RIP GTI 2022 VW Jetta GLI Review

2022 Jetta GLI review by The Straight Pipes. The Volkswagen GLI is putting down 228 horsepower and 258 lb-ft of torque from a Turbo 2.0L 4 cylinder. At $PRICE CAD, would you take it over the VW GTI?

I’m yuri i’m jacob and we’re glie 2022 volkswagen jetta gli manual transmission no launch control not bad we’re sparring torque 228 horsepower 258 pound-feet of torque from a 2-liter turbo four-cylinder i’m gonna downshift and feel that torque there it is very satisfying it’s enough to actually throw you back in your seat so this actually has less power than

The new gti and the new gti is like a whole new car this is just a refresh and the nice thing about the inside of this one is that it’s the older infotainment so we do have hard buttons for our climate and the touch screen and infotainment is different a volume knob into tuning up yuri this is the gti killer all right all right all right oh because of this

Interior an r.i.p civic si no oh no no no no no no so the ksi and this are very close and then there’s one thing that’s going to rip this gli and for me that is the steering column i posted about it on my instagram make sure you guys follow us both a lot of people also agree that they bang their knees on this i think it goes down too much and i really don’t

Like it and no matter what i did to get comfortable jacob can confirm didn’t seem to be a way to not get out without sliding your foot under the brake pedal first yeah uh i also have to do that as well i’m in a slightly better position but my knee definitely still hits in and out yeah i don’t get it no no it’s no other cars do this except volkswagens yeah and

Uh i think i did ask about it years ago and i got kind of like a joke response so i’m not i just i don’t get it yeah but next what i’d like to talk about a thing i do like to maybe redeem the steering column is the looks of this i think the refresh looks great i love the front end and what they did with those little red circles at the bottom on the sides yeah

It does generally look good however when you look at it from like the front three-quarter i think they look kind of silly it looks like this really thick lipstick but if you look at it straight on i think it looks good and the headlights the drl’s line up perfectly with the line the rest of the jet is like pretty much the same i actually don’t even know if the

Taillights are different no no it all kind of blends so much it’s just bumpers that they slightly tweaked basically i did notice that we got dual exhaust back there and we got fake grill mesh back there but in a car like this you kind of expect fake grill mesh let’s take a listen from the outside and those dual exhausts sound okay nice that you can rev it all

The way to redline quickly it’s a cliche quarter good power pushes out a little bit but like it’s got like an lsd or something yeah it’s got a elsd i think it it does handle it’s good pretty well and it is pretty fast yeah so i think it’s a mechanical lsd that is electronically controlled and you can actually change that through your drive modes as well and we

Did have like a mini meetup a couple months ago at toronto motorsport park cayuga and i did race a subscriber who had a gli with some mods on it i did get him off the line of my 350z and then he caught right up so that shows how fast these things are not that a 350 is fast yeah no but these things are fast once again and one thing we glossed over is these gloss

Black wheels not really memorable they’re just okay they look so bad combined with non-shiny tires yeah you have to tire shine your tires if you have gloss black wheels and what would be the tire shine continental recommended tire for a black wheeled gli that would be the extreme contact sport all right looks wise do you like it more than the civic si oh that’s

An interesting one i think pretty tight i’m going to say tied like they actually kind of look similar in some ways but you like different do you like the looks more than the gti i’m gonna say no no but do you like the interior of this more than the gti 1000 million percent yes okay your turn to get behind the wheel and do the launch control that there’s no launch

Control and we’ll talk about the fake pumpkin audio i’m gonna put the gas pedal one thousand million percent down to the floor okay if you hit your knees while getting into this car the review ends oh damn it is this review gonna be over oh yeah then you okay yeah reviews over play the outro music so be fair let me go back into my driving position i think this

Would be it okay well no and if you slide your foot under the gas pedal to get in yeah i mean i can yeah it’s it’s not ideal it’s definitely not you know i don’t use the word deal breaker lightly but literally the lightest person there’s there’s this volkswagen this was a volkswagen deal breaker okay that’s why i got a mod here’s the thing though so now if

I actually want the steering wheel where i want it to be not even like this isn’t even close this is where i want the steering wheel and then this part on the left side is like so sharp and pointy that like i feel like you know you bang the inside of your knee against something uh yeah right there no right there bending inside your knee against that yeah i

Don’t really want to yeah it’s like a stick point ligament damage enough about this yuri let’s uh turn off the parking brake which is electronic i have to push your foot on the brake put on the brake and push okay ready no that’s too high revs let’s go four thousand oh traction and traction stability is all the way off and it still has a light that shows up

Yeah it’s as off as i can get it okay so other than the traction being very intrusive even though it is technically fully off this car does rip like it’s it the the torquiness is very nice remember it’s not a gli r right or a jetta r and it’s not even the new gti which has more horsepower and torque that doesn’t like turn the traction all the way i feel like

That was like a thing everyone was bragging because you couldn’t do it before yeah i i don’t remember we drove that car like it feels like forever ago now yeah um but i feel like you could fully defeat it in that car and then remember we did have some problems with like at the foremotion thing in our form motion video where we got to drive a bunch of different

Volkswagens you couldn’t fully turn it off in certain cars or a certain way yeah the gulf war infotainments and stuff yeah but then this one also does not have a hand brake it’s got the little finger brake which i think we roasted this car straight up roasted broke the internet with our or epic roast because of that one commercial where they’re doing all hand

