Road To Sustainability: Episode 1 ft. Ronnie & Barty | Hyundai Kona Electric x Travel+Leisure India

The word sustainability has a newfound meaning in our vocabularies. And keeping in mind the significance of being sustainable in today’s day and age, Travel + Leisure India & South Asia, in collaboration with Hyundai Kona Electric, brings Road to Sustainability, a three-part series with thought leaders.

We used to think that we had to change everybody else to make progress and move forward but over time we’ve realized that the only people who can truly change is ourselves hi i’m bhadi and this is ronnie and together we travel and explore new places to create unique experiences we’ve traveled extensively over the last decade and witnessed the beauty this great

Blue planet has to offer us and are often reminded of how it’s our job to take care of it the same way it looks unto us foreign living a sustainable life isn’t always easy but i do feel it’s worth making the effort through our travels and our channel we’ve gotten to meet so many different people with raring ideas of what it means to be sustainable but sometimes

I feel that people just forget that small issues can be easily solved by just being a little more mindful i think the mountains are a great place you know to rediscover yourself especially if you’re coming here on your own and then you also have people coming here in like really large groups and sometimes i feel they tend to forget like one basic thing you know

Which is there’s nobody out here to pick up after you so you know you can come out here and uh be like you know wow i want to spend all my time out here that’s a very romantic notion to be honest but uh the mountains really want you here if you can’t really respect them i often order a lot of stuff you know through online shopping and i do feel guilty about

The waste that i’m creating but at the same time i try and think about what else it is that i could do to you know like make up for it in other areas i think it’s about committing to a decision and then making small choices that hopefully add up and honestly like if we don’t do this then who will so once a choice that you could make is by you know trying to find

Hidden gems like these that are run by locals yeah this is balzum dhaba you know it’s run by this uncle auntie out here for god knows how many years but the really special thing is you know they grow all their own vegetables and they even forage for ingredients and make like really authentic himachali cuisine with it that you can probably not find anywhere else

To me being green is a mindset it’s making small conscious choices consistently that one day will add up to make a considerable difference when we decided to move here we had a very simple clear underlying thought if you want to enjoy everything this place has to offer we also have to take care of it i was excited for this project because the hyundai kona

Electric is like having a personal chariot that transports you to beautiful corners of the mountains you haven’t yet discovered and since the car can go up to 450 kilometers seamlessly on a single charge we can literally go anywhere set up shop and enjoy the view foreign once the sun goes down wait how about this people here in manali are still adjusting

It’s slow but you can definitely see the change happen if something’s being talked about on social media it becomes cool if it becomes cool then more people want to experience it and i guess that people have realized that there actually might be a larger market for this way of life and travel oh i see the cameras found jerry yeah that’s jerry our little jerry

Can he’s also a bit of a mountain mascot jerry cans are actually used to get used to come but um but need that in an electric vehicle so instead our jerry holds water and that really helps us avoid buying single-use plastic bottles while we travel there are properties here in manali that offer charging included in their packages so you can charge your electric

Vehicle and truly explore the mountains which also means charging stations for your hyundai kona electric plug it in overnight and set a brand new destination in the morning i am akshit and i am the co-founder of clampico we are running a unique sustainable eco-friendly property if you really want to start traveling sustainably there are now places like lampico

That have taken things to a whole new level i mean it’s camping but made luxurious but it’s more than just a pretty place to live in the eco part in their name comes from the fact is how much work is put into having as little impact on the environment as possible every step that we take is with the thought that we want to have an idea of you know how it can be

Done in an eco-friendly manner all the wetps you know goes to feed the cattle all their lights are powered by solar they have almost no usage of single-use plastic you know and they’ve even installed biodigester units which are basically toilets that have their own waste disposal system so essentially they’re not using septic tanks which are quite the norm in

The mountains actually imagine spending your night in one of these beautiful domes and waking up to this view it all goes to show you know if you really want to commit to going green there’s always a way here to live by simple adage but it also helps to remember that the earth was here before we came and it will be here long after we’re gone and even if we

Can’t improve it the least we can do is protect it so that the next generation might enjoy this view

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