Revolva ND Adapter vs Canon VND for RED Komodo

One of the missing features of the RED Komodo is built-in Internal NDs you get standard on other Cinema Cameras. The Kipper Tie Revolva ND tries to solve this issue by adding NDs before the lens. It almost makes the RED Komodo feel like it has built-in NDs. Not only that, it converts the RF mount to EF Mount. The build quality and color accuracy are amazing, but it comes at a price.

Hey what’s going on this marcos today we’ll be taking a look at the keeper tie revolva uh which you see right here this is the it has the filter with the two four and seven stops and actually my friend let me borrow this i try to find it online right now and it’s not available for sale on b h amazon or even used on ebay you can’t find it um but i did go to their

Website and right now you can buy it for like well you need to get it from the uk and once you you know if in the us you’re gonna spend like two thousand dollars or twenty five hundred dollars if you get like some of the other accessories like chin strap or if you want uh other different filters with with uh different nds i actually like this one two four and seven

A lot of times i find that seven is a sweet spot for filming in the middle of the day outside it’s really sunny seven stop is usually the way to go when you’re doing like 2.9 and you’re baseline so i say 800 so that’s that’s really good um all right i also want to compare it to this actually this is the canon variable nd i bought this with the komodo from komodo’s

Website when it first came out and it was one of the you know things you could add on and so i decided to pull the trigger i might need it for running gun situations i’ve used it here and there also you should consider that this is a variable nd and this knob is pretty loose on on the adapter you don’t have you have no idea what how many stops you’re adding on also

You can accidentally hit this little knob because it’s just so loose you know you could accidentally you know tap the camera and boom your finger accidentally um hits the knob and now you it’s a whole different exposure so this is not a very secure way to set your nd i i just don’t like this whole system at all uh yeah i definitely prefer much having set stops

Like two four and seven or two four and six which some of my cameras my cinema cameras have my standard is two four and six this is two four and seven which actually works out quite nicely you know i’m glad they added that extra stop for shooting outside so the first thing i want to show you is a test and just keep in mind that this is right here right now it’s

400 i might just spent more but this you’re looking at like two thousand dollars for the revolver so you know so i expect to see better results out of the revolva let’s look at it first off this is the canon variable nd and as you can see as you getting to the higher stops it starts introducing magenta where the nine stops there’s a huge magenta shift now looking

At the revolver using the same test the colors are pretty much the same going from two to four to seven stops there’s no color difference really so i’m really happy with those results so as you can see the revolver is definitely better you get more color accuracy across the different stops this you get a huge blue shift which reminds me of that i should probably

Sell this or just store away never use it again so in this case you know you get what you pay for but again most of the time for myself i’m usually using a map box and using 4×5 nd filters in front um that’s usually the way to go because you can use that map box on different camera systems and all your lenses whereas this is just for your komodo or anything that’s

Rf mount um you know something to think about you know i i honestly if i had to spend the money i say go with the mad box and nd filters because that you can transfer it to any camera body which often is the case for me i use a lot of different camera bodies different lenses and so for me i want to have that flexibility to use my filtration on any camera but if

You’re using rf mount this komodo i mean and this is your go-to and you really want to kit it out and make it very custom then i say it’s you know it’s a good option so let me show you other things from this that’s quite nice it has a locking system so you twist here comes out which is great that way you don’t get any wiggle room also if you buy the the chin strap

It’s even more secure another thing you can do if you don’t have the chin strap you can uh your lenses you can attach usually sometimes they already have a an attachment down here so you can get a lens support adapter and it attaches to the rails and you can support the lens that way especially if it as it gets heavier or you’re pulling focus you need to be very

Precise you want to make sure you don’t have any kind of wiggle room so that’s pretty neat um you know it’s heavy duty this is all plastic this cannon is all plastic whereas this is more metal and in order to remove it well before we get there let me show you right now it has four stops and then you rotate where is it and this is seven stops right there this

Is clear so no nd and this is two stops right there and then it has this little screwy against you know twist and lock it so it doesn’t accidentally move on you which is great you know now there’s no play you don’t accidentally move it also if you loosen it it’s not gonna come undone and lose it by accident so that’s great i’ve i have other devices where you gotta

Be careful with screws if you loosen them too much they just fall off so this won’t fall off and in order to remove the the whole filter or take it off the komodo you first gotta unscrew it loosen this knob this little screw here take out the nd itself like this and then you can access the button to twist this off there you go and it comes off there it is all

Nice and metal really great built quality i mean it just feels so robust so you see all these um this touch points it communicates with the camera so you can read out the f-stop and the focal length so in case you have those automatic lenses you know you can take advantage of that so it’s all there and if you’re paying over two thousand dollars for something like

This you better get a nice quality so can’t complain there maybe lock it in and then bring in the filter again there’s different filters you can get for this this is a two four and seven stop which would be my go-to if i were to only get one filter set it could be this or just one filter tray it would be this one and just lock it in just for fun and bring in the

Lens like this there you go unlock that’s it um yeah i guess the last thing to mention is that you don’t have exact stops on this canon filter on top of that and which is very annoying you don’t know where you’re at as opposed to having precise knowledge of how many stops you’re adding of nd which is great for when you’re shooting outside and you have a meter

Or you know you want to cut down light by two stops you can do so with precision using something like this like the revolver whereas this you have no idea what your how much stops of nd you’re adding on so i i just gotta give it up for that um again it all comes to choice which you need which you which you think you’re gonna do down the line if your commodities

You go to line it’s a great option to go something like this you probably don’t want to spend on this after seeing the results um if you’re not going to spend money on this go with the map box and uh these 4×5 trays and get something professional you can stack multiple multiple uh filtrations it could be black pro mist uh you know four stops two stops of nd or

Whatever it is uh that also gives you a lot of flexibility so i much prefer the matte box op mad box option but then again you’re adding a lot more bulk weight you’re trying to go stay very nimble and and have everything built in definitely there’s an ease in just being able to twist this knob and getting some stops in your camera and you know you can go and run

And gun and shoot outside so that’s a great benefit on something like this all right so if you have any questions please let me know as always appreciate you for watching i’ll catch you on the next one all right

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Revolva ND Adapter vs Canon VND for RED Komodo By Marcos Rocha