Review: 2019 GMC Sierra 1500 SLT 5.3L Crew Cab

The All-New 2019 GMC Sierra has finally landed in North America, and today we will take an in-depth look at the SLT Crew Cab Edition. This particular truck is equipped with the optional 5.3L V8 engine, and an 8-speed automatic transmission. The Sierra SLT includes;

Hey this is riley from mcnaught cadillac and i’m gonna take you on a tour of our 2019 gmc sierra 1500 slt now this is the first slt that we’ve gotten on our lot so far so i figured i’m gonna take you on an in-depth look and go over all the new features and specs of this new 19 sierra now at first glance here the first thing you’re probably gonna notice is not only

That redesigned grille but you’ve also got these c-shaped led headlights now so of course the leds are a lot more bright so they’re not gonna have their gm figure they don’t need as much room for their headlights now so that’s why they kind of carved out this section they’re going with that more modern look and of course you’ve got your led fog lamps down below

Your forward-facing parking sensors tow recovery hooks and this nice sculpted bold redesigned chrome grille as we move around the other side here i’m gonna talk about the engine real quick you’ve got the 5.3 liter v8 engine that’s relatively unchanged from last year’s model and that’s gonna be paired up with an 8-speed automatic taking out 355 horsepower and

383 pound-feet of torque now if you’re looking for a bit more performance i would definitely consider the 6.2 liter option which is gonna kick out 425 horsepower and 460 pound-feet of torque now down here you’ve got the 20-inch polished aluminum wheels with the all season tires and these mere caps are also redesigned you’ve got the lights here now which are gonna

Luminate your work area at night you’re able to turn those on and off and of course they’re not only power folding but you finally got side blind zone alert now as well as your camera underneath which is gonna help stitch together your bird’s-eye view for your backup camera now the side steps are also improved on the new sierra this one is the six inch chrome side

Steps you’ve got some some better grip though on this year’s model a problem with the previous generation was that you’d have some water splash up from the tires that would i supp in the winter time and be really slippery but now they’ve kind of opted towards the same material that’s being used on the in the bedliner so you’ve definitely got a bit more grip now now

The door handles do feature your proximity locks and you’ve got those buttons on all four doors so if you’re loading your kids up into the back you don’t have to worry about stepping up forward to unlock those doors as long as the keys in your pocket now as we head around to the back here you’ve got the enlarged corner step bumpers which is also another improvement

So finally if you’ve got your work boots on you’ve got enough room here to put your two to fit your foot and on the back end here chrome rear bumper with the ultrasonic parking sensors that’s gonna have your rear cross-traffic alert you’ve also got the two cameras here your backup camera as well as your your trailer hitch view which is going to essentially look

Straight down help you when you’re backing up into your trailer now the new multi pro tailgate has a couple interesting functions here if you press the top button you’re gonna drop down and have a workbench here you’re also able to open up this section and that’s gonna act as a cargo stopper so let’s say you’ve got some lumber in the back and it’s sticking out of

The box a bit this is going to stop it from flying out now if you want to open up the tailgate from the the push of your key button you’re also able to do that just double tap the button that’s gonna drop down like so and there’s also a button on the inside of the cabin to open this up now the last feature i’m going to show you about this multi pro tailgate is

If you push both buttons simultaneously you’re gonna have the full multi-protein experience which is going to drop down that second portion as well as the regular tailgate now this is gonna be used you’ve got this indent here so you’re able to step in and reach closer to what’s inside your box you’ve also got this nice little step here if you want to fold this

Up and now it’s gonna allow you to enter the box much easier there’s also a nice little handle here if you want to grab onto that now when you’re done with everything it’s pretty simple – to lift it all up simply close the first portion then the rest is going to basically fold off all at once like i said easy to do with one hand as we work our way around this slt

We’re gonna pop open the back seat and take a look at the space you’ve got back here now this is definitely improved from the previous generation in fact you’ve got an extra six inches of legroom between the front and back seats as well as an extra three inches of headroom so definitely a much improved interior experience especially in the back seat guys now these

Seats do fold up nice i guess the back if you want some extra space here on the floor as well as you have the cargo tray on the inside another cool feature is the storage space that you’ve got on the back of the seat rest really nice you could fit you know your gloves whatever else in the back and that will remain nice and hidden and warm now the door panel itself

Is pretty standard here you’ve got your one touch down windows this is the dark walnut slate interior you’ve got the real wood grain trim nice leather materials and offset stitching so it’s definitely a really cozy interior in fact this particular truck has the all-weather mats which is gonna cover every inch of carpet back here so you don’t have to worry about

