Review: 2021 Volkswagen Atlas

The 2021 Volkswagen Atlas may be the best family ride on the market. With seating for seven comfortably, a spacious interior and cargo area, a great powertrain, and a surprisingly affordable price, the VW Atlas hits all the marks. With the interior revamp given, it’s now also nicer to look at inside.

Hey it’s aaron today i’m with the 2021 volkswagen atlas this is the full size uh you may remember i did an atlas sport review that’s a different uh sized vehicle this has three rows the other one does not that’s the major difference but uh the atlas has seen restyling this year so for 2021 there’s a new front fascia you can see the grill is slightly different

It’s a little more pronounced with thicker middle whatever these are called going across and stuff and uh just a a more suv look about it uh so it was already large now it’s it’s uh making sure that you know that and it’s a good look for this particular vehicle there’s also some changes on the back end and a couple of little things that changed throughout but

The atlas is a three row family vehicle so the third row is actually usable it’s not just only for the kids or whatever it’s a good three third row and the overall size of the vehicle is bigger than you expect so let’s look it over under the hood of the atlas you have two different engine options the engine that’s under here right now is a 235 horsepower four

Cylinder that is uh a pretty good match actually it’s turbocharged it’s the turbo doesn’t take forever to bring up any power uh so it it starts in pretty early with that power and it runs really smoothly this is a good match for this particular vehicle then there’s a six cylinder option six cylinder option is 276 i believe is the number of horsepower and uh

It’s a smooth six i i’ve driven it in other atlas vehicles uh in the past it’s a nice smooth curve of power just like a v6 but honestly i think this two liter four is better or two liter turbo 4 this turbo 4 is better simply because you just get the power faster so it’s it’s just a better match for this i don’t think i would bother with the engine upgrade now to

Get that upgrade is a little bit confusing there are like i don’t know four or five six something like that packages for the atlas uh and you can only get v6 in certain ones of those so to kind of break that down the let me remember the names the se esee with technology or sel the first three packages the first three trim levels they have this four cylinder

After that the next i believe it’s three more those have the v6 so what i’ll do is i’ll just put it on the screen what the packages are because off off the top of my hand i’m never gonna remember these package names they’re all it’s all the usual kind of stuff i mean at least it’s not ford with like 4 a b x y 7 7 or whatever at least you know it’s like sse or

Whatever but anyway you get the idea uh and i’ll i’ll put the actual packages that have four and six cylinders up on the screen so that’s that let’s look at it from the side get a good idea of the proportions of the vehicle then we’ll look at the work again then we’ll get inside of it so from the side here you can see that uh looks like and did a lot with the

Lines on this vehicle uh so you can see it kind of comes around i’ll walk in into the picture you get some perspective so you can see how this moves around like this and flows along that’s a really cool design detail it’s something rarely seen where not only does it run front to back which is pretty common but it runs with curves so it curves here to accentuate

The fender and it creates it makes this more of a cliff face but this itself has this running along it it creates kind of a bullet end right here and then it runs along here and that creates a light shelf right here so it’s it’s really cool the way it works and then this line here isn’t just a crease it also dips in before it comes back out again for roundness and

That creates again another light shelf so you have a little bit of shade right here and that creates a change in the light it’s it’s really nice play on how that on how light works on a vehicle and how lines can create all kinds of movement and things so this line runs like this and then comes here and then straightens out to go across the body work you can see

There and then there’s another line up here that started from the bottom of this bullet head and runs across and that creates this little belt line up here so you have this wide spot right here and then this because it dips down creates again a light change right so you have this line and the belt line running in parallel like that and then this comes up again to

Create this rear haunch to create the uh the fender back here while this continues steady on all the way to the back but it doesn’t just stop it comes back here makes another bullet head and curves up and it becomes a continuous line a continuous circle almost kind of an ellipse running across like this so there’s a little bit of a thing right here and it just

Runs across like this and comes down and then this sort of meets up here visually and it creates a continuous it’s really cool look i really love these lines i love that they’re curved i love that because it’s so unusual and it’s such a really kind of it’s a strong and yet refined look it’s a really really smart design i really like it the wheels on this are pretty

Okay they are pretty large there are several packages that come with different sizes but these are i believe 20s yeah these are 20 inch wheels and i don’t think i would go bigger than that i think if you go bigger than that you’re going to really start impeding on the ride quality it’s already pretty good it’s got a good ride quality but when you make those wheels

