RIP TESLA Full Self Driving SUPER CRUISE in a 2022 Cadillac Escalade Review

2022 Cadillac Super Cruise Escalade review by The Straight Pipes. The 22 Escalade is putting down 420 horsepower and 623nm of torque from a 6.2L V8 At $131,173 CAD, would you take it over the Tesla Full Self Driving???

I’m yuri i’m jacob and we’re going for a super cruise 2022 cadillac escalade platinum with super cruise finally we’re testing one out this video is just a test out super cruise so we’re hopping on the 407 the rich people highway it was plowed right away in the snowstorm and i am going to click super cruise will it work it does perfectly right oh let me get

Down to the speed limit even though we’re on the 47 yeah and we’re gonna do this whole review in super cruise so the intention of this review is to actually try out super cruise because it’s been a joke for us that we haven’t tried super cruise for the last like five years or however long it’s been out we want to find out if it’s better than hyundai kia genesis

Uh highway driving assist which we think is some of the best and the tesla which was also really good so if you don’t know what super cruise is yuri does not have to have his hands on the wheel as long as i’m looking forward it has a camera to look at me and as long as you’re on a pre-recorded highway that they go through north america and do how many miles of

Uh the original was over 130 000 miles and they’ve added roots since then however they have not added anything in ontario where we live okay and is all of ontario mapped out for super uh no so i had to look at the map there are some sections that are actually missing on normal highways including the 407 so we may eventually get to that hopefully we don’t actually

Hopefully we do so we can see what happens the 401s missing sections the qew’s missing sections the gardener’s missing sections that’s because everything’s always under construction in southern ontario so my initial thoughts so far it is working great i’m staying in my lane it’s keeping my speed nice i’m going to show you a quick lane change when the car next to

Me is gone put it on right now because it’ll detect that car looking for an opening changing lanes auto lane changing but other cars have that like mercedes okay okay but i’ve not experienced this where if i go to my settings vehicle uh super cruise turn signal activated automatic look i’m chilling here okay okay i’m chilling here check this out what’s it gonna

Do this crazy knight rider car is just gonna start turning into the left lane without me doing anything why is it going to go to the left lane i don’t know that’s just what it did i’ll i’ll get out of this menu and eventually it’ll turn into the left lane okay i didn’t tell it to change lanes there but it just changed lanes for me so to know that super cruise

Is actually activated there’s a couple different things that tell you so on your gauge display there’s actually a steering wheel icon that is green and then on your steering wheel it’s finally illuminated green yeah and then if we can change our thing to an ar camera and then we can see the front while doing supercruise install down there at the bottom and it

Does have normal uh not radar crews adaptive cruise yes but with lane departure and the lane departure isn’t good good it’ll just pull you out after you’ve gone too far which kind of sucks where uh kia genesis if you’re using highway driving system the highway driving assist isn’t available it’ll go to the regular lane keep assist that we love right so there’s

A couple tragic flaws with this system number one we are on the 407. this is a toll road but we went here because it’s perfectly plowed because these are the ideal conditions in not ideal conditions earlier today you couldn’t get it to work on the highway yes it was slushy and said could not read lanes fair enough whatever and then i got to the point where it was

Just wet and i think that was one of the parts that wasn’t on the map that’s not supported it said uh i think it said no information available yeah okay otherwise it says supercruise not available due to whatever it is yeah or uh lane’s not visible that’s what that’s what i was getting when it was on a registered part that was slushy and then the not registered

Part wasn’t but since you and i have been filming car views for five years that highway has been under construction the entire time in southern ontario you may buy this and your route may be under construction until the next model comes out so if you think you want to buy something with supercruise you need to look at your mapping on the cadillac’s website and see

If it’s been pre-mapped and if it’s under construction yeah and take it on a test drive see if it will work and if you need to find a car to test drive in the states discounter price offers united states yes just find one super cruise you can test it yeah because it took us so long to find one with super cruise and we are still super cruising no