Getting that dirty and i would definitely recommend that if you live in a northern climate now back here in terms of features for the back seat you finally got rear heated seats from both exterior sides you’ve got the usb c port as well as your standard usb and a 12 volt charging outlet not to mention you finally got air vents back here too so it’s definitely

Going to be nice and comfortable now let’s take a good look into the interior the driver’s seat here up front of the 2019 sarah slt as i mentioned before this is the dark walnut slate interior you’ve got the really nice perforated heated and ventilated front seats here the nice french stitching these are also 10-way power adjustable controls with your lumbar

Support and once again really nice gmc branded all-weather mats which are an absolute must for this truck on the door panel itself you’ve got a couple features here which includes your power folding mirrors power adjustable mirrors and your one touch down windows you’ve also got the drivers memory seat settings and your bose premium audio system alright now we’ve

Gone ahead and taking a seat inside the nineteen sierra and we’ve got a plenty of stuff to go over in here now starting off from left to right okay so we’ve got the all-new select train system right here so if you want to change to toe mode you’re no longer gonna have the button on your column shifter it’s just gonna be a knob right here and you’re able to switch

Into toe mode and that’s gonna basically indicate it right there on the center screen now you’ve also got a sport mode finally which is going to tighten up your suspension just a little bit tighten up the steering and it’s gonna change how your transmission responds so it’s definitely gonna give you a bit more improved performance especially if you’re not towing a

Trailer guys on the left here you’ve also got your four high your too high and then your your off-roading mode right here of course this is auto 4×4 so if you want to leave it in auto that’s gonna kick it into four-wheel drive when it needs it now you’ve got all your light controls right here including your mirror lights which i mentioned right before that button

Is gonna be right down there now the steering wheel is really nice on this 19 cr okay so you’ve got the leather wrapped with a nice little stitching here which is going to provide some extra grip you’ve also got the heated feature which is gonna feel really nice on those colder morning’s like today you’ve got your cruise controls on the left hand side as well as

Your forward collision alert now down here you’ve got nice aluminum inserts here on the steering wheel definitely gives it a nice solid and responsive feel you’ve got the five-point command center which is going to control the center screen here on the dash and you’ve also got your your hands-free call buttons on the steering wheel as well so i’m gonna quickly go

Over the different options you’ve got on here you’ve got your navigation your phone buttons your settings and of course you’ve got all your radio info and tire pressure oil life all of that good stuff so it’s definitely really easy to use and it’s pretty interesting it also gives you brake pad life on here as well which is really new now perhaps one of the best

New things they added is finally they got rid of the standard key and they added push start ignition so you’re able to use remote start to start this up from the app on your phone or of course just started up at the key in your pocket that’s not going to be an issue at all now the column shifter is relatively the same as last year’s model except this one’s got a

Bit better feedback to it i’ve noticed i don’t drop it into neutral by accident as often if i’m going for reverse or something i’m not gonna accidentally push it down too far it’s definitely got a nice responsive feel to it now we might as well show you the eight inch touchscreen display this is largely improved from the previous generation look how responsive this

Screen is finally this is similar to the level of responsiveness as you’d find on your iphone i’ll take a look at this navigation system really beautiful hd navigation system and look how smooth everything goes you’ve got everything labeled out here really nice colourful display so you’re able to set up some some interesting some hotspots so if you’ve got your you

Want to set a destination as home or your vacation home or whatever you’re able to save some locations on here and easily access them whenever you want now in terms of audio connectivity you’ve got your sirius xm radio which is going to come standard for three months you’ve got am/fm there’s no cd player in here anymore guys but you’ve got apple carplay you’ve got

Android auto you’ve got bluetooth you’ve got sd card you’ve got usb whatever you want but no cd player anymore which honestly is okay in today’s day and age now we’re gonna take a look at the trailering feature which is also pretty interesting you’ve got a full full control over adding and removing trailers so you could essentially add a new profile for your

Trailer and that’s gonna essentially the truck is going to measure its weight and measure obviously the different characteristics of your different trailers and its gonna basically adapt to it quicker next time if you select that same trailer once again now you’ve also got the checklist feature which is really nice here it lets you go over a nice little checklist

To ensure that you’ve got everything hooked up nice and safely and i really love this feature that’s unique to the gmc sierra lineup now last but not least you’ve got access to download new apps which i believe is gonna have stuff like the weather network you’ve got pandora radio and different features but of course right now we’re in demonstration mode so it’s

