Review: 2019 GMC Sierra 1500 Elevation Edition 5.3L Crew Cab

The All-New 2019 GMC Sierra has finally landed in North America, and today we will take an in-depth look at the Elevation Edition. This particular truck is equipped with the optional 5.3L V8 engine, and an 8-speed automatic transmission.

Hey welcome to mcnaught cadillac this is riley here and i’m gonna take you on a tour of our 2019 gmc sierra elevation edition now the elevation edition is a bit changed up from last year’s model now elevation is actually a trim of its own rather than an add-on to the sle trim so the elevation trim is actually one step above the sle and you’re gonna have a couple

Standard features here such as the body coloured front and rear bumpers you’ve got the paint to match mere caps as well as the paint to match door handles so that’s gonna give it that really nice black on black look or in this case you’ve got the black on grey look so really sharp looking bold exterior and check out this blacked out front grille absolutely gorgeous

And this is a one-of-a-kind truck now starting off with a couple of features on the front end you’ve got the c shaped led headlights which are all new to the 2019 really nice and bright on the highways at night you’ve also got your led fog lamps your forward-facing parking sensors and your blacked out tow recovery hooks now this particular truck is equipped with

The optional 5.3 liter v8 engine now it’s pushing out 355 horsepower and 383 pound-feet of torque so plenty of towing capacity and performance out of this engine especially with that 8-speed automatic transmission now down here you do have the 20-inch black elevation wheels really sharp looking wheels and like i said it’s gonna look really great especially with

That paint to match accessories and stuff on this truck so really sharp looking now as we move around the side here you do have the proximity locks which are new to the 2019 trucks that’s gonna enable you to lock and unlock the doors from the front or rear as long as you have the key in your pocket now on the mir cap itself you’ve got your side blind zone alert

As well as we’re gonna take a look at that sharp elevation badge that you’ve got down here now the side steps themselves are optional they’re actually improved from last year’s model you finally got a bit of grip on here so that’s gonna avoid the problem of them getting icy in the wintertime and of course it’s going to improve your grip and overall safety of

Getting into your truck and as we head around to the back end here you’ve got the enlarged corner step bumper really nice if you’ve got if you’ve got some work boots and you need to reach into the back of the box for something you’ve got the fully led tail lights as well as your rear parking sensors your trailer hitch and you’ve got your two cameras back here one

For your hitch view and one for your standard hd backup camera now you’ve noticed this truck does not have the multi pro tailgate that’s not an option for the elevation trim you’re gonna have to go up to one of the higher trim levels for that however you still are able to open up the tailgate using the button on your key fob so to get into your tailgate simply

Use the button either on there inside the truck or double tap the button on your key fob and that’s gonna open nice and easily like so and of course we’ve got these spray in bedliner on here so you don’t have to worry about scratching up your box and over all the non multi-protocol gate is significantly lighter than the multi-protocol gate because obviously you

Don’t have the hinges and all the the separate accessories built into the tailgate so it’s a lot lighter really easy to lift up with one hand which i really enjoy about this truck now as we’re around this end i’m gonna pop open the back seat here and we’re gonna take a look at the space we’re dealing with back here so in terms of actual cargo volume in the back

End here you’ve got six inches in increased legroom for the between the front and back you’ve also got three inches of increased headroom so that’s definitely a much more spacious cabin due to the fact that the wheelbase is a little bit longer now in the rear door panel itself pretty simple here you’ve got the nice rich wood grain trim so my soft touch of leather

Materials throughout and you’ve also got the one touch down windows in the back so overall really nice comfortable back seating area now you do have dark cloth seats in the back here leather is not an option for the elevation package you’re gonna have to go up to a higher trim level for that but nonetheless the cloth doesn’t feel cheap whatsoever it’s really nice

Premium materials and you’ve got the storage built into the back of the seat rest of course cup holders on the armrest itself as well as you’re easily able to fold up those seats to allow for more storage space on the ground as well as you have the divided storage compartment right here well last but not least i’m gonna point out these all-weather mats that our

Dealer installed but that’s actually an option and you’re gonna probably want it if you live in the northern climate that’s gonna protect every inch of your carpet and they’re easy to wash especially in the winter when you get mud and grime in here now in the back itself you’re gonna find your usb c port you’ve got the usb 3.0 and a 12-volt outlet right next to

Your climate vents so you’ve definitely got connectivity options if you want to keep your macbook plugged in your iphone plugged in whatever else you’ve got alright now it’s time to take a look at the interior the driver’s side of the gmc sierra elevation really nice interior once again you’ve got the cloth seats here but don’t let that fool you they’re heated

You’ve got a heated steering wheel and you’ve got plenty of nice leather materials throughout the interior so it definitely does not feel low quality whatsoever you’ve got the 10 way power adjustable seats here in the front once again premium gmc what all weather mats and then you’ve got your electronic parking brake you’ve got your light controls which includes