Bigger in any vehicle the ride quality suffers because of it so and then this happens to have pretty nice pirellis on it so and this isn’t even a top-end package this is like somewhere in the middle i think this is the seo so wonderful wonderful look i really like the way they did this i’m not hugely fond of this color i think i would want a different color but

I really like the light play and the way the lines work the light play may not be as as good on camera because the sun is right there coming straight down but i’m hoping you can see some of that it’s really nice let’s look at the working end in the back and then talk about the three rows of seating in there so looking at the back you can see that the curvature

That was happening up there doesn’t happen here it’s it’s a little more flat this is rounded slightly and then it flattens out that mimics the front a little more also the changes that were made this year as far as the design in the back this is a little bit different it’s not as pronounced as it was before and then the bottom bumper is a little bit different and

Then you can see the dual exhaust on this even though only one of them is actually functional just gives it a little more i don’t know robustness i don’t know what the word is for that but uh opening again one of the few volkswagens that opens with a button most of the suvs don’t don’t tilt the little logo which is kind of dumb i think that’s a volkswagen thing

And it should stay large cargo space so i can’t even reach the seats up there with a third row down very large cargo space i fit a lot of stuff in here to take it and get rid of it and under here you have a spare tire spot this in particular the spare tire is actually underneath a cover but you have the screw screw top for the cover there jack and everything

Else isn’t in there you can get a couple of things in here if you need to this also acts as a cargo holder so separator so you can like wing it in here um and a couple of other things just to to make life a little easier when you’re using it now for the third row i’m just going to pull one of them up there you go and then there’s the headrest uh so it’s one of

Those i like to call these the the uh drone wars right looks like the star wars robot from the drone wars anyway that’s that’s what this headrest looks like so now you can see there’s a lot less cargo space but it’s still pretty good and these seats tilt and recline i can do it from here with the strap but when you’re in the seat you can also do it from a lever

On the side so that’s pretty cool now let’s get in it i’ll show you how what the third row is like for me as six foot three plus the middle row and then the front so the first thing we have to do is get into the third row that’s what this work that’s where this comes into play so you can see you grab that handle on top of the seat and the whole thing goes forward

Hopefully you can see well enough uh what i look like in here so i’m six foot three i have a little bit of leg room because this seat has moved forward slightly it does have a little movement to come back it would hit me right about here if it were all the way back but the rear the third row is actually usable uh seats two has full seat belts drink holders over

Here all that good stuff uh so it’s comfortable enough that you could put adults back here i wouldn’t put them back here for a long road trip your butt’s going to get sore because your legs are are not even right i need the the seats need to be higher for that right but this is a usable third row which is pretty unusual in this segment now let’s look at that

Second row uh and then we’ll talk about the front end so here in the second row you can see that i have a lot of leg room even though this is set for me at six foot three up there i also have a lot of head room i had pretty good headroom in the third row really good headroom here and just overall this is a pleasant experience the seats three across you could

Get three across this is a wide vehicle so i do like that i do like uh just the whole setup so volkswagen they don’t make the prettiest vehicles but they make extremely functional vehicles and that’s a good thing so up here in the front the driver’s seat is very comfortable passenger seat is the same and i like the controls layout uh so it’s pretty simple it’s

It’s very straightforward it has a huge nicely sized and usable touch screen over here that’s easily within reach uh it has just a nice kind of simple layout volkswagen is always very austere on their interiors they’ve upscaled a little bit now there’s some faux wood inlay and a few other things going on to create a little better interior experience and i give

Them a lot of credit for that now this does not have a virtual uh gauge cluster which is kind of the thing now these are still hard gauges but honestly i don’t really care one way or the other the virtual screens are easier to see but i have yet to have any glare on this one too so uh nicely set up and smart all right so there you go that’s the 2021 volkswagen

Atlas this in particular is the se with technology so base price for the atlas is about 33 000 this with everything in it so the se package plus the technology package which is right about the middle of the lineup for this vehicle it’s a little over 40 with delivery so 40 000 huge suv it’s one of the better deals on the market right now so a wonderful wonderful

Design and just a nice nice vehicle they volkswagen just really hit the button here uh so great job i think that’s it i’m kind of stumbling trying to figure out what i’m supposed to wrap this up because you know supposed to have production values and have like the supposed to give you a hook in the beginning i i don’t think i did that and then i was supposed to

Like wrap it up these are these are the rules of youtube’s so all right that’s what i got it’s been aaron talked again soon

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