Rivian R1T EV Pickup 835 Horsepower Amazing

2022 Rivian R1T Pickup Amazing Overview with 835 Horsepower on the QUAD Motors on this EV Pickup. This is the first model release with the QUAD Motors making it the fastest of the Rivian R1T.

Hey guys we’re here at the national drive electric week here in tropical park in miami florida and we’re going to take a look at a couple of electric cars here that they’re offering for test drives up next on wheels and wheels hey guys we have an example of the new rivian r1t it’s a new pickup from rivien that’s been released we have a green one and a silver one

Beautiful looking pickup look at those wheels so these guys i believe have 800 horsepower check out the interior wow look at this super nice and chair it’s got two huge screens wow the seats are gorgeous let’s jump in and check it out so you can change your settings to sport all-purpose off-road and towing here’s your music have different music settings gps is

Huge look at that map it’s gorgeous power consumption different settings it’s a gorgeous looking car is your drive shifter right here turn signals well that’s cool we got beautiful panoramic sunroof up here the back seats look really comfortable let’s go check them out hopefully we can get a test drive of this vehicle it’s really beautiful inside nice interior

You got air conditioned controls here cup holders in the back it’s very luxurious on the inside very roomy in the back we got plenty of leg room nice pocket holders here your air vents are right here love this sunroof panoramic sunroof rivian embossed here nice headrests check out the front beautiful check out this pirelli all-terrain wheels and tires on r20

Gorgeous rims here’s your front area we got some space in the front here as well check out these lights wow so cool gorgeous let’s check this out we have a storage compartment also on the side here which you can store some other items here as well as pass through wow that’s amazing a lot of space there you have a big trunk area i mean cargo area you have a big

Cargo area in the back as well great toe hooks here ‘s a nice interior of the other gray suv that they have here looks really nice pop the side cargo area with this here you have all this pass through right through the belly of the truck that’s really cool you have 12 volt charging here as well beautiful sport there’s a cargo cover right here and you can see

You can close up cargo cover right here cargo area down here a little tired spare tires check out the tail light it runs all the way across the back here peruvian’s here in miami given these demos and also offering test drives today at this ev event here you can close the cargo cover here or open that comes with the vehicle ipad itself very cool so this is our

Our bed um back here we have our tonneau cover in our tailgate uh the tonneau cover is automatic yeah it’s really nice to have that and that comes standard right um couldn’t have an automatic option or a manual option comes down gently which is nice um this is our gooseneck hinge design allows the bed to come out an extra three feet lower so it’s nice and flush

All the way across over here we have a full spare tire compartment comes with a lift kit as well and then underneath this spare tire you also have a drain plug so if you want to use it for tailgating throw ice in there um it’s a great option to have yeah that’s nice on the left hand side here um you have an air compressor and then underneath that there’s two

Outlets for our gear guard cable which acts as a security feature so our gear guard cable you lock either end into these right here lock up the truck and then whatever you have tied down to it will be secure and then over here on the right hand side you have two lights as well we have two lights as well which you can turn on and off to the user interface inside

And then we have two 120 volt outlets and as you can see there’s plenty of tie down spots uh we’ve attached for our crossbars um and then there’s also a four up top as well so very nice so these the air compressor is just to uh get your air thread out of there right yeah so you could play all four tires the hose that it comes with will reach all four tires then

You could also use it for bikes or whatever it goes up to 150 psi you know so yeah that’s nice to have absolutely this is our gear tunnel um this is what everyone’s been excited about uh you just hold down the button up top and it’s going to lightly open up and then you’ll guide it the rest of the way down yeah i love that you have all that space yeah it goes all

The way across great for surfboards or golf clubs or yeah yeah whatever you like skis skis exactly not in florida but first aid kit here on the other side of it uh you have your air compressor hose as i previously mentioned right and this model has a 22 inch tires yes uh so these are the 22s we also offer 21 road and then we also offer a 20-inch all terrain which

