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Hey luke here again from walls of chrysler jeep dodge here in hopkins just to show you the new ram 1500 classic now this is becoming a lot more popular truck for us here just due to the price point this is going to be in the warlock trim level and you can get into a full-size truck for about 40 000 or a little under comes with a lot of really cool features for a

Standard truck you do have the full steel bumpers up front as well as the full hid front headlights now this is the old styling for ram with a little bit of a twist a little bit more of an off-road aggressive look on it which people are really starting to like and again that price point is the really attractive piece on this ram truck when we take a look over here

On the side you’re going to see a lot of those cool little trim pieces so all of the black on this truck the black wheels the black trim and all the black badging is going to be again part of that warlock trim level you’re getting yourself a pretty good looking truck for the price on the inside there’s not a whole lot of features that are optional extras you can

Get an off-road package as well as an undercarriage package to kind of protect underneath when you take a look at the inside you do still have the automatic windows the door locks and the full cloth seats that do have the option for heating as well so really comfortable spacious truck for the price and you do have that beautiful 8.4 inch display as well we’ll

Get into some of the extra features that are in that screen that i want to share with you shortly in the back seat with the two different cab options we do have the quad and crew cab options this is going to be the quad cab you’re still going to get a decent amount of space back there again with the flip up rear seats so if you have something a little bit bigger

You want to keep out of the way you can flip the seat up and store it right there so this is going to be the standard bed this is going to be the only option you can get on the classic and the warlock it does come with a lot of the same touches as you see up front you do have the really nice blacked out badging as well as the same steel bumper in the back with

Those parking sensors obviously you do have your standard backup camera this one is equipped with that towing package now with that package you can either opt for the 3.6 liter v6 engine which is the most common in this truck otherwise you can step up to the 5.7 liter hemi this truck does come with just a standard bed no coatings on it if you do want to get

Any tonneau covers bed liners or lighting options feel free to reach out and ask for me i can help you get that all squared away at the dealership with the warlock trim level it does come with its standard black out wheels now if you do go with that off-road package you can get a little bit more aggressive wheel and tire that will be one of the options on the

Vehicle as well but they are unique to the classic they do have that really good old-school look to them now in the mirror here the our standard heated mirror so really good in colder climate keeping the ice and snow off them so you can see really clearly on the inside you are getting a good amount of those standard features so you do have the power windows you

Do have all of your lighting options as well as those cloth seats with the optional heated package as well as heated steering wheel options would love to go over some of the extra features inside the truck let’s hop in and take a look taking a look inside the warlock we do have a lot of really cool standard options in here you do have your sos and assist buttons

Right in the mirror moving down you do have additional storage right above the 8.4 inch display now this is the same display across most of the models you do have your full media control on here climate control settings different applications a quick screen to your backup camera or your projection management which will be the apple carplay or android auto when

Your phone is connected below that you do have some of the hard buttons for the climate as well you do have dual zone climate control as standard in this vehicle as well as your traction control off your tow haul modes or your rear parking sensors off some of the blank switches here you can get optional upgrades on there like built-in trailer braking that’ll

Be a factory option you can have installed you do have your shift knob over here as well as your different four wheel drive modes so you have your two wheel drive four wheel drive lock and four wheel drive low as well as a bunch of different power options below as well in the center console here you do have a little bit of extra storage space as well as a few

Different charger ports you do have your three cup holders and there’s additional storage below the screens as well taking a look over at the steering wheel you do have a nice amount of controls right on the steering wheel so you do have your gear select over here so if you’re towing hauling or going down a steep hill you can adjust the gear your different cruise

Control settings so you can turn it on increase your speed decrease your speed and then again on the back of the steering wheel you do have some of your other volume controls over on the left here we do have your voice messaging as well so you can answer and end phone calls as well as use your phone integration over there and then the lower four buttons here

Are gonna control the beautiful screen right in front of your display in the center display screen you are gonna get your full digital readout you’re also going to have more vehicle information you can scroll through as well as your fuel economy both trips a and b will be displayed on that center screen as well as any media you may be listening to whether on

Your phone or through the radio any service messages will also appear on the center display and you do have the option to set up and only show the certain things that you want on that display so you can customize it to yourself if you’re looking for a work truck that has a lot of standard features and a lot of optional upgrades to it this is going to be the

Truck for you if there’s some stuff that this doesn’t have available on it we can always step you up into another trim level if you have questions about any of the other trucks that we have you can ask for me luke at walzer i can help you up pick the best truck for you and get this one configured the way that you like it if you want to take a look at the rest

Of our inventory you can also see us at walzercjd.com bye

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