Not gonna have everything available just yet climate controls are also accessible from the touch screen but you’ve got the nice hard controls down below if you’d rather use those physical buttons instead and of course we’re gonna go over the camera angles that i was talking about earlier now take a look at all the different camera angles you’ve got on this truck

Okay so you’ve got the wide-angle reverse camera with your trajectory lines and of course that’s gonna work with your ultrasonic parking sensors to give you some audio feedback when you’re approaching a vehicle now this is actually the wide-angle view as i mentioned before you’ve also got the top-down view which is going to be great if you’re backing up close to

A curb or something and then of course you’ve got your hitch view which is going to allow you to backup and connect your trailer hitch without having someone in the back spotting for you now the other camera setting you’ve got here is your side view mirror so it’s gonna give you obviously a wider angle view of the side profile of your truck when you’re towing a

Trailer now if you press that again the screen is gonna go black but basically you you’re able to get a camera to hook up to your trailer which is gonna give you the view from behind your trailer so if you’ve got a really tall trailer that you can’t see behind that’s gonna display it and once again this black portion here on the screen that’s going to display your

Trailer camera which you’re able to hook up and that’s gonna be you’re able to purchase that separately hook that up and once again you’ll have the side view of your truck and what’s behind your trailer last but not least this is the other camera on the mirror which is gonna give you the front tire view so of course once again if you’re parallel parking or you’re

You’re making a sharp turn you’re gonna be able to see that and obviously improve your safety now heading down a bit lower here all the climate controls once again dual zone you’ve got the nice colourful led strip accent lighting around here and really nice physical buttons in this gmc sierra i really appreciate how they kept nice solid and physical buttons now of

Course you’ve got the nine heated and cooled seats on the front once again you’ve got the heated seats in the rear now a couple of the buttons are gonna find out here include your lane departure warning and lane keep assist you’ve got your parking sensors which you could turn on and off you’ve got the auto start/stop feature which is gonna save you money on fuel

This is the button which is gonna drop down your tailgate in the back we’ve got your hazards your traction control your power outlet which is located in the box of the truck and you’ve also got a button which is gonna drop down all four windows from the push of a button now i’m gonna warn you you’re not able to lift up the windows again so once you drop all four

Of them down you have to manually close all of them but still nonetheless a pretty cool feature you’ve got the trailer brake controller just below that usb see usb 3.0 and you’ve got the 12-volt outlet and a nice 120 volt household outlet if you want to plug in a laptop or something now heading on a little bit lower here you are gonna find your wireless charging

That which is enlarged from the previous generation which is finally gonna fit the iphone 10 or some larger samsung note devices plenty of storage down below two cupholders on the front and you’ve also got two cupholders in the back here which are gonna be for those rear seat passengers or if you want to keep an extra water bottle hidden out of the way now the

Armrest itself is really really big you’ve got out of your usb your usb c and auxilary in here as well as some wheel locks and whatever else but essentially you’ve got a lot more cargo space even a bit more than the previous generation and you finally got a light down here so that’s gonna illuminate stuff in the dark if you’re looking for your receipts or whatever

At night now let’s take a look at these glove boxes real quick you’ve got the top portion which is pretty small but you’ve nonetheless got enough room for you know a couple of gloves or something and then the bottom portion here is gonna have a lot more room for your engine block heater cord and you’ve also got your owners manual down there so definitely a lot

Of space in the interior cabin up here you’ve got the regular auto dimming mirror on the ceiling itself you’re gonna find your your programmable garage door transmitters you’ve got the slide and tilt sunroof controls as well as your power sliding rear window now last but not least you do have your onstar buttons here on the ceiling of course onstar is gonna come

Standard for six months and it’s a really great service to have in case you get into an accident you’ve also got the button here for your interior dome lights which are led and those are great because if you leave them on by accident overnight they’re not going to draw a lot of power and another cool thing is here when you turn them off instead of just turning

Turning off abruptly they actually fade out really nice and smoothly so it definitely gives you the appearance that you’re in a luxury vehicle which is exactly what this sierra is so overall that sums up to the 2019 gmc sierra slt now if you want to come take a look at this vehicle for yourself or go on a test drive we would be happy to help you out here at 1717

Waverly street that’s mcnutt cadillac

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Review: 2019 GMC Sierra 1500 SLT 5.3L Crew Cab By McNaught Buick GMC