Is what this one has right yes correct these are the 28 yep all terrain and the rims are different oh yeah yeah we have several different designs so this is our back seat um as you can see plenty of leg room uh you have usbc ports uh two on the back of the headrest two down here and then you have another outlet underneath as well um if you lift up the seats from

The back you have plenty of extra storage underneath there and if i fold down here cup holders a little storage compartment right here and then you have access to the gear tunnel right there oh cool yeah the interiors are really comfortable beautiful uh vegan leather plenty of storage up here as well um and the doors big compartments underneath the seats you

Have small storage compartments as well we have no uh glove compartment but we have a deep center console uh has charging capabilities in there two usbc ports and then this is a charging pad for your phones cup holders pop in and out and then underneath here you have your portable speaker yep and then there’s also two usbc ports inside so if for some reason your

Phone doesn’t have that capability um you have to worry about this is your windshield wiper yep so up here um we have this flap fold down and as you can see the magnets you can stay up like that you could also remove this um that’s an option because we also have a drain plug in here as well oh okay so more tailgating opportunity right you use as big as ice chest

Exactly okay and if you’d like to remove this you certainly can we suggest you do so it doesn’t get all wet and moldy right you have a portable charging kit um this comes with every rivian uh it’ll have a 110 and a 220 connector um great for charging where wherever you need and your fast charging is what um kilowatt great question um so is that a 100 or 150 i

Don’t know if the top might have to follow up on that um but yeah so our fast charging network is the ruby and venture network um we’re currently building it out uh or you guys are going to have your own charging network yes um and then a lot of people will get our our wall chargers installed at their homes and that will be their their best option to charge okay

Or you can take it to one of the charging companies like collector for america yes or something like that so you can certainly use other companies as well um yeah um okay we use a j1772 and then a ccs for a fast charger so all right we also have a gear guard cable right here this is what hooks up into the back for a security feature all right in case we move to

Another state uh you have the front plate yeah the ugly front plate exactly and then you also have uh child seat anchors and then um in the three different compartments we have a safety and trap where you can find that in the front trunk uh the gear tunnel and also as well you have it and to close it uh there’s a touch pad right underneath here yeah the only

Things that are not automated uh are closing the gear 20 doors and then closing the tailgate okay everything else is automated okay um right here you have three lines you can go ahead and tap that that’ll open up our charge port door and as you can see there’s a light ring around it right that light will change color based off the status of charge oh your lights

Went on them and this bar will change color as well correct if it’s uh fully charged it’ll be a solid green if it’s charging it’ll be a pulse and green so it’ll be green here yep it’ll be green there as well and here as well correct yeah oh that is neat and then this is the so this is the charge charger yeah this is a ccs and this is a j1772 all right um you could

Also open and close um every compartment through the user interface that tailgate and the gear channel doors you have to still have to close manual i saw you yes great thank you so much for the overview outside here my pleasure we’ll jump in i’ll get you comfortable and then we’ll great thank you so much what is your name john john thank you so much john together

In the rearing before the ride we set the steering wheel height and also the um tilt on it and you can do that electronically and you can use uh the knobs on the left and the right so the left will bring it down and the right will bring it back out so that’s a cool feature to have you can just adjust it that way and then as well as then you can choose uh the tilt

And it works the same way using these knobs on the steering wheel so after we adjusted the mirrors as you can see it can go up and down and sideways on both sides we’re going to set the r1t in all-purpose drive mode for our test drive and as we were testing it we also got to see how it will be in sport mode so it actually lowers the truck down so if you’re going

To be doing a lot of highway driving that’s probably the best setting to use and there’s also different ride heights depending on uh your driving situation all purpose is used for all kinds of driving so it’ll adjust as needed as you’re driving i can tell you the drive was very nice it’s a pretty heavy car i think it weighs more than seven thousand pounds so it

Feels heavy but it’s also very responsive and smooth and i think it’s a really enjoyable and all-purpose truck that you could use so stay tuned to wheels and wheels and subscribe and thank you thank you

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