RHD Subaru legacy wagon GT B Spec BG5

It’s been a couple of months sorry guys for the wait but here is a new vehicle it’s a 95 Subaru legacy wagon. But it’s not your typical wagon it’s a twin Turbo right hand drive from Japan Subaru. Fit it with the motor EJ20H. Just picked up the car have a lot of plants it’s been 7 years since I had my last Subaru enjoying every 2nd of it and want you guys to come with me through the process of getting it to where I want to have it don’t forget to subscribe like follow me on Instagram at twin_turbo_kev.

Today we’re gonna do another video what is up guys it’s kev here and with a new video and i have my little helper she’s there but the video is like we’re going to be talking about is going to be about this thing this is the new vehicle um i just picked up so if you guys know and i’ve been kind of gone i haven’t been posting anything but this is the new car just

Picked up it is if you can see zoom in bam it’s right hand drive another right hand drive i already said i was gonna get another one and this one is stick shift all right guys so here it is it’s a subaru legacy gt b spec this variant was introduced as a wagon only model um starting from 93 as well it is like the more sporty version of the touring gt it was

Fitted with standard abs brakes subaru sport suspension those bbs wheels that are 16 inch and they’re forged as well as the engine it is a boxer two stage twin turbo engine that’s the most coolest thing ever it’s a twin turbo um you feel it so much when you’re driving um you see right there’s one turbo so and then there’s the other one it goes from the first one

Kicks in at 3 000 the second one kicks in at 5 000 um it’s really great and the motor it is an ej20h um so it is a five speed um this one did come in automatic as well like as unlike as the gts the gtbs come the gtbs don’t come with uh air passenger airbag it doesn’t come with all that extra optional stuff it is a sporty wagon it was for you know let’s take

This car to the max like you know let’s drive it was a driver’s car um other than that you know it is with the forged bbs’s it does have the sport suspension i do have some coilovers i’m going to install it because you know ride it is a 25 more than 25 year old car um it is fitted with a kenwood system completely it comes factory from the dealer i think that

Was pretty cool and it has a 60 changer that’s underneath the drive the passenger seat um i didn’t record it but i have a picture there i did change out the speakers because they were just blown they were like yo they they had they were sounding good but sometimes when some some music it wouldn’t really really that good so you know i changed it out um it does

Have a cassette player and i use a bluetooth cassette player so i can listen to music i’ll put pictures right there of that but that is the car really i think it’s pushing like 280 i believe um pretty clean pretty good this is a new project we’re going to be working on this as well as s3 i do have a couple things i want to buy and install for it i got a right

Here jumping around exploring in the woods but yeah so let’s let’s start up the car uh oh yeah the only aftermarket thing it did come with it it’s a hks servo timer and the turbo timber works i don’t know how to play with it but i know it works the car does have you see there it’s like od miles but in reality got like 138 000 miles yeah she even says hello to

You so yeah guys let’s start her up turns on right away and no lights on the dash everything works i like this thing it tells me it’s talking again but yeah guys so this is the car it came with the momo steering wheel i know most of these don’t come with it but this one came with most of the options um other than that the seats i like i like the design of it

They’re comfy they’re not bad but this is the vehicle right now bye so i i did right

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RHD Subaru legacy wagon GT B Spec BG5 By Yer Its Kev