Road Test: 2012 Hyundai Veloster

Motorweek is made possible by tire rack we talk a lot about hyundai’s family-oriented cars and utilities and no wonder they continue to gobble up market share each and every month but there’s also a fun side to hyundai they have a solid history of entertaining sport coupes from the first tip you’re on to the current genesis coupe and that’s where this new veloster

Fits in an exciting lee styled sport coupe with a difference the 2012 hyundai veloster is indeed unlike any hyundai before not only does it look way sporty-er than anything else from the korean brand to this point this subcompact front-wheel drive sport coupe comes with something unique to its type a third door yes we know it’s been done before remember the saturn

Coupe and the current mini clubman among others they all include a rear hinged access door but surprised the velocity’s rear door is not a short panel but a full-size front swinging door opened by a nicely hidden handle mounted high in the c-pillar the advantages for rear access are obvious but the uniqueness doesn’t end there apart from the familiar hexagon hyundai

Grille not much about this hot little hatch says i’m from korea yeah we also know hyundai’s have gotten a lot more stylish over the last couple of years but nothing close to the veloster sporty approach with the helmet visor like wraparound windshield inside glass scooped out body lines are everywhere including in the rear hatch where everything seems to point to

The center dual exhaust tips 17-inch wheels are standard but our cars tech package features a teens with body coloured inserts and a glass panoramic roof is optional but it doesn’t take too much time behind the wheel to realize that there’s a lot more show than go to the veloster the direct-injection 1.6 liter i-4 engine comes from the hyundai accent and puts out

The same modest 138 horsepower and 123 pound-feet of torque however our 6-speed manual equipped test car does have great government fuel economy ratings of 28 city and 40 highway we averaged only 32 point 3 miles per gallon of regular and mixed driving but that’s probably because we had the throttle mast all the way down all the time a 6-speed eco shift dual clutch

Automatic transmission is available but that doesn’t quite qualify for the 40 mpg club ride quality is very good not too harsh not too soft but when you start pushing things fall apart pretty quickly as we found out at our test track where the mcpherson strut front and torsion beam rear suspension from the hyundai elantra became quickly overwhelmed understeer is

Quite pronounced but the car actually stays fairly flat the 18-inch wheels was sticky tires held the electrically assisted steering is quick but the void of all feel making for some interesting moments through the slalom even more underwhelmed where we when it came to acceleration runs launches 260 took to eight point six seconds while the quarter-mile passed in

Sixteen point eight seconds at 83 miles per hour well that’s really not too bad for a 1.6 liter the velocities looks promised so much more braking performance from the 4-wheel abs equipped disc with brake assist was very good 122 feet from 60 with a fairly solid pedal there is one other area where the veloster really delivers the interior wheel of the motorcycle

Inspired design big potted gauges the center stack is shaped to resemble a sport bike fuel tank while the center console mirrors the bike seat and the climate vents mirror exhaust tips it’s a very cool look from the loop door handles to the center mounted start button all controls are stylish intuitive and work well steering wheel controls in bluetooth are standard

Seats are firm and covered with funky-looking cloth access to the rear seat through the single rear side door is tight and there’s a serious lack of headroom once you’re in there still it’s better than a euro style 2+2 seat backs fold to expand the useful fifteen point five cubic feet of trunk space to a big 34.7 the veloster is also the first car to bring hyundai’s

New bluelink telematics to market it’s an onstar like system with various services available our cars upgraded 450 watt dimension premium audio system crank out some serious vibration with a subwoofer in the trunk the tech package adds a navigation system with backup camera and backup warning sensors push-button start and a 115 volt household outlet in the center

Console and here’s another high point low pricing the blaster begins in just eighteen thousand sixty dollars with the aftermarket already gearing up with scion style add-ons without a doubt the 2012 hyundai veloster is striking and different even if its current performance high point is fuel economy but for an affordable head-turning little runabout it works and

This is just the first act veloster turbo is due next summer so soon this little coupe will go as fast as it looks you

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Road Test: 2012 Hyundai Veloster By MotorWeek