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Road Test: 2014 Bentley Flying Spur

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Bentley’s ultra sedan gets an ultimate makeover for even more over-the-top luxury thrills.

Motorweek is made possible by rock auto firing and 3m you don’t have to count yourself among the one-percenters to know that the bentley brand produces extra ordinarily find automobiles that includes this new flying spur it’s a car that promises uncompromising four-door luxury along with unbridled performance so for the next few minutes let’s pretend that our pockets

Are deep enough to see if the flying spur keeps its promises despite the ups and downs of our economy the worldwide demand for high-end luxury cars is not diminished especially when you consider the rapid growth of the chinese market and their increasing desire for western luxury goods and that’s a perfect climate for the 2014 bentley flying spur bentley has tried

Hard to re-establish its credentials as a luxury performance brand but this flying spur shows they haven’t forgotten potential buyers who prefer to enjoy their bentley from the backseat letting a chauffeur take care of the driving so in that vein the latest continental base flying spur drops the continental name as well as softens the ride to heighten its overall

Prestige appeal but that aside it’s still a continental under the hood where you’ll find the updated twin turbo w12 engine and all of its glory cranking out 616 horsepower and 590 pound-feet of torque for now the continental gt s optional v8 is not available if you’ve ever had a chance to experience the tsunami of torque that can be unleashed from this engine

Your life may never be the same it is a tidal wave of power yet it’s delivered in such a smooth manner it feels like a true miracle of engineering the 8-speed paddle-shift automatic is equally unobtrusive expertly delivering power to all four wheels with a nominal 4060 split though the flying spur is 116 pounds lighter than the previous continental flying spur it

Still weighs in at 50 451 pounds that tonnage plus pothole taming suspension tuning might make it hard to ever be called fun to drive yet with the adjustable dampers set to their sportiest mode we still found the flying spur quite agile with a huge amount of grip and steering that’s very linear and precise and off the line at lunges to 60 in just four point five

Seconds and streaks to the end of the quarter mile and twelve point eight and 106 miles per hour after throwing you back in your seated launch the rest of the trip is just a velvety smooth border of velocity just as impressive are the brakes halting this beautiful beast and an average distance of only 117 feet from 60 performance aside bentley is well aware that

Their owners prefer not to touch anything that’s not wrapped in leather covered in wood or plated in metal so buyers of this car will feel right at home behind the flying spurs two-toned three-spoke steering wheel like all recent bentley’s it elegantly straddles that fine line of being alter luxurious without being pretentious though well crafted the front seats

Are not as comfortable as we’ve come accustomed to in a bentley but that plays well with the chauffeur-driven image of the flying spur those that do prefer to leave the steering wheel throttle and brake to someone else and relax or be entertained in the well-appointed rear seat area still control everything else thanks to a new touchscreen remote no need to tell

Jeeves to tone down the air conditioning and you can even program the car’s gps many custom options are available of course for the inside as well as the outside which brings us to our test cars damson purple paint with our offices being located in the same town as the baltimore ravens training facility more than one rubberneckers was training to see which football

Star was piloting this budget buster the design theme is undoubtedly traditional but the new flying spur sits lower and wider than before with the grill much more upright body panels are our mix of aluminum and composites while led signature lighting keeps things in step with other modern premium sedans now for the reality check base pricing for this british brood

Comes in at a lofty two hundred five thousand eight hundred twenty-five dollars so regardless of whether your pockets are that deep or not the flying spur does indeed keep its promise it’s a collection of everything bentley does best the performance of the continental gt with the luxury of the mulsanne the new mercedes-benz s-class may offer more when it comes to

High-tech and safety features but the 2014 bentley flying spur the fastest bentley 4-door ever is a unique animal in the marketplace as this style of british luxury performance motoring at its finest can only be found behind the winged bee

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Road Test: 2014 Bentley Flying Spur By MotorWeek