Issues this has actually been great why is it hopped in the left lane like i wanted to maybe because we’re going so no i don’t know so i think the reason it went into the left lane when i was driving at night was because i was coming up onto cars that were going slower than it wanted to go and that’s why we couldn’t get it to do it on the 407. okay another thing

That acts up with supercruise if you’re in an exit lane it will not work so go to this exit lane let’s see what happens but make sure you don’t get off i don’t think the 407 has like split off exit lanes oh right here i think i don’t think it let me try let me try it okay auto lane change come on don’t change it yourself i’m not you’re too rich for that i know i

Know i’m on the 407 bro this review is costing us like 50 bucks so if i get into that lane it’s going to i believe it’s going to cut me off okay i think that’s because you’re merging out to another highway so it still understands that if it was an exit it wouldn’t understand yes because from highway to highway it still gets it okay also it automatically got out

Of the exit lane when it turned into an exit lane when we were on the 407 later that day that we filmed this review okay i’m gonna auto lane change back back onto the rich people highway so another thing that we have in our normal highways the poor people highways like the 427 but the normies yeah yeah for the most what’s it going to do here left it stays left it

Stays left on splits which most yuri it knows it needs to stay on the toll road because you’re rich you’re driving an escalade and this car is like 130 000 canadians yeah a lot of money make sure you go to discounted price offers on new models so on the normal highways there’s the expression collector in ontario so on the collector it acts up more

Than it does on the express because i think there’s more turning and coming on and off that makes sense and it decided to not work my first whole bunch of times using it it did not want to work for like the first 10 minutes until i got into a fully different highway it’s not working i’m on the highway and then later that highway worked i went at rush hour on the

427 gardner in don valley parkway which anyone in toronto knows is a total pain yup and it did great until it stopped for certain sections and i clicked this button like a thousand times waiting for it to turn back on and then it turned back on okay my problem is that there’s too much that this doesn’t work for exactly there’s too many variables that need to line

Up perfectly for this to work at all times yes it’s ideal if you’ve tested out the route they’re not going to do construction and you’re happy with that like if you’re going from london to guelph yes and back and forth all the time i feel like that highway is not going to get widened for a long time or even like toronto to montreal minus the toronto section i’m

Sure there’s like peterborough there’s we’ll check the map yeah also the map is pretty low res i feel like it’d be nicer it feels a little more detailed and you even tested it out at night and how did that do at night night was perfect there you go it can read the lanes everything fine at night daytime with some rain on the road is all good but if you can’t see the

Lanes it can’t either and that’s why we’re on the rich people highway and this is called super cruise so it makes sense because cruise control i personally would not use it on like side roads and stuff like that i know some people do my wife really loves that i wouldn’t use it so it makes sense in my head and i think if you’re traveling across the country this makes

A lot of sense across the country would be pretty cool but there’s the thing it’s like if you’ve got to take a country road for like two hours or something it’s not like when we visited chris fix we took a lot of weird roads that weren’t guys no this would not work but if i had a hyundai it would work right you’d have to have your hand on the wheel but it would be

Very very good and it wouldn’t be full highway driving system it would be lane keep assist the lane keeps it still works great yeah on those all right give me some okay i’m gonna get off the highway okay we’re gonna get you on there we might have to hit a little bit of a toll to get on and off again but it’ll be your turn yeah let’s see if it if it cuts out right

Here and come on super cruise unavailable driving in exit lane there okay that was as i was talking about yeah yeah but it didn’t pull me all the way to the left lane so hopefully for you it does that and now it’s technically still on not super cruise but cruise adaptive cruise control but it’s got the lane departure assist that’s not the good centering all right

All right back to it no hands car reviews this is pleasant erie yeah it’s nice this is great okay super cruise is fantastic from the driver’s seat i can vouch for this now yeah it’s a good system as long as everything is mapped out and you know that system works on those roads but if it’s not it’ll be a little annoying and i would advise something else

Yeah and also what i’ve noticed is since we’re driving an escalade it’s very comfortable oh it’s so pleasant to just be seated here and just be transported places this feels like the future right now yeah it’s very actually done this is so luxurious especially seeing it on the screen in front of you it was like pretty funny too that’s really distracting honestly