Brake turns and the only cool part of it was that yeah well also shout out hoonigan for just they just had fun with that commercial yeah i think that was scattered i feel like i’m against fast forwarding footage in cars and like adding parts to make cool drifts yeah no i get that so the transmission itself is actually quite nice the shifter’s just really sloppy

But it’s very forgiving like everything about the clutch and the transmission is forgiving so i don’t mind this at all and so in terms of drive modes we do have eco comfort normal sport and custom and then if you go to custom you can change all of your settings including this has adaptive suspension which is really cool the suspension is really good in this car i

Have zero complaints about it yeah even the sport is nice i’m not quite sure if this is softer than the civic but it’s like on par with the civic i would say should we uh toggle through the engine sound let’s do it yuri uh where’d it go okay yeah okay so it’s pumped in but it’s not bad it’s really not that bad it just sounds like you have an intake uh so let’s

Go full engine sound right now sport i’m all right with it i’m not offended by it you can turn it off if you want set up custom great job volkswagen exactly and now let’s go back into sport mode and then uh traction is still fully off and let’s send it into cliche corner so downshift and it feels really good like the turn is good you can feel the differential

Doing stuff the fact that we have it in sport mode it’s a little extra aggressive and i think the only thing holding this back is the tires and it’s pulling through like kind of feels civic-ish like civic assist it’s good okay next test this does not have auto rev matching unlike the civic si how do you feel about the pedal box uh it’s not bad so i was able

To heal till there here i’ll do one for fun here good that’s not the smoothest thing but you do the raw right yeah i always have to do the roll everybody do that full side no if you did full side you probably smash your knee into that try the full there’s not enough room between the steering column and this so yeah i always go full side i don’t do the roll no

I always have to do roll i don’t fit anywhere my feet are too big the rest of this interior is really good like we said uh materials are just kind of okay but it feels very driven in a good way everything’s really solid we do have a digital display which isn’t really nice i would say yeah i’m not mad at it one bit no it’s cool that goes red too for sporty mode

Sorry i’m gonna infotainment is nice because we do have apple carplay android auto and in apple carplay android auto if you click the app button it’ll go right to your apple carplay projection but if you click nav it won’t go to your apple carplay nav it’ll go to the onboard nav which nobody ever should use right but it’s still nice that it goes to app what

Don’t we have yuri well this isn’t subscribed to siriusxm right now it expired yeah but it has it yes somebody at volkswagen didn’t renew the subscription and if you our loyal viewers and subscribers bought a car and the siriusxm is not active you can probably get a free three months hit up the straight pipes for details and if you did buy a

Car and it wasn’t activated and you bought it through discounted price offers highly recommend trying yeah yeah buy a car from if you live in the states yes actually discounted price offers if you use our link let us know how your experience was or just use it to browse cars that you’re not buying yeah hundreds

Of people have bought cars through our link and quickly back to this interior the steering wheel is quite nice i like the shape of it and everything the texture is good thing i don’t like is these gloss black uh capacitive buttons yeah i did not enjoy using that for volume and tuning and all the stuff and cruise control all week and then you pointed out that

We’re actually missing a heated steering wheel and i didn’t realize what you were saying until i looked very closely pulled a porsche where the button’s hidden back there they did a good job of that i got to give them that and then other stuff in here uh we got a nice place to put our phone we’ve got usbc for the apple carplay which i needed to go in the house

And get a different cable what about our cup holders big old fail and then how about our visors i think they’ll pass three two one yes good job volkswagen what the heck but these seats are really comfortable like no issues at all they look kind of cool too yeah except there’s no lumbar on this side and i think the driver’s side only has forward back no up and

Down you are correct sir okay back seat room jacob do you fit there i had a freakishly tall six foot one and a half i fit totally fine except my head or my hair actually does touch the roof but plenty of leg room and then the trunk room is good and you can fold down the seats from the very back and i don’t really have any issues with that oh and one cool thing i

Forgot to mention is do you like this red kind of intertwined texture yeah yeah that’s cool material i really like that as an alternative to gloss black this is this is good volkswagen not that this does not have gloss black no no but as an alternative as an addition yeah put that everywhere else but put that on the steering wheel make the buttons like that so

I can’t even read them i’d be down with that and i think with that we’ve talked about everything we’d like to talk about with this gli yeah so there’s only one price left to talk about let’s get to the price this one is 31 895 canadian and there’s only one trim for this car and this is it it’s cool that they offer it in manual it’s cool that has a good amount of

Power and it’s cool it’s got the old infotainment and everything but i don’t like how the traction is still so intrusive and i don’t like the steering column and i fully agree with all of your points and to talk about this versus the civic si i’d actually have a bit of trouble making that decision but i think i would still end up with the civic specifications

I no question yeah it’s just civic si in this generation is so good now the thing is civic si doesn’t come in a non-manual where this does however you can buy a integra yes with a cvt true which is kind of the civic si non manual so let us know what you guys think of the new ish jetta gli and would you take this over a gti is this interior worth getting the

Gli over the gti is this rip gti and the gti is even more money too you

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RIP GTI! 2022 VW Jetta GLI Review By TheStraightPipes