Rivian R1T the cool and fun electric truck

RIVIAN, an electric automaker founded on 2009 originally as Mainstream Motors. The name came from the Indian River where its founder and CEO RJ Scaringe spent much of his youth exploring in Florida. Scarnige, grew up near Melbourne, Florida, and studied engineering in MIT.

Originally as mainstream motors the name came   from the indian river where its founder and ceo  rjs current spent much of his youth exploding in   florida rj grew up near melbourne florida and  i studied engineering in mit this company has   surprised the world with their all-electric pickle  truck the r1t which is equipped

With some unique   make us to turn our attention to this truck   a low aluminum and carbon fiber composite all  r1t will be equipped with quad motor which is   for the front axle and another for the rear   motor and gearbox the r1t has an impressive power   provided by 835 horsepower has a range of 400  miles and

Goes from zero to 60 in three seconds   hess up tesla the r1t has a payload capacity of  1760 pounds and a towing capacity of 11 000 pounds   ribbian has built this truck exterior with the top  materials with elegance safety and performance in   mind as a plus the dimensions of the r1t make it  easy and fun to drive it has 135

Inches wheelbase   218 inches bumper to bumper and 72 inches high  on the front the r1t is wrapped around with   a long light bar studded by two headlights the  ribbon calls exterior lights in terms of charging   convenient way to charge your vehicle at home   capable of adding up to 25 miles of range per hour  vivian is

Building the vivian adventure network   a nationwide network of dc fast charges capable  of adding up to 140 miles of range in 20 minutes   charges at approximately 600 sites by end of 2023   also they are installing multiple rivian waypoint  level 2ac charges across the united states   manufacturers rivien has a mobile app

That   phone to be able to lock and unlock the car   see the current state of charge and remaining  range at the same time control the climate   offered in three different trims the explorer   230 miles of range goes from 0 to 60 in 4.9   second one is the adventure with a battery pack   of 135 kilowatt hours 300

Miles of range goes from  zero to 60 in three seconds starting price 73 000   the third one is the launch edition with a battery  pack of 180 kilowatt hours 400 miles of range goes   from 0 to 60 in 3.2 seconds starting price of  73 thousand dollars however this one is sold   out already or ribbon r1t additions will include 

The electro hydraulic roll control system for   more flexibility in how the truck responds on the  road the system minimized body roll to plank the   vehicle in tight corners for sport car handling  delivering greater breath in vehicle body control   ride comfort and off-road handling in terms of  off-road performance the r1t has

An approach   angle of 35.5 degrees a departure angle of 30  degrees and a max ground clearance of 14.9 inches   ribbian is getting into the full self-driving  competition too with their system the driver plus   this feature is standard on every rivian vehicle  the driver plus will provide automatic steering   braking

And acceleration on select highways while  engaged the system includes an interior camera to   monitor driver alertness and if the system detects  the driver attention drift away from the road   place the hands on the wheel to continue driving   the r1 txc is a massive all-glass panoramic   night and athletic look with matte

Black   finish throughout and vegan leader sitting in  the back and front with performance stitching   enough space on the floor for all needs and a  frontal cabin crafted to feel like a piece of   solid furniture with real natural grain ash wood  wrapping around the center display additionally   you can charge your

Cell phone wirelessly at the  center of the dash is located the infotainment   16-inch touchscreen display from where almost  all the functionality can be controlled the   front seats head threads are equipped with usb  charging ports for more comfort and convenience   and independent air vents the r1t is also  equipped

With the frontal trunk or frank which   is a lockable storage space with 11 cubic feet  of volume covered by a motorized boot a unique   innovation in this truck is the geared tunnel  which is 65 inches long 18.1 inches wide and 20.3   one of the most maintenance add-ons for  this gear tunnel is the camp kitchen for  

Add to the r1t a portable kitchen equipped   and multiple drawers containing kitchen utensils   this is great for camping the bed measures 54  inches long and with the tailgate folded down   long underneath the bed sees the spare tire   outlets and three usb-c ports on the left   side the r1 t features a 150 psi air

Compressor  and last but not least the bed  by simply pressing the button  for opening and closing for additional 2650 dollars you can add a three  person tent ideal for camping plus a two cargo   crossbar very helpful for carrying additional  items on top of the glass roof or on the bed   for your favorite technology content

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Rivian R1T the cool and fun electric truck By Tech World