Like i probably would never use this i would just use the regular gauge just i find it so distracting yeah there’s so much going on but it’s cool gimmicks um do we talk about everything that’s different on this cadillac compared to that red escalade that we drove last year yes and if you’re interested in the full review of the escalade definitely check out our

Previous two escalade videos yeah we just really wanted to get into super cruise so this one is more of the old man spec it’s dark silver or grayish or black yeah yeah but it’s got a bunch of chrome and then this has the radiant package which gives you bigger chrome wheels instead of matte wheels we’ve got a different grille instead of chrome lines that go across

Which i think this is like even nicer looking than the sport package which was all blacked out stuff yeah this is great you get like the blacked out package stuff but it’s not blacked out but then you do get a monochrome badge on the front and back which is also really cool yeah and it almost looks like their new uh electric sort of badge issue yeah i think i like

It i think this is probably the best looking escalade i like having a bit of chrome on it yeah yeah yeah compared to the sport i know i agree because escalades like they should be luxurious and they are but from the outside chrome is a little bit maybe we’re also getting old yeah yeah and then you can raise and lower this one which is pretty cool you can have like

Your entry level or whatever all that cause we have air suspension and we have independent rear suspension like this this is a great vehicle and uh for horsepower and torque should we send it off to our buddy in england yeah uh matt watson you tell us what the horsepower torque is it’s the 6.2 liter v8 horsepower and torque 420 horsepower and 623 newton meters

Of torque it’s a bit of a shout out to my friends over at the straight pipes by the way he didn’t actually know that we were using that clip so tag him on instagram to tell him to go watch this video yeah leave a comment we need that car wow clout guys please also we’re filming this in winter so if you appreciate that maybe hit a subscribe hit a thumbs up because

There’s something in the winter thumbs up yeah please we did take the cheater route by going on the 407 but we did have to go through like four car washes today so anyways multiple cars and then with these wheels they’re 22s what would be the continental recommended tire for an escalade the ones that we’re rolling on and the ones that you took beautiful pictures

Of the ice contact extreme i would like to point out that the snowflake pattern on the tire looks fantastic it looks really really good good looking sidewall great looking sidewall and there’s actually a decent amount of sidewall which is impressive considering we still have 22s i legit no joke have so much confidence on continental winter tires we got them on

The forte five forte as well yeah the viking contact sevens on that one here’s a shot of us destroying it with snow from the cadillac while filming it i just love the tires and generally with the looks of this car i really really like how escalades look uh i wasn’t too sure in this new generation like i always did like it but i i love it i see these on the road

Compared to the previous generation and i love seeing them oh yeah the tall tail lights and yeah they like sequentially shut off and then we’ve got night lights with like the badge that comes out that’s sick that’s cool everything about it just looks so great it’s just they they nailed it okay so now i’m sitting here let’s talk about this interior just a little

Bit there’s just so much going on right now but with supercruise i’m actually quite relaxed i’ve got my heated steering wheel on which is doing absolutely nothing since my hands are in the air but it’s nice to have you know what would be nice like mercedes have heated uh side pods or whatever yeah yeah yeah because now i’m super cruising you know okay yo i got a

Fun thing to do okay sad uh too fast too furious me would you not condemn this this is going for a while accept it bro this is like really long what the heck oh there we go okay wow wow okay so it’s disengaging and it’s actually breaking me yeah you gotta get back on that that’s a bit of a hazard i wish it wouldn’t break me well it has to because that’s slowing

Down you might be passed out i guess it’s gonna come to a stop put on the hazards but that’s the thing about this is when it cuts off it cuts off super abruptly it doesn’t say like super cruise ending in 200 meters please regain control i would like it if it gave you a little warning when it knew the area that it was in was ending like my seat vibrated that’s the

Only thing maybe that’s the warning but i don’t know if it’s instant or you have like 200 meters right it’d be nice to know yeah this is this is very relaxing to drive this well sit here actually i’m not even driving okay if you’re listening to music we have the akg sound system it is really really good like you’ve got speakers in your head rest and everything and

