Rocky Ridge Altitude Edition Z71 CHEVROLET SILVERADO 1500 CREW CAB LT W/1LT 13225

Hey this is mike i’m over here at judd chevrolet again and checking out this awesome chevrolet truck and this this isn’t a just a regular uh silverado this is a uh rocky ridge altitude edition silverado and uh so as you can probably see it’s a little bit higher up and uh it looks just a little bit more awesome than the the average silverado you see on the road

Now i called rocky ridge in georgia and i talked to keith and he kind of explained that this vehicle is a is covered still with the factory warranty through chevrolet and uh and everything on here is is basically customized wheels uh custom six inch lift and uh they just kind of just made the truck more awesome i guess you could say and uh so here in the front

We’ve got the big chevrolet grill and the fog lights but you also have this uh led light bar here that really i’ve seen a couple of them at night and they are blinding blindingly bright so um you know if you i guess this really adds a lot of night vision um just got to be careful i guess with other other drivers it is very blinding and you got your rocky ridge

Uh kind of symbol there here on the on the front um guard quest guard so this one’s got to set a mickey thompson like an off-road type tire and i like the way everything it has the varkey ridge badge on it so you can tell it’s a it’s a name brand that’s quality and uh you know they’re proud of their their name brand and they should be let’s take a look here

In the front see if you can see anything under there but just the overall stance of this vehicle um you could just tell it’s no joke it’s got the rocky ridge altitude edition badge there now the window sticker says altered vehicle so it’s letting you know that this is uh you know this is not everything just because it’s on not on the window sticker doesn’t

Mean it’s not on here and keith told me that they get these trucks directly from the factory chevrolet ships them the the vehicles and they basically just kind of build it build it the way they want depending on you know customer demand and judd is a rocky ridge dealer so i mean if you were to buy this truck it i mean it’s lifted up and everything but it’s not

It’s not it isn’t kind of like an aftermarket system but it is all covered under warrants you got your lift i mean your um your step there on the corners of the tailgate which is pretty cool and it says flowmaster here on the exhaust you got your towing package you’ve got your your plugs for your trailer and here’s the backup camera now this tailgate is like

Really easy to lift up and close i mean i just as you can see i kind of released it and then kind of let go and it just kind of slowly comes down and then going back up it’s just really easy to lift up and it is a heavy duty tailgate it’s just it’s assisted i have some kind of spring system in order to um you know keep you from you know getting a hernia trying to

Lift up the tailgate now this one has the uh the the plastic bed liner and i’m curious that um that a truck like this is it better to have a plastic over the spray like a spray-in type bed liner or is this just kind of giving the customer the choice if they want to take out the plastic and put in a spray in because once you put it spray it then it’s kind of it’s

Kind of a done deal but i’m just kind of curious as to if this is a better option and that’s why rocky ridge chose uh the the plastic bed liner maybe you can chime in on that if you know i always thought that the spraying was the better option z71 off-road badge there rocky ridge i like this they got these bolts right here that kind of gives you a more rugged

Look there’s the fuel cap definitely need the side step on this one now let’s check out this back seat here’s the inside of the back door we’ve got pockets everywhere even a bottle holder there and got a slush mat kind of small one there uh proofreaded leather seats here in the back this goes down you got a cup holder it’s not it’s more of a cup holder i guess

An armrest i guess you could rest your arm there one piece glass in the back this lifts up and you gotta i guess you can you can use this for storage it’s kind of open though so i guess um if so if you were to put something there it might come out but um i guess i guess one feature would be lifting up the seats you can actually you know use this as a cargo area

So you don’t want to put stuff in the back of the truck you get in a box or something it’s raining you can put it here behind lift these seats up put it in here that way it stays dry and secure so that’s pretty neat i wonder if they have a cargo mat for that area that would be interesting all right so we’ve got some pop pockets there power supply here got some

Tap lights led tap lights there handles a little pocket there side air bags a lot of times i don’t even mention the air bags because this i mean almost all vehicles have them now i like the way the side mirror has this little uh this little uh place it’s you can’t feel it but as a place it’s kind of like a wide-angle view but it’s kind of built into the glass

Apparently all right so here’s the inside of the driver’s door and you got your door locks power windows and all that good stuff side mirrors this one somebody’s been crawling in and checking it out is a new truck but of course new trucks get dirty too now here you’ve got your four wheel drive selector you have automatic headlights i see this little switch i’m

I’m assuming that’s to the that light bar in the front since it’s something that was added you got power seat lumbar support so i’m going to crawl in here now i’m noticing uh there’s no there’s a handle on the other side for the passenger to get in there’s no handle on this side so i’m assuming you would have to use the steering wheel to get in so i guess the

The steering wheel is robust enough to uh to be grabbing a hold of climbing in every time all right so here i am in the truck it’s very quiet screens are starting to do some stuff there so let me get the key out it does have remote start but i didn’t use it but it does have it so i’m going to put the key in and start up it does have a leather wrapped steering

Wheel with some stitching here you have your cruise control on this side this vehicle is in demonstration mode connected by onstar’s high-speed 4g connection press the blue onstar button to learn more and um if i push the autostart button it’s going to connect me to an operator so i don’t really want to talk to an operator right now but um there’s some buttons

On the back of the steering wheel that i’m feeling and this kind of gets me to my presets here on the on the radio let’s see what the back they do here this is a volume so you got a volume on that side so it’s sort of like the ram trucks you can turn the volume up and down and so these buttons here kind of the arrows correspond to this menu system your tire