The lights that are on the exterior of your mere caps you’ve also got your auto 4×4 controls as well as your selec-terrain system which is gonna vary from your toe mode to sport mode to off-roading alright so now that i’ve gone ahead and taking a seat inside the 19 sierra we’re gonna go over some of the main selling features you need to know about this redesigned

Truck starting off here with the steering wheel it’s off you’ve got the nice leather wrapped steering wheel with the aluminum inserts on the inside gives it quite a bit of weight and definitely feels like a high-quality steering wheel i really like the feedback it’s much it steers much nicer than the previous generation of sierra’s in my opinion at least now the

Column shifter is relatively unchanged from last year’s although i will mention it does have some better feedback so you’re not gonna have the issue of accidentally dropping it into neutral when you’re trying to shift it just once into reverse it’s definitely got a pretty solid feel to it and its really responsive and easy to use now over here on the left-hand side

You’re going to find your cruise control buttons you’ve got the heated steering wheel option which is wonderful for the winter time and over here on the right hand side you’re gonna find your hands-free calling buttons as well as your 5-point command center which is going to control that digital lcd display that you’re gonna find here on the front – so you’ve got

Everything from your tire pressure your oil life you’ve even got brake pad life on here which is all new to the 19’s and then of course you could display your your radio info or your onstar nav settings and whatever else so definitely really easy and intuitive to use now moving on over here at the all-new infotainment system it’s an 8-inch touchscreen same size as

The previous generation but take a look how responsive this system is compared to the last gen this thing is literally as easy as using your iphone your samsung any modern-day device there’s not gonna be any lag whatsoever now the cool thing about this is you are gonna have sirius xm as a standard option for the first three months you’ve got am/fm you’ve got usb

You’ve got bluetooth you’ve got car play on android auto you’ve got a whole bunch of different options here you can even download more apps if you want to get pandora radio or the weather network or a whole bunch of other stuff so definitely lots of options here and updates that are gonna be coming out in the future to keep this up to date now the special thing about

This particular sierra is you’ve actually got the trailering app so we’re gonna go through this real quickly but essentially you could set up a profile for each single one of your trailers and that’s gonna remember all the settings the fuel economy and the weight of your trailer to essentially give a customized profile for the next time you want to haul something in

It now another cool feature about this for those first-timers who are hooking up their camper you’ve actually got a checklist here which you could go through and that will ensure that you set up your trailer properly and safely the first time as we go back to this menu one more time the last thing we’re going to check out here is the camera system you’ve got three

Camera options in this truck you’ve got the standard view camera with your trajectory lines you’ve also got the trailer hitch backup camera here so that’s gonna just change the line allow you to guide yourself into the trailer hitch and then you’ve got the hitch view camera itself so that’s gonna give you a top-down view when you’re backing up and connecting your

Trailer in case you don’t have somebody back there to spot you now heading down a little bit lower you’ve got the hard dual zone climate controls really easy to use really responsive nice buttons that on the dash here now as we head on a little bit lower you’ve got the six way heated seats for the front’s you’ve got your your start/stop button here to to start the

Ignition you’ve also got your parking sensors which you could turn on and off your auto start-stop feature you could turn on and off you’ve got the button to release your tailgate your hazards your traction control your power outlet that’s in the the box of the truck as well as a button that’s gonna one touch down all four of your windows automatically now heading

A little bit lower you are gonna find your trailer brake controller as part of the trailering package you’ve got the usbc input you’ve got the usb 3.0 and you’ve also got a 12-volt and a nice household outlet here if you want to plug in a laptop keep that charged up now i’m gonna point out there’s no wireless charging mat in the elevation edition once again you’re

Gonna have to go up to one of the different trim levels for that but you’ve still got a generously sized center console here with the led light in there so plenty of room here to store whatever you want you’ve also got the another usb outlet and the auxiliary port so definitely unlimited amounts of connectivity in this truck now the glovebox itself is pretty nice

You’ve got the two-way opening the top half doesn’t have quite as much space but you could still fit a couple smaller smaller items and then down here you’ve got plenty more room for your engine block heater cord your owner’s manuals and whatever else you’ve got no i am gonna point out the system does feature bose premium audio that’s a six speaker system in this

Truck so definitely a great sounding system now as we head on up towards the ceiling a couple features i want to point out include your power sliding rear window you’ve got your power sliding sunroof and your grad door transmitters up here so last but not least you’ve also got led lighting in here so if you leave one of these lights on overnight by accident your

Battery won’t die because you know they draw a lot less power than the standard lightbulbs that you’d have in a regular vehicle so overall that is our 2019 gmc sierra elevation edition now if you’ve got any questions about this truck or want to come on down take a look at it for yourself or even go on a test drive i invite you over here to make not cadillac buick

Gmc we’ve got one of the largest gmc inventories in manitoba so i definitely recommend you come take a look and we’d be happy to help you out

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Review: 2019 GMC Sierra 1500 Elevation Edition 5.3L Crew Cab By McNaught Buick GMC