I think we even got some cadillac ear phones a while ago last time for the last launch oh yeah i don’t even know where those went they’re a little too hard on my ears we got some back here you can listen to we got screens back here the infotainment has wireless android auto apple car play i mean sirius xm everything you really want rewinds the only thing that sucks

Is that even though we got these cool double screens the apple carplay isn’t super widescreen like in the ionic right driving right now but it makes sense because it’s curved but this whole thing looks good i’ve got a challenge for you with this infotainment okay how do you turn off traction control oh man okay let’s see why are you going there it’s not a hard

Button i don’t think it is i’m just assuming it’s not settings vehicle oh this is flashing at me ah keep your yeah yeah vehicles super cruise lane change climate oh man oh hang on there we go suspension no ride height i’m gonna search you can’t search while driving i tried oh man i don’t remember yuri i don’t like that oh no hang on is it its own thing no

Oh it keeps flashing at me i like the warning vehicle information yes wow weird hey you think it’d be in settings vehicle not vehicle information and i can’t turn it off because i’m in super cruise yeah but that makes sense total sense and i think you also can’t use it if you’re in uh teen driver mode which also makes sense yeah this is teen driver i don’t know

Who would let their teenager drive this but i guess that is a thing yeah drive modes we’ve got a bunch of fast ones here go click the bottom mode right there oh sorry you’re there’s no hard button oh yeah here we go tour sport off-road tow haul and my mode and then we can go for high auto two it’s good yeah overall it’s a great vehicle yeah i love super cruise

When it works in the conditions that it’s designed to work in it works flawlessly i would say yeah yeah yeah exactly as advertised because it’s not meant to go in slush yeah in bad weather and construction they say that on the website and that’s perfectly fine yup but just the normal lane departure isn’t perfect so should we get to the price hit me with it 131

173 canadian it’s a lot of money in general but it has a lot of presence yes and i think you should definitely option supercruise hopefully there’s no chip shortage that you can’t get it or something like that i think it’s a really good system as long as your drive even if it’s not if you’re gonna go up to the cottage or something well you guys still gotta check

The mapping and everything oh we check the mapping we’ve got a couple things visor test oh yeah three two one pass is that the world’s first visor test while super cruising well properly driving without your hands on the wheel okay um small cup is just on the edge i’d say that’s a fail yeah and then another thing how do you turn off your lane departure sorry we’re

Continuing the review how do you turn off your lane departure assist guess uh no no no is it is it here nope oh it’s here yeah i only knew that because you complained yeah you can’t actually see that like i can’t even see that from my height or anything okay we recently drove the traverse yes that was a three-row gm this is also a three-row gm how much more room

Do you have back here a ton back there like my knees aren’t in my face thanks to that independent rear suspension i i’m comfortable in the third row in this but this isn’t the extended one so we could if we got the extended one have even more trunk room behind trunk room yeah but no more leg room but all the seats fold down super quickly and everything yeah oh

And then in this bad weather i also did notice that this came in handy yes rear view camera which is actually very functional and it’s got really good 360 cameras all the way around and when it’s snowed overnight what’d it do what’d it do disengaging were you looking away apparently we can’t we can’t continue the review without exit lane not an exit lane okay

Get in the left you know okay get in the left lane one and maybe it’ll automatically pull you into the left lane we still haven’t done this it still hasn’t done that automatically no this is very luxurious not having to do anything yeah it’s interesting so we didn’t now hop into the passengers so the car got covered in snow and i managed to get it out of my

Driveway with only 360 cameras that’s good and i did remote started with the key fob which was free i didn’t have to pay a subscription to do that that you know of but i ran it for two cycles of 15 minutes which is like super bad for the environment and it still didn’t melt everything off which i was kind of disappointed but it’s also like freezing cold today

It was like minus like 20 this morning yeah so that makes sense so i think that’s about it yes that’s it thanks for watching thanks for watching guys see you guys next next video let us know where you rank super cruise compared to hyundai keogenesis compared to tesla compared to the new honda this is the first like actual hands-off one that i’ve driven i’m

Impressed on rich people highways yes

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