Pressure and fuel economy speed trips fuel range oil life tire pressure and all that stuff all right so let me go back to speed gauges has lots of gauges so you can kind of tell what’s going on windshield wipers there’s your your shifter there’s a column shifter it does have a tow and haul button there and uh you can change the gears with this button here so you

Can select the gear the exact gear you want while you’re driving if you need to especially useful for going down a steep grade you can downshift to keep from using your brakes so much it does have heated seats here in the front there’s the controls for that now this is a touch screen radio or touch screen computer system i guess you can say and there’s your your

Icons so i’m going to hit navigation and see what the navigation screen looks like it’s pretty good and it has very good lettering the lettering is over a little bit oversized so you can read it pretty good all right hit the back button go back here and let’s hit the phone see what it does of course there’s nothing paired so i guess when you pair your phone you’ll

Have access to your contacts and uh recent calls and all that good stuff so i’m gonna hit the back button again and let’s go to audio so this is showing you know it does have am fm satellite radio and uh your presets there at the bottom and head back and your settings pandora um text that’s an interesting thing so i guess you can once you pair your device you

Can um do some some texting there so i’m assuming it’s hand free because you know texting and driving is dangerous so i guess this audio you can say uh you know text to somebody certainly and i guess the voice recognition will kind of help you guide you through it let’s see what weather looks like okay i guess it’s a little bit delayed all right so show me where

I’m at on the map and uh with the oversized truck icon there and then you’ve got the um you know your forecast there which is pretty cool and then i guess you can you can get a 36 hour then you can get a daily it’s pretty neat so that’s pretty neat system and this is my first experience with this type of system so it’s pretty easy to use even though i’ve never

Used one before alright so you’ve got your buttons there doors using your volume and stuff like that and your climate controls down here now it’s got this little this dial here and you can change the temperature in this automatic type system which is cool you can turn your trash control off here you do have a cargo light right there your downhill descent button

Is right here and if it’s anything like the jeeps that’s something you don’t want to use on dry pavement uh it’s basically for off-road use uh or slippery surfaces only now it’s got all these covers down here and i lift this one up and it has a regular like a ac adapter 115 volt ac adapter this one is a regular 12 volt power supply 12 volt power supply and under

Here is three usb ports which is pretty cool and i’m i’m assuming this i don’t really know i haven’t tried it but these may be for just uh they could be for playing music through the system here or they could be for charging um i’m not really sure all right so you got some pockets down here place to put pins and stuff and i like the way it’s kind of it has like

A little tier system here and then you got a kind of a big pocket down there and it looks like these are kind of grooved here as to where you can move this cup holder uh up there or you can have it back here i’m just assuming that i hadn’t tried it now on the side of the console we’ve got a lot nice big long like a paper holder so you can put like a file folder

Or some papers or mail or whatever uh in the side of the console which is really handy because when you get in the truck or you get in your vehicle and you got a lot of papers or mail or something in your hand you just kind of need a place to put it and it’s secure there and it’s out of the way i like that so here’s your armrest center console looks like a good

Place to put a cell phone there now this lifts up and in here we’ve got a nice big open area and i can i can assume that that’s going to be filled up with junk fairly fast so you kind of want to watch that now on the sides here it looks like it’s got a little place to put a pin or something on both sides or maybe a tray goes there i’m not really sure power

Supply there you got that pocket now over here you have your connectivity this is where your sd card usb and auxiliary inputs are and i’m pretty sure this is for playing music on the radio so that’s if it’s anything like the other trucks or other vehicles that’s what that’s for now up here on the rear view mirror you have your onstar button you have a sos button

And you have a voice recognition type button here an led tap light and if i’m not mistaken this is a little infrared sensor for the for the climate control tell it what the temperature is in the cabin here’s a place to put some sunglasses now the inside is kind of like rubberized it’s not it’s kind of rubbery feeling in there so i guess protect your sunglasses

It’s kind of small so if you got like real big 70s uh sunglasses or something or you know just some i don’t know big glasses it may not fit in there so interesting so here’s your visor and it has led lights now notice this vehicle has like everything led which is neat led lights there in a mirror same thing on that side i have a locking glove compartment there

And then another glove compartment down there which you don’t see a lot for all right let’s try to look under the hood it’s like the truck’s really tall so i’m going to try to hold the camera up so you can see um now before i do that let me go ahead and put it in reverse so we can see what the back up camera looks like there’s a vehicle right behind us but you

Can see the bumper pretty good and it goes all the way from the bumper all the way up to the sky and it’s kind of a wide angle view so um that’s that’s pretty good very handy backing up hooking up to a trailer backing up in general now on the sides here i notice there’s a little bit of a blind spot on the very edge of the bumper so if you’re doing a real sharp

Turn you want to check your uh your side mirrors for sure and then you want to do that anyway when you’re backing up but um you know i can tell that it’s a little bit uh cut off there all right it’s telling me that the hood is open which is good to know if you don’t know you know your hood’s open and you can drive around and hit flapping in the breeze all right

So it is spring except spring assisted instead of like pistons or whatever so on the um window sticker it was telling it was saying that this is a v6 v truck but this is actually it looks like a v8 i’m seeing four spark plugs on one side and uh pretty smooth running engine too very quiet let’s check out the uh the exhaust sound with the flowmasters not too loud

Right now idling but uh you know i don’t have permission to be revving engines and stuff so i’m not going to be revving it but anyway anyway if you have any questions um you know i’m just now learning about the rocky ridge uh trucks and what they do and um so i’m sure that there’s some stuff that i missed out on or got wrong so if you can you know correct me in

The in the comments there and you know learn this stuff together so really appreciate you watching the video and if you can like uh the video subscribe share it with a friend i’d really appreciate it and i’ll see you next time

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