Road Test: 2011 Volkswagen Jetta

Road Test: 2011 Volkswagen Jetta

In the late 70s volkswagen tried to increase us sales by building the compact rabbit in pennsylvania with that rabbit turned out to be too american and suffered in both quality and performance it just wasn’t a german car anymore now vw has set high us sales goals again and again they’re launching a more american focused car the all-new 2011 jetta so let’s see if this

Time around volkswagens found the american road to success for starters the sixth-generation 2011 volkswagen jetta will be built in north america only this time around down south mexico way while the previous jetta was already large by compact standards the new car is larger still overall length and wheelbase each grow by about three inches but surprisingly the

New jetta is actually lighter than before styling is more sophisticated with a grown-up appeal but still thankfully with a hint of adventure the revamped front end presents the new face of vw a smaller high-gloss black grille flanked by trapezoidal headlamps creates a nice contrast while down below is a sporty trey shaped spoiler the jettas profile claims a smooth

Flow and a substantial presence strong character lines give it a look that’s more midsize than compact the rear view is also more sculpted than before and the new tail lights have more appeal than the previous car depending on trim jetta rides on 15 16 or 17 inch wheels the five-person cabin has swelled considerably roomier in every direction jetta joins the chevy

Cruze an approaching midsize class passenger room however the overall feel of the interior is not quite as inviting as the previous jetta materials appear cheaper and are harder and there’s even been some decon tenting presumably to cut cost and compete with asian rivals still the instrument panel layout is familiar vw smart tectal and quite economic controls for

Climate and stereo have been simplified the five inch touchscreen is as intuitive to operate as the best aftermarket nab’s front seats are all-day comfortable our up level sel trim had seat heat as part of the convenience package the 60/40 folding rear seat area is really impressive and claims best-in-class legroom the trunk is also larger with 15.5 cubic feet of

Space that’s about 25 percent more than a civic or choral jetta is less changed under the hood with four engine choices for north america faces an underwhelming 2-liter four-cylinder with 115 horsepower and 125 pound feet of torque however most cars will use a tweaked 2.5 litre five-cylinder unit rated at 170 horsepower and 177 pound-feet of torque coming soon is

Vw’s 2 litre 140 horsepower turbo diesel i4 with a promised 40 mile per gallon fuel economy and next spring the gt is 200 horsepower 2-liter turbo 4 will arrive in a jetta gli 0 to 60 is an estimated 6.7 seconds all current trims use a standard 5-speed manual gearbox optional is a six-speed torque converter automatic pdi and gli models will be available with a more

Advanced dsg transmission our 2.5 sel automatic proved fairly peppy but certainly not overwhelming ships were smooth but are rushed to get into more efficient gearing so passing always means waiting for a downshift or two the payoff for that weight however are healthy government fuel economy ratings of 24 city 31 highway on regular gas likewise the energy impact

Score is a modest twelve point seven barrels of oil consumed per year with a smallish carbon footprint of 6.9 annual tonnes of co2 emitted as to the chassis the jetta moves backwards from an all independent rear suspension to a semi-independent torsion beam a simpler stability control and hydraulic rather than electric power steering also s and se models give up

Four-wheel disc brakes for rear drums but despite these downgrades turn-ins are still crisp as the jetta is quite responsive overall body roll is composed as the car shows itself to be very capable and yes sporty it does still noticeably larger when driving it and is more entertaining to dry than even the well-regarded civic and it’s even less expensive than last

Year the 2011 jena begins at sixteen thousand seven hundred fifty-five dollars for the s eighteen thousand nine hundred fifty-five dollars for the volume se and twenty two thousand one hundred fifty-five dollars for the uplevel sel the tvi will start at twenty three thousand seven hundred fifty-five dollars the new jetta clearly has a bigger american personality

But fortunately its german roots are still very apparent we think that careful blending will indeed increase us appeal and take the 2011 volkswagen jetta down a winning road you

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