to them don’t worry but let’s start off with the front and we have this big ford badge and this is funny i saw this

Thing so mandela effect nobody notices this little what is it’s all like a swoosh thing on the f nobody noticed that no one knows why it’s there but they put it there and it’s funny i never actually noticed it myself but now i see it there it is i can’t unsee it we do have some fog lights down here some headlights and high beams turn signals basic stuff big chrome

Grille some people don’t like chrome i want to black it out and be a lot better than that black personally that’s what i’m thinking down here we got the air intake looks good looks good right looks fine up here though this is where it starts going downhill this hood i hate this hood from the inside the way the hood slopes inward like that drives me mad i prefer

It on the rams cuz it comes up in the middle and goes down on the outside that’s the way you should go this this is a basically an inverted hood if you flip this over maybe it look like the ram maybe to be acceptable this one not so much moving on to the wheels some nice nice michelin tires i got a little michelin man there and what size are these where is it

There we go 17 inch rims yeah i mean i guess it works but you know gotta get some big rims and they are actual rim so that’s good no hubcap action i mean i once again full hubcaps on a truck to begin with it was over here a ford f-150 badging xlt so that’s yeah pretty low range kind of in the middle nothing too spectacular that’s what we’re working with we got

The whistle wipers here they are pretty normal there i hit him anything i know a lot of new cars i’m getting i’m not sure if truck started doing that yet coming up over here i don’t know why but every truck still has an antenna i mean it’s 2019 they haven’t figured out a way to get antennas hitting like come on they have this thing for gps users and whatnot why

Can’t they get an antenna in there doesn’t seem too complicated to me but for some reason no truck has been able to do that come on all right i feel like i’ve seen one but not this one okay just hate metal antennas moving on to the mirrors we do have a blind spot in mirror built in which is nice and also the regular mirror we’d all the blind spot monitor no heated

Mirrors nothing special going on and plus it’s this matte black material which is more durable so i guess i can see why they did it but it just doesn’t look too nice and pleasant on to the door handles no automatic entry you can stick your hand into anything but check this out back in well like 1990s this was the best thing ever nowadays i’m not sure why it’s here

Used to look like a spy thing now it’s not we need like a retina scanner on there moving on same thing going on here we don’t have a locking gas cap which is kind of crazy but we do have a capless gas tank so that’s awesome so they did go up there see easy fuel enough for you up in the guest cap back on but it doesn’t like anything but it’s still pretty secure so

Nothing too bad there then on the back we have the four with the swoosh once again we have the backup camera which some kind of surprise it has but it’s kind of like a law now every car has to have one i think that’s coming up soon so they’re ready and we do have ecoboost on the engine but the regular lights back here no led actually anywhere to be found and then

We have the bed we have the rugged liner built in looks good good so you don’t scratch the paint protecting it see because you’re gonna be using this to haul stuff that’s what trucks are for you got to use it as a truck am i right i’m right down on the bottom we do have a big beefy muffler there cool on this side everything about the same i’ve got the intent on

This side and same thing going on with the mirrors and dan let’s head back to the other side so i can show you the one of the big things i don’t like about this car oh wait a minute what is that do you see that we got a little camera up there we zoom in on that see that little camera there for the driver assist features which are you know cool to have they have

Some accident avoidance automatic braking type stuff pretty cool so thumbs up for that coming around this is what i start hating you see anything funny i don’t like the shape of this window why does it slope down like this i they tried to make a look futuristic or something didn’t work looks dumb let’s get inside real quick pop the hood there we go it took me like

Three clicks to get it to lock let’s get this and there we go spring-loaded hood that is good holds it up by itself some trucks don’t do that still we got the battery over here we got that ecoboost 3.5 liter v6 engine it’s actually holds its own even though it’s not a v8 it that’s absolute speed to it so that is a good luck right there you can even tow stuff with

This i mean there’s a trike you’d have to go to toph can’t tow it and what’s the point having it really well yeah that’s the whole look under the hood and we’ll just close this thing on down moving back to the inside let’s get a little crazy look at the seat we have cloth interior here they tried to make it look cool with this little design not really a big fan

Of it we would prefer leather easier to clean and everything but one of the main gripes you see it it’s a mechanical seat no electricity flowing through this seat not a good look over here we have the automatic headlights that’s good or the parking brake switch over here you can control the wheel mechanically of course inside the door we do have a bottle holder

A lot of cubby space lots of space even more space up here and i’m not really liking the way you open the door this i do it do that i mean i don’t know i prefer regular door handle this yeah i guess you get used to it we’d have the window controls here the mirror controls those are actual attract thumbs up for that and the steering wheel even matches up with the

Wrist of the 90s equipment that they got installed in here so look at all these buttons look at the way they look i’ll square it off like that come on now you can’t tell me that looks nice and then here is the gauge cluster rpms miles per hour little little a little a little like the tiniest screen look at all this wasted space there look at that look at all that

Black waste of space around it we know all the little gauges at the top let’s see we don’t have a push start we actually have a switchblade metal key in 2019 but let’s you know whatever let’s just get some power here and you know what’s weird if you look at this you’re probably like me where is the digital speedometer you go through the main menu guess what it’s

