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Rivian R1T: The REAL Cybertruck

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Rivian R1T: The REAL Cybertruck

The market for electric trucks is already showing signs of growth and it does not appear that this growth will slow down anytime soon whether you’re looking at vehicles made by seasoned veterans of the business or brand new companies that only produce electric cars to the most noteworthy are the rivien r1t which was released by a new company called rivien and the

Tesla cyber truck which was released by an established company called tesla curious to know about these wants to know who is the real cyber truck okay so welcome back friends to your most trusted and favorite youtube channel tech addicts how are you all doing today i am here again with a new video for you all again it’s also related to automobiles as i told you

Earlier so excited to know about it before starting the video guys just please subscribe to our youtube channel and do comment your views and ideas on the topic that what’s your opinion so without letting you all wait let’s get into the video guys rivian automotive incorporation is an american automaker that specializes in electric vehicles and is an auto automotive

Technology company the business was established in 2009 rivien is developing an electric sport utility vehicle as well as a pickup truck on a skateboard platform that has the potential to support other cars in the future or be utilized by other businesses and it has just recently begun production of its three initial products the r1t pickup the r1s luxury suv and

An electric delivery van the primary customer for the electric delivery van is amazon which is also a major investor in rivien before the r1t pickup and the r1s suv have been given positive reviews by the media with the r1t truck taking home the truck of the year title from motor trend the company has had some difficulty ramping up its manufacturing with scaringe

Pointing specifically to concerns with the supply chain and the tight labor market as challenges following the tremendous success of its first electric pickup truck the r1t which was released in september of last year the company is now on the verge of releasing a second model the r1t is an example of the new rivian brand’s mission to supply high performance

Electric powertrains at an extensive range on a single charge to adventure-oriented utility vehicles the 2022 rivien r1t is supported on a skateboard style platform like many other evs which lowers the battery under the passenger compartment to lower the vehicle’s center of gravity the 14.5 inch ground clearance is more than adequate in its base configuration the

Rivion r1t will cost roughly 70 thousand dollars before any discounts are applied the projected arrival dates for the launch edition trucks and other models are september 2021 and january 2022 respectively do you know what rivien is arguably the most deserving competitor despite being hailed as the next tesla alongside virtually every other new manufacturer of

Electric vehicles rivian a slick startup that exclusively constructs electric pickup trucks and suvs and is supported by big investments and collaborations from corporations such as amazon has at long last started production of its eagerly anticipated all-electric pickup truck the r1t it also produces an suv known as the r1s that uses the same platform now let’s

Shift our focus to understanding what is r1t model and its important features curious to know right no need to worry i am here to help you out but before moving ahead in the video just friends subscribe youtube channel if you haven’t done yet and just do comment your views guys please okay let’s continue the r1t is equipped with various cutting edge features yet

It maintains the classic cab and box design of pickup trucks unlike tesla’s entry into the ev truck race the aggressive and extremely sharp all-steel cyber truck is not particularly practical so the tesla cyber truck is a full-size pickup available in three distinct configurations a base model with a single motor for 39 900 an upgraded version with two motors for

49.9 and a luxury model with three motors for 69 900. currently you may reserve a review be an r1t for well over seventy thousand dollars but this mid-sized technologically advanced ultra luxury pickup has a starting price of just sixty seven thousand five hundred dollars there is currently no low end work truck available from rivien very few alternatives exist

When it comes to cost for now rivian’s offers can’t compete with tesla’s on price but as the company finds a firmer footing in sales and production it may construct smaller more cheap trucks a couple of things to keep in mind now that we’re talking money the full 7 500 federal tax credit for buyers is still available to rivas the federal tax incentive for tesla

Automobiles has ended completely furthermore tesla’s full self-driving option costs 10 grand and promises full autonomy for the car once technology and regulation catch up these considerations assist in reducing the price gap between cyber truck and r1t in this sense the r1t has a tiny advantage over the cheaper teslas rivien claims that it can tow 11 000 pounds

Whereas the single and double motor cyber trucks can only pull 7 500 and 10 000 pounds respectively the bed of the r1t is only 4.5 feet long with the tailgate raised and it may be covered if desired to make up for this limitation rivien installed a gooseneck tailgate that extended the bed length to about seven feet the r1t had a shorter wheelbase at 135.8 inches

In 2022 rivian will release the r1t a sleek and futuristic looking all-electric pickup truck with four electric motors instantaneous acceleration and an estimated range of 314 miles the r1t is the first production-ready electric truck joining an emerging market that will soon include the ford f-150 lightning and the gmc hummer evsut although rivien claims it will

Also set up a network of service centers and tesla-like stores the r1t will be sold directly to consumers but what’s different in 2022 for the first model year of the r1t only a quad motor arrangement and a 128.9 kilowatt hour large battery will be available a smaller basic battery and a larger max battery combined with the new dual motor option generating more

Than 600 horsepower are slated to reach production in 2019 rivien also drastically increased the price of the 2022 r1t a move that initially harmed individuals who had reservations before march 1 2022 but after customer criticism the decision was made to honor original reservations now friends let’s see some of the features of the r1t which make it popular safety

And driver assistance features rivien claims that their driver plus suite of driver assistance features will be included on all models please visit the websites of the nhtsa and the insurance institute for highway safety for complete details on the performance tees in crash tests important security aspects include automatic brakes for emergencies are now the norm

Traditional lane departure alert adaptive cruise control as a default setting protection from breakdowns and warranties the usual warranty on a rivian vehicle is quite extensive covering the vehicle from bumper to bumper for five years or sixty thousand miles and the battery and drivetrain for eight years or 175 000 miles the limited warranty lasts for five years

Or sixty thousand miles eight years or 175 000 miles of coverage on the engine and transmission there is no cost free upkeep service the integration of entertainment and communication technology the r1 dashboard tees are sculpted to conceal a big 16-inch infotainment display and another digital readout can be used as a customizable gauge cluster the primary features

Navigation media climate controls etc are always accessible from the bottom of the screen and are represented as expandable tiles in the infotainment interface as an alternative to delving into sub-menus tiles options slip out from the side simplifying the user experience unusually for a company charging this much rivien has decided to leave out both apple carplay

And android auto the r1t is the first fully electric pickup truck on the market surpassing offerings from both traditional manufacturers and competing ev startups while this is great news for rivian the company still faces significant challenges in translating its early market lead into long-term success so this was the video guys i wish you would have loved the

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