Nowhere to be found but i actually found it it took me a while but it’s for some reason they put it in here you go into trip you start scrolling around and then randomly there it is it’s crazy you can switch it to km/h or miles per hour i’m gonna whites in there and also it’s really small so kind of really dumb come on now that’s really a bad look i’m not sure why

Me it’s 2019 and more bad news we have this column-mounted shifter up here look at this thing why is it up here i hate that so much but i mean some people like it for some reason i don’t know why but if you like it you might want to go get yourself checked out then we have this pretty big i’m pretty impressed with how big the touchscreen display is like this and

It actually is pretty functional i’m just not a fan of the way it looks whatever design this yeah you need to go back to the drawing board and start over it looks really old and don’t get me started on the rest of the stuff up here all these buttons look like a straight out of the 1990s it’s insane but up here check this out we have a coin holder because we all

Have coins and you pretty much only could put quarters in there so it’s a quarter holder it’s pretty cool i mean i don’t really have change on me ever but you know guess if you need it for a meter but you can use your apps how so why bother and that we also have one power port two power ports two usb ports and then another power port in the back so we got a lot

Of power in here and then we also have the glove box double compartments pretty cool not the biggest size ever but it gets the job done i’m not sure why we have a power button for the air conditioning here instead of just turning the knob all the way to the left whatever it works i guess then up at the top we have the auto stop start feature on and off button up

Here for some reason not sure why that’s there also traction control i mean that’s usually kind of in this area so that’s cool but not sure why that’s over here shouldn’t be over here somewhere maybe just digitally done who knows we do have a little space up here to put bobbleheads i guess i’m not sure what you would really put up there make it like that i guess

It would stick there if you wanted to put like a radar detector but just things not that fast and over here we do have a third seat in the front check this out and i don’t like the way it looks when you fold it down this the headrest just looks really ugly but we do have a little cubby space in here decent amount of space but check it out we do have a nice phone

Holder here just put your phone there it actually stays in place while you’re driving but guess what it’s not wireless charging wow we do have the oh crap handles on both sides and we do have mirrors in both sun visors no lights but we do have a mirror that’s the cool some trucks don’t have that up here saving me we have the sunglass holder which a lot of cars and

Trucks just all vehicles don’t really have this i don’t know why they should be there i mean there’s real wine i’ll put it there we’d have the map lights here which are actually a pretty good shade of white it’s not too yellow it could be wider but no it’s alright we do have a mirror thought auto-dimming but you can’t dim it manually like that although you know

It’s kind of that reflective kind of dimming thing which gets the job done but do you really want it kind of hurt your eyes but just look at that window why does it look like that like just sitting in here your legs about to pop over the window crazy right and then to top it off i put the seat all the way back and i still feel cramped now it’s in the backseat oh

I don’t want to lock the keys in because you know we don’t have a push door and stuff have to remember to take the key with me i feel like i’m back in the seventies you guys backseat whoa whoa there’s a lot of space back here because guess what it’s the super crew we do have a lot of cubby space in the doors to put a bunch of garbage you know put trash and napkins

And bags from your favorite fast-food restaurant maybe mcdonald’s i know you’re probably gonna be going there and you’re nice f-150 and we’d have that same door handle situation back here we can control the window back here awesome you know the lock boom boom pretty cool and then back here we do have some cubby spaces in the back of the seats which is awesome and

We also have speakers on the door so that’s great and well i can’t really do a longer in here but look at that we have two more usb ports down here that’s awesome lots of power ports in this truck although they should have a 110 volt but yeah i guess they didn’t think of that so that’s pretty much it except for this light but this is cool check this out you would

Think wires are two switches but look it gets a little bit brighter if you press both of them at the same time look at that you see that yeah yeah pretty impressive am i right and we also have oh crap handles in the back yeah buddy you can also hang up your dry cleaning that’s pretty cool lots of cars don’t have that but watch i got to show you this other thing

I gotta lock myself in this is pretty cool although kind of useless because of the way they did it you can fold up the seat let the little space you have to put stuff is just that little part right there you can put a couple water bottles well this is all just wasted space like look at that they could have easily had a big compartment right under this hall seat

Like other trucks i’ve seen come on now you can’t be playing with me like that look at that all that wasted space come on forward and that’s basically the whole truck going back to the future with this thing because it’s from the 90s but it’s 2019 it’s like 30 years and they’re still on this come on even the steering wheel looks like it’s from the 90s like these

Buttons come on that is so old-school after an old-school fan there you go the truck for you if you’re gonna pick one of these up let me know down below what you guys think of it which color you’re again maybe which model i gonna off for the v8 hmm maybe up for a higher trim level and hopefully i feel like it would look kind of the same really i don’t think they

Would really change the buttons it’s kind of the style of ford i gave her the lincoln which is also made by ford last time i looked at a navigator look just like this that’s insane so come here thoughts to have a look let me know what your thoughts are thumbs up red subscribe button social media and i’ll see